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AI Turret Tank
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AI Turret Tank

Compact multitech tank with independent turret using the small RR axle/bearing. The turret is controlled by AI or player. Spin is from BF adjusters.

Assembly instructions:
1: remove GSO block connecting the two side anchors (you now have two techs)
2: remove GSO cab between the two arms holding the pair of turrets
3: click undo (this will swing one of the turrets into position)
4: attach HG1 Turret Cannon to turret, facing forward
5: remove the block connected to the turret
6: remove the GSO anchors (and one-blocks) from the tank

Note: axles and bearings are not currently available in Co-Op. When they are (hopefully soon!) this will be a two-player vehicle.

Shield on the turret tech will drain the battery (it pulls additional charge from the tank tech through wireless), so plan to have nearby charging stations or mobile charging techs to keep it topped up.

Why is it up on blocks? To keep the turret cabs from trying to anchor.
Why are there two turret structures? To balance the two swing arms so they will pivot correctly.