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*Spoiler Alert* All 122 Locations of Cloudpunk :D - Nivalis Tourist Achievement
By <-(-] Kibou Fenikkus [-)->
Achievement Guide for all that are looking for "Nivalis Tourist"
Hello Everyone
before we start, big Thanks to "cbrinkmann1981" who already made a big stuff for that Achievement and to all the Gamers who was searching with him for all the Secrets in the Game.

Also to "DaemonicMP", Thanks to him, we can prove that you DO NOT NEED the DLC for getting this Achievement !!!

Overall i have to say that you will find 80% by the Main Story Playthrough and around another 15% if you go for all the Pick ups (Items on the Map). That last 5% most People are missing is just because of unlucky Waypathing between the Jobs (In some Jobs you have Multiple Choises and one will miss the Spot) or just because they are not close enough to Objects, while running pass them.
In fact, since there is no counter ingame yet, i advice to go a full Playthrough with one eye on my Maps to get the Achivement for safe, otherwise maybe you read some Names you are sure never saw in your Gameplay.

We have 122 Locations overall, before you look on my Color marked ones, be sure you do a flyover by every Name that is already on the Map (Little China, Upper Midtown etc.), also not includes are the 3 Main Story big maps "HOLLOWS", "VENTZ" and "JAY-K SPIRE".

Hope you enjoy(ed) the game as much as i did ! <3
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EspeR Aug 28 @ 2:54pm 
Got my few last locations from here. Last one was Fraz and Frampton (or something!) Tower in Mochi District. Cheers!!
<-(-] Kibou Fenikkus [-)->  [author] Aug 21 @ 2:48am 
@plumbago (uk)
in the main game you can visit her after you get the Job to meet her, until you decide which ending you want. After i dont know if there is any reason to meet her again, or if you meet her in another dialog afterwards. (but for epilog i never had to go back to the tower)

Since i didnt play the Sequel, i cannot tell how much of the main game story you will meet in this.
But Rania will still be the Main-Character, so anything is possible :D
plumbago (uk) Aug 21 @ 1:36am 
@<-(-] Kibou Fenikkus [-)->

Thanks! Found it easily from this description. However, the lift now doesn't work. Do I only get my follow up meeting with Jay-K if I buy the sequel? 🤣 Anyway, great work on the guide. Cheers.
<-(-] Kibou Fenikkus [-)->  [author] Aug 20 @ 1:55pm 
@plumbago (uk)

of course ! (:
Just go to the Mochi District, then you have in the middle "Albena" and there you go to the NORTH Parking slot. if you land there, just leave the place and the purple Elevator to your right is the place of the Tower :D


Again, nice that i could help <3 Thanks for Info about DLC and of course Cheers Mate too !
plumbago (uk) Aug 20 @ 5:28am 
I've just completed the main storyline in Cloudpunk, but now realise I can't remember where *exactly* Jay-K's tower is so that I can visit her again, as she suggested at the conclusion of the Decision In The Clouds mission. I've had a look at the maps, but I don't see a reference to Jay-K, but there might be another name for the tower I don't remember. Can someone remind me please? I've come to realise just how dependent I've been on the nav-points, and just how little I remember the geography of Nivalis despite spending ~15 hours there. Cheers!
DaemonicMP Aug 20 @ 5:09am 
Hey man not sure why but the game was bugged or something and even though I specifically remember passing through every location you mentioned in your maps for some reason Shin Bash Sabi Sushi and Pine Views in Mochi District were never recorded. I went there and "discovered" them and the achievement popped :steamhappy:
I can confirm for anyone that needs it that as of 19th of August of 2021 the achievement is unlockable without any DLC locations (if there are any). Cheers and happy hunting everyone!
<-(-] Kibou Fenikkus [-)->  [author] Aug 19 @ 1:25pm 
@DaemonicMP as much as i know is the DLC a sequel and have no impact/change on the basic game achievements. I didn't play it myself, so i do not know how much it change the main story line, so maybe it could be you missing a fly over cause of change of missions.
But since there is no direct counter in the game, it is really hard to help on that one :( Sorry
DaemonicMP Aug 18 @ 9:29am 
Hey man, I have found all your locations and did a flyover by every name that is already on the Map. I have yet to receive the achievement. Did it chnage after the DLC or am I missing something?
<-(-] Kibou Fenikkus [-)->  [author] Jun 18 @ 9:36am 
@2292817075 glad it was helpful :D You are welcome (:
圆田真理 Jun 17 @ 6:36pm 
Ha ha ha, finally found, again searched 5 areas, only to find that the difference is a ash lane.You are great,thanks.