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Garry's Mod

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Vortex RP Content
Content for the Vortex HL2RP server.
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Created by Zaubermuffin
IMPORTANT: This SENT is no longer compatible with GMod!

Check this forum post if you're interested in details....
Metropolice Pack
Created by DPotatoman
Click green subscribe button under the addon media. Make sure that you've restarted the game if you subscribed while running it. Make sure that you have read F.A.Q.

Visit F.A.Q. in the disccusssions section for answers and t
Female Assassin
[en] Uploaded for TNF server. Model created by @thespectator. Textures - Deviant Pictures.

[ru] Загружено для нужд сервера TNF. Создатель модели - thespectator. Текстуры - Deviant Pictures....
Playable Piano
Created by MacDGuy
I've moved on from Garry's Mod and I am now making a full game based on GMod Tower called Tower Unite.

This piano exists also in Tower Unite!


A completely pl...
No Collide Everything
Make an object have no collisions with everything including or except the world.
This tool can also disable self-collision on ragdolls and other objects with multiple collision meshes.
[Swep] Combine Sniper
This was made for Vengence-Gaming RP.
Vengence-Gaming RP:

If you re-upload this I will send the Royal Canterlot army after you

Q: How do I turn on the laser?

A: There is no way to turn the laser ...
Misc Props Pack
Created by Lt_C
This is just a little project fury_161's been working on for awhile, on and off. He kept having the issue of starting an image or comic in Garry's Mod, only to be missing a crucial, or complimentary prop for a scene or a joke and took it upon himself to ga...
Beta Metrocop Sounds
Created by cryptic
These are the sounds from the HL2 Beta which can be used for example in Half-Life 2 Roleplay. All content is created by Valve.

If you want to listen to them write play then followed by anything below to play them:

Example: play npc/metropolice/mc1que...
Combine Vending Machine
Created by Fruity
Combine Vending Machine originally created by UntouchedShadow and Jason278, though edited by me, Fruity.

This model goes well with my other addon: "Combine Coffee", which has the same looks as the coffee on the vending machine.

Combine Coffee
Created by Fruity
Adds combine coffee as models and props to the game. Ideally made for roleplay.

This goes well with my other addon: "Combine Vending Machine", which matches the looks of this cup.

TacoNBanana City 74 Model Pack
Created by heck
All of TnB's HL2-themed custom models for our old C74 iteration. No longer used on our servers and will conflict with our new models.
These are rigged and useable as playermodels.

Each model has a plethora of bodygroups and skins. Bodygroups are consi...
Created by Falcon
-Update- Fixed missing announcement/radio sounds and a missing building texture

Version 1.0 is here! Myself and the contributors behind this map will no longer be updating it and we have moved on. However, the community is free to make their own changes...
Half-Life 2 Beta Weapons Pack V2
Created by Battlepope
"After 9 years in development, hopefully it would have been worth the wait."
-Gabe Newell

Here it finally is, the version 2 of the Half-Life 2 Beta Weapons pack.
Here is version one if anyone missed it:
Day/Night Cycle (Industrial17)
Created by Falcon
Update: Version 1.2

*Updated the color values for night
*Fixed the sun never properly setting for the beach area in V1

This is the script required for the day/night cycle to function in rp_industrial17. This script is ONLY required if ...
Half-Life 2 Leak Prop Pack (Light)
Created by CrazyBubba
"After 3 hours of development, hopefully, it'll be worth the wait..."


It includes over 200 of the random world props that never get quite enough attention. It also includes the leak Bullsquid with the hilariously bad ph...
HL2RP ID Cards
Created by Dorado
Este addon añade un juego de cinco tarjetas magneticas creadas con la intencion de ser usadas en el HL2RP de Carpathia Gaming. Yo solo me he ocupado de mezclar creaciones de otros usuarios, no asumo ningun credito de esos materiales.

-Creditos a los cre...
Combine Overwatch Overlay
Created by darku
r_screenoverlay effects/combine_tactview

This adds a new Combine overlay....
Combine Administrators v2
Created by Lt_C
If you've ever played Half Life themed RP, you have either downloaded this or a permutation of it embedded in a content pack. When I made the first version almost 5 and a half years ago, I had no idea they'd become a defacto standard for just about every s...
Vortex Roleplay Content
Created by Sheeplie
Enhanced Vortigaunt Ragdoll
Created by Sirgibsalot
NOTE: This addon was released before a Gmod update that added official fingerposing to the Vort models and fixed most of the facial expression issues.

This is the HL2 Vortigaunt ragdoll with (mostly) fixed facial expressions, fingerposing support, loose...
The Consul Model
Created by hawke
The only known model for the Consul, a character originally in the Half-Life 2 Beta, but cut and replaced by Dr. Wallace Breen in the final version of the game.

This addon is not a playermodel or NPC, it is a ragdoll model used for posing / roleplay.
Atmos - Day / Night and Weather Modification
Created by looter

Atmos 2
Atmos 2[] is now Open Source and a work in progress, community contributions are welcome. Once it's stable and more user friendly, this workshop addon ...
HL2 Beta: Houndeye
Created by Scoman!
"Did you see that thing, with the... the missing leg?"

This addon contains my personal take on HL2 Beta's Houndeye,
Made in under 24 hours!


-A pretty neato Houndeye.


Clothes for Vortiguants
Created by BlackMaska [PL]
New Vortigaunt NPC model.

3 variants!
# 1. Naked (HL2 version)
# 2. In a citizen's jacket.
# 3. In beige robes.
# 4. In red jacket from movie "District 9".
# 5. In a Medic jacket.

(Optional shackles for Vort.)

Conscript Players & NPCGs
Created by Reverend V92
You Want Some of Me?!

Edited National Guard models to look like Conscripts.

  • Bodygroups & skingroups
  • HazMat suit model
  • Improved female meshes to prevent clipping

Chairs Extended
Created by Donald
Chairs Extended

This mod adds more Chair's from various Source Games such as Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source etc.
All Chairs come with skin support of up to 6 for building in sandbox etc including default chairs.

This adds seats...
Half-Life 2 Melee Pack
Created by Dr.Towers
A compilation of melee sweps based on object found in the Half-Life 2 and episodes games. Each weapon has an arc hit tracing, custom range and push back on damage, two handed weapons can also push players and npcs with the secondary attack.

-Pipe: Mediu...
Sims 2 Furniture
Created by piehavok
I take no credit for these models. I uploaded them to the workshop....
Verdun/Tannenburg Large Prop Pack
Created by The Devils Own

I while back ago, I had done a prop pack of Verdun's props that only included a mere two canons, some duckboards and a couple of sandbags. And with clear picture, they contained for their VMTs a mere B...
Created by Benigane
A massive hl2 desert map that can easily be used for RP! Map was created for Betaworks Roleplay HL2 Combine Military RP.

The map features a large desert area, canyons, tons of debris all around, a...