Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

G18 :: Cryo
Weapon: Glock-18
Finish Style: Custom Paint Job
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Jul 7, 2020 @ 3:34am
Jul 28, 2020 @ 7:45am
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Apel's Spring-Summer 2020 Collection
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Cryo Collection
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Cryo collection:

Colection was inspired by "Game Of Thrones" series, while we've been making concept for it I've been emotionally attached to the "Big Frozen Wall" atmosphere, and as a result in our imagination we wanted player to feel like he's holding a piece of this wall in his hands. We really was affected by "Beyond the wall" area... It brings some atmosphere of mystery, danger and uncharted darkness:

We been also inspired by insane Warcraft cinematics - "Wrath of the Lich King":

By the way, it really looks like creators of "Game Of Thrones" series been inspired by Warcraft in my opinion... It's clearly the same kind of atmosphere. This kind of atmosphere I wanted to reflect into "Cryo" collection.

I love this water:

We truly think that this bottle design been in my mind for a long and put a huge inspiration on this collection too.

We used combination of: liquid nitrogen, glaciers, frozen caves/rocks, frost effect, snow overlay and ice in the mix to create concept for this design.
In the end, we created metal/plastic base for the gun, to blend it all together since we wanted to keep realism, instead of fantasy. In my opinion it works better in CS:GO setting.

Fish idea:
On designs like MP5 or AWP I used to put a fish inside of the gun, using it's shapes as containers. While I've been studying frozen lakes and ice materials, I've seen fish photo underneath of the ice, so I thought that adding this idea would add some spice:

We decide to make it barely visible, so player wont be distracted by this idea and maybe also not everybody would like this idea.

Source 1:
Creating this designs was a real challenge to us... Since it requires a hard realistic touch over materials and a huge amount layering, which is limited on the Source 1 engine.
We hope it would be possible to use transparent, reflect and glowing maps in the future.

Thanks to wonderland[], who worked hardly with me on sculpting for this collection.
We are planning to make more designs for this collection after my break.