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Access Point
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Jul 10 @ 8:40am
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Access Point

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for this map to work properly, you'll have to copy the mod files from the workshop folder into a custom folder. See this guide on how to set up a custom folder. After the custom folder has been set up, copy the accesspoint_dir.vpk and accesspoint_000.vpk files from "SteamApps/workshop/362890/2161275016" into the custom folder. You may then start up Black Mesa and launch the map.

Explore a top secret storage facility in a frantic battle to reach the surface!

Access Point HD Edition is a remake of my previous Half-Life map, Access Point. In this map, you'll have to fight your way through various warehouses and maintenence areas to find the last scientist who can open the blast door leading to the surface. But beware, you may not be the only one that have found your way down here...

To play the map, click the subscribe button. Once the map has finished downloading, you can open up Black Mesa and start the map from the Workshop tab, or you can load the map from the developer console by typing "map bm_accesspoint".

Let me know what you think of the map after you have played it, and don't forget to rate it! Have fun!
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Nah_IDK Jul 28 @ 9:38am 
Yes. Those are the exact file names.
Dr. Orange  [author] Jul 28 @ 3:19am 
Strange. It works for me when running just from the VPKs downloaded via the workshop in the custom folder and no local files otherwise. Did you copy "accesspoint_dir.vpk" and "accesspoint_000.vpk" into the custom folder as well?
Nah_IDK Jul 27 @ 7:18pm 
Fun map. I did set up a custom folder, but the scientist still wasn't working.
Dr. Orange  [author] Jul 22 @ 3:44pm 
Allright. It seems like custom scenes aren't properly supported for workshop mods at the moment, which is a shame :steamsad:. As a workaround, you'll have to move the VPK files from the workshop folder (SteamApps/workshop/content/362890/2161275016) to a custom folder in order for the scenes to be loaded properly. I'll update the description with this information as well. For now, just set up a custom folder and copy the mod there and try playing the map again.
Tyrion Lannister Jul 22 @ 1:10pm 
Just finished to play your map, it was very nice, with a very cool final battle. Scientist did nothing for me too (i don't have any other map/mod installed atm) so i had to noclip, but not so disappointing. I was expected to fight with a tank or an heli at the end, but for me it's a solid 4/5 stars. Congrats for your good job
Bolloxed Jul 22 @ 8:01am 
Fresh install of Black Mesa - No other Mod/Workshop item installed and the Scientist does nothing. Disappointing :(
_0v.R Jul 21 @ 12:14pm 
great map! but the scientist didn't talk to me/open the door either
absolutetony Jul 20 @ 4:05pm 
Couldn't get the scientist to follow or even tale to me. had to noclip through the surface access door.
Dr. Orange  [author] Jul 18 @ 6:50am 
Probably an issue with the scenes.image incompatibility then. There isn't really any way for me to fix it due to the way scripts are loaded by the engine. The only solution is to uninstall any other mods that add any new scenes to the game.
vodkins Jul 18 @ 6:02am 
He stay silent all the time. No matter how often i "use" him.