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Flying islands
By Youpi
How to find places where you can create islands with no element reaching the ocean.
Understand the grid points
The grid is made up of points where lines intersect.
There are four type of points, or intersections:
  • intersections where 3 lines meet
  • intersections where 4 lines meet
  • intersections where 5 lines meet
  • intersections where 6 lines meet

When you are above the water, these points can be connected such that no beam are built under your building. There are three ways that prevent beams to be built:

  • Connecting two points around opposite lines of a 4-lines intersection.
    Whereas connecting two points around adjacent lines creates a beam.

  • Connecting two points around a 3-lines intersection.

  • Connecting 3 points around a 4-lines intersection.

Connecting 3 points around a 5-lines intersection and 4 points around a 6-lines intersection seems to prevent the beam construction as well, but this guide avoid to use 5-lines and 6-lines intersections.

Connect 3-lines intersections
If you find a mesh of 3-lines intersections connected to one another through the opposite lines of 4-lines intersections, you just found a flying island.

Here is the island. You can fill the empty space in the middle without creating beams.

This kind of mesh where exists a close path that connects 3-lines intersection seems to be rare, I only found 2 in hours. But there is another way to create flying islands.
Partially connect 3-lines intersections
By using the 3-points connection around 4-lines intersection feature described above, you can combine partial 3-lines intersections mesh to obtain a flying island.

Have fun hunting flying islands!

Here is a small flying island contained within a bigger one.

  • The smallest flying island should be a mesh of four connected 3-lines intersections. I never found one.
  • Two flying islands can be connected with a flying road by following the rules described above.
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FBG Sep 14 @ 4:32pm 
This is a very large floating island. In-fact you can actually make it bigger by adding two further loops (one off the slim loop and one of the dent on the large loop.

7_4_sigma Aug 20 @ 8:20am 
All i can find is 3-lines surrounded by 5-lines and ones that go forever outside of the grid. Even partial pattern is problematic to find, since I can't seem to find two that connect to make flying island. Quite frustrated by that :) Will keep searching though
Youpi  [author] Aug 16 @ 3:45am 
I have just tried it now and it's still working. If it can be of any help, here is the the last example of the guide above .
marciosouzas Aug 14 @ 8:08am 
It still works? I'm looking for the right grid pattern, 3 days passed and nothing
neoleptic Aug 7 @ 12:17am 
Bug or not, supporting this feature by underleveling floating segments by sort of a real floating island made of soil or rock as seen in games like gravity rush or some ghibli-movies would be so amazing!!!
Youpi  [author] Jul 20 @ 1:33am 
Well, "partial" patterns are quite common actually.
admiraltimbo Jul 15 @ 9:38am 
this is insane! I think you have to be quite lucky to find the right grid pattern.
Devanear Jul 13 @ 12:28pm 
If this is a bug, please don't let it get fixed xD
Evigmae Jul 8 @ 2:38pm 
haha, think this is probably a bug xD
Skullcrusher & Co. Jul 8 @ 12:02pm