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American Truck Simulator

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Aust Side Tippers SKINS
Type: Trailers
Truck parts: Paintjobs
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Jul 7 @ 4:50am
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Aust Side Tippers SKINS

Quad Side Tippers ATS 1.37

Dennis Transport
Quin Transport

Created by richt05tv

ATS Australian Howard Side Tippers

found this link for ver 1.1 that is still OK for 1.37

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richt05tv  [author] Jul 31 @ 1:29am 
ferral97 Just saw your message why it never came up as a notification don't know the trailers are available even on modstats
ferral97 Jul 15 @ 10:42pm 
got me popcorn
ghost rider Jul 15 @ 10:18pm 
if you go to custom aussie mods or steve page you will see why as i said this is a big loss to ats and this is how things will be going all modders are removing there mods from here i no 4 have gone so far
richt05tv  [author] Jul 15 @ 9:07pm 
ghost rider I never got a chance to get his mods from his page, but I think I have most of the ones I am interested in. Have created them as standalone on my computer at the moment. I wonder where he got the crap content form because I never sore anything but praise. Then again I don't use facebook
ghost rider Jul 15 @ 8:47pm 
steve did give everyone time to get his mods on his site i got all off them its a shame and a big loss to ats that he has gone i will miss his mods this is down to people that don't appreciate what they do and they are f---king it up for others the days of free mods will soon be gone thanks to theses idiots
richt05tv  [author] Jul 15 @ 8:28pm 
BACON WARRIOR Yes me as well they are still up on a few sites. Also 3 other trailers have Disappeared but I have them as well. Even a sound mod has disappeared so I have some alterations to do, over the next few days. I see the game has updated to 1.38 while I was a way wonder what issues that is going to cause.
BACON WARRIOR Jul 15 @ 5:35pm 
Steve took his ball and ran home :PantsParty: Glad I was able to get it off another site though lol.
richt05tv  [author] Jul 15 @ 7:22am 
gfysps4gaming I found them listed on 2 sights. just got back from a 7 day run hope to get back into straightening things out again. Tried contacting Aussie mods, even the face book page is gone. Sounds like he has really shutdown. I never saw any slagging or negatives of his mods.
ghost rider Jul 13 @ 6:24pm 
steve is pissed off with people slagging his work off moaning thats why he has removed them and they will not be back again
richt05tv  [author] Jul 13 @ 5:23pm 
Ok will be back home later this week. Operating from laptop. Will see if can find out why its been removed. This is a surpprise was only using them last week when i decided to make them.