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The Messenger

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"Star Messenger" Achievement with Controller Inputs
By proph
This guide shows you how to deal with the "Star Messenger" achievement (the last part of the race in particular) with controller inputs.
"Star Messenger" Achievement with Controller Inputs

I've mapped the Rope Dart to the right shoulder button

The video might be a better explanation on whats going on (esp at 0.5 speed), but here is a short summary of the strategy as text:

You have to beat the dark messenger in all 5 races consecutively. If you only fail once, hit start and go back to the titlescreen to load back into your savefile and try again.

The 1st, 2nd. and 3rd races are self explanatory.

In the 4th part the best way to avoid the first demon is to hook onto the lamp, doing a cloudjump which should give you just enough distance to the wall to hook onto after. If you did this quick enough, you can just run to the left and the first swinging mace completely misses you. For the second one we wait a bit before we hook onto the green demon and use the invincibility frames of the rope dart to just go straight through it. The 2nd upmost section is filled with demons, i found the best way to deal with it is to hook onto the first demon, then go into fly mode and try to hit the projectiles for a cloud jump. This part is tricky, so no worries if it doesn't work first try.

Coming to the 5th and last part. The most important thing here is to keep your momentum at any cost. First simply jump and hook onto the ring holding right on the d-pad and go into fly mode. Stay in fly mode and hit the first lamp, this gives you a tiny push upwards. Immediately after, stop holding "A" (or "X" on the Dualshock 4) to cancel fly mode (do never stop holding right!). Then very shortly before hitting each lamp, do a jump, always a bit before slashing until the next ring. Hook onto that, go again into fly mode. Hit the first lamp and hook onto the next ring. Dont go into fly mode on that one. Slash the first lamp then immediately jump and slash the second one and jump again. Hook onto the last ring and go into fly mode until you reach the cliff. From there go to the top and hook onto the goal. The dark messenger does a bit of a mistake here, giving you the chance to still win most of the time you reach this part.
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