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Dragonborn Crafting Hall
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Jan 13, 2014 @ 8:58pm
Apr 18, 2014 @ 12:09am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Dragonborn Crafting Hall

There is a new version of this mod right here on Steam now, it has many changes and adds many new things like Hearthfire support, a living area, special armor chests, artifacts, etc. Please grab all you stored items in this version if you want to upgrade as they do not work together. Click this link to get the new version:

This Mod is for the many of you that have played Skyrim and want to try out new characters without having to grind all over again. Inside the Dragonborn Crafting Hall you will find everything you need to make staff's, exploding spiders, enchanting, crafting, spells, gold, a few surprises and tons of storage. All of the chests for crafting items respawn so you never have to worry about having the parts you need to upgrade or create potions, weapons, etc. There is also a merchant with lots of gold to buy your unwanted items. NOTE: The respawning is set to the default Skyrim rate of 10 days. The countdown timer resets to 0 every time you enter the hall. So if you need the items to respawn make sure you wait for 10 in game days before you enter the hall.

Speaking of Potions I created a new potion that you can create that will give you +15 to every skill. Inside the chest next to the alchemy lab with the ingredients you will notice that Scaly Pholiota and Hagraven Feathers have a quantity of 2000 each and are what you need to craft the Potion of Leveling.

Maybe you want to play a wizard and need some spells, every spell book from the main game, Dawngaurd, and the Dragonborn DLC are in chests for you to learn. I also created a few new spells that are more powerful versions of lesser spells designed for master wizards.

You no longer have to search all of Skyrim to find items to disenchant as in the chest next to the alter it has one of each item for you to disenchant and learn them all, including the new ones from the DLC.

You will notice that some chests are marked Player, and the others are labeled so you know not to store anything in the ones marked as respawning. You can safely store items in the chests labeled as no respawn and all the player chests.

This area is called Dragonborn Crafting Hall on the world map and is next to Riverwood so you can access it right after you leave Helgen in the very beginning of the game. You have to discover it on the world map, so if your traveling north from Helgen follow the road to the right in the middle of Riverwood and you should see it. You can see the photos of the map and outside entrance for help locating it. If you still have trouble finding it you can always use this command, COC ADragonbornCraftingHall to get there.

I also included a teleporter that connects to Breezehome in Whiterun so after you purchase it you can warp back and forth to craft items without having to go outside and risk attack. NOTE for anyone that has a Breezehome mod that for some reason conflicts with this mod based on where the teleporter is located, there is another file that removes the teleporter from the mod also on Steam you can subscribe to instead of this one. Just click on this link to it. Dragonborn Crafting Hall (No Teleport Version)

I made this mod because I got tired of having to grind all over again with new characters and having to travel all over Skyrim just to get to play the new builds at the more fun higher levels. You can use this mod however you like so you don't have to create the potion, maybe you just want a rich character, or you can level up the normal way and create 1000 daggers or potions to get your smithing or alchemy up to 100. Then you can make it legendary and do it again or use the Potion of Leveling this time.

This mod to me is all about having choices to replay Skyrim however you want to and minimizing grinding, I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: Dawngaurd and Dragonborn are required for this version of the mod. The Legendary edition of Skyrim includes all of the DLC or they can be purchased separately for regular editions of this game.
A version that doesn't require any DLC can be found here.
Dragonborn Crafting Hall (No DLC version)
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palmert Jan 16, 2015 @ 8:17pm 
Having Scaly Pholiota in my inventory, causes my game to crash when trying to create a potion.
Avatar  [author] Sep 24, 2014 @ 12:06pm 
A new updated version of this mod now with a living area is available on the Nexus at this link, please read the install notes when updating from this version (1.9) to the new 2.1 version there.
SoullessHeart Sep 12, 2014 @ 5:26pm 
There should be a small sign or something outside the hall so you can check how many days it has been for those who arr not good at keeping track.
DaddyBosh101 Aug 26, 2014 @ 5:29am 
Its a great mod make levelling up simple. Perfect if you've had a few playthroughs.
Eris, Goddess of Discord(tm) Jul 28, 2014 @ 6:37pm 
for some reason now there is a big dwemer door outside riverwood
[arka] Drakhannik999 Jul 24, 2014 @ 10:32am 
hi guys, this mod is really useful, I myself am moder Nexus and am part of la confrérie des traducteurs, so I support this mod is that it's a cool guy, willing to help, and gives good ideas for ur mods;so try and see!rate !
captmarc123 Jul 15, 2014 @ 10:11am 
ok great mod only one bug? the merchant ONLY sells/buys thru her money ONCE after that she is stuck at 36,000 and it does not move up or down BUT the rest works fine respawn or not is as it should be SHe is stuck at 36,000 IF I sell enough to get all her money I have tried it with several play-thrus and if I leave a few thousand she resets to 30,000 and we can repeat BUT if she goes broke she sets to 36,000 and and no longer takes or gives money, actually like she doesn't keep taking money ..... umm is she single? or widowed? I could use a woman that didn't keep taking money ;) a rich widow now that is a treasure ;) and does she have any sisters to make followers? ha ha good mod thanks again
λ Radiriz λ Jul 7, 2014 @ 9:34am 
Thanks! I needed this! Will help alot with my Spider Lord. :D
Sauron Jun 25, 2014 @ 5:29am 
how did you get the time clock on the left hand corner ?
Darthtaiter Jun 16, 2014 @ 10:47pm 
oh, btw.... this is the most awsomest mod ever... just so you know....:)