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Tron style Shotgun!
Created by MikyMaster
This is a tron style texture for the ingame weapon 'Pump_shotgun_wood'...
Tron Style Med Kit
Created by Carolina '
Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Yes! It's a First Aid Kit!

~Inspired by Tron Legacy movie ~
~Glows in the Dark~

*Please rate if you like it*
*Red color available on my workshop*...
Combat Rifle Animated Camo
Created by AeRoStAtIc
Another retexture of the Combat Rifle. This time, combining self illumination with animation. This is a Tron-esqe camo that pulsates and glows....
Smoke's Glowbar (Blue/Black)
Created by Satchidananda ♫
Blue/Silver skin for the crowbar that glows in the dark. I'll be making more of these - different combinations of colors too.

Other Crowbar skins:
- Smoke's Glowbar (Green/Sil...
Tron Style M16a2!
Created by MikyMaster
This is a texture mod making the m16a2 have a tron style to it, this was suggested by a member of the workshop. This will also be added to the tron pack collection available for download along side other tron weapons...
Starting pistols - Tron!
Created by MikyMaster
This is tron style starting pistols! This will be available for download along side over 10 other tron guns in the all guns tron pack!...
Glow in the dark tron shotgun! (Green)
Created by MikyMaster
This is my first glow in the dark weapon mod, feedback would be appriciated. Also thanks to 'Lucy fur' another mod creator for teaching me how to make glow in the dark weapons. This will not be in the tron pack as it would clash with my original tron style...
Tron style AK47!
Created by MikyMaster
This mod offers a tron styled ak47 as requested by followers. Eventually this and many of the guns in left 4 dead 2 will be retextured into a tron look. This will eventually be a full tron skinpack available on the steam workshop for download once it has f...
Orange tron styled Uzi (Silenced)!
Created by MikyMaster
Orange uzi (silenced). This is just a test to see if people like this new version or not, so feedback and improvements would be appriciated!...
Tron styled Deserteagle!
Created by MikyMaster
This adds a tron style to the ingame gun deserteagle. This will be in the all tron guns collection available for download with over 8 other tron guns at the moment!...
Tron style Uzi! (Not silenced)
Created by MikyMaster
This is a tron trexture for the ingame gun 'Uzi'. This will be available for download along side other tron styled weapons in the 'Tron pack' collection....
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ToastyBread Jan 20, 2014 @ 9:01am 
The medkit is EPIC
FridgeSeal Jan 19, 2014 @ 11:28pm 
Just what I was looking for.
L E G I O N Jan 19, 2014 @ 10:17pm 
pretty cool...