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Dongeon Defenders
Dongeon Defenders
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Defend Paradise Joy Map
Created by evernewjoy
Defend Island Paradise and Find 8 Crystal Shards!
* Enjoy a fully explorable Island, if you can see it,
you can get there and climb it and jump off of it! *
Equipment (Sarah)
Created by Sarah
The mod will not more support from me, reason out of date!
If you do not need the mod just click the green button again!...
Excessive Exp Encounter
Created by chibi++
The original Excessive Exp Encounter! Updated for the new caps and Steam Workshop! A modified Deeper Well full of super-squishy mobs full of Exp! Go from 1 to 90 in one run!

>>>>>>> IMPORTANT!! READ ME!! <<<<<<<<<
Negative EXP is the result of getting ...
Helms Deep
Created by Cr4zy
Helms Deep! From the wonderful Lord of the Rings

Current Version: BETA 003

Due to my inability to back this up, it's impossible for me to continue working on it, as such this release will be the last.

There are chances this thing falls to pieces w...
Hero Temple
Created by ConverseBob
This once sacred monument was built to honor the triumphs of the Legendary Heroes. As the battle for Etheria rages on, even this ceremonial meeting place has become a battle ground. Defend this temple in the name of those legendary heroes, and do not let i...
Godly Gear
Created by GrumpyRaven
Custom Gear is added every 20 seconds. Finish the map on easy in order to get 24 Easter Eggs, which you can use to unlock the Easter Bunny Costume. Please post any requests or bug reports in the comments.

V1.1: Added more Accesssories and an Exp and mana ...
Incredible Pet Race
Created by DanielSnd
Welcome to the Incredible Pet Race! A competitive assault! Who can finish it the fastest?

IMPORTANT! MAC USERS SHOULD USE THIS VERSION INSTEAD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=154557193...
Library of the Ancients
Created by Simtim
This long forgoten library holds the secrets of the ones who created the Eternia Crystals. You must not let it fall into the hands of those who would use this knowledge for evil!

This is a work in progress.

Known Issues
*Minimap does not fit properly* ...
LotR Mines of Moria
Created by Sanghelios
The Mines of Moria from the Lord of the Rings. I really hope that you like it. :)...
Magic Platform Assault
Created by DJ Sterf
Update 12/5/12 - REWARD: Dragon Staff of Commish!

As featured on Trendy Friday Fun (10/26/12 and 11/23/12 and 11/30/12)

Tell all your friends, we need more assault packs! Also: check out Sky o Love Assault.

Have patience with this map -- it can be hila...
Created by Cr4zy
Moonbase is officially included in Dungeon Defenders.
Now available to all, it comes with some bug fixes, changes to balance more importantly, weapons and pets you can keep forever on ranked!
The Arena
Created by The doctor is in
Trapped in the arena our heroes must face wave after wave of monstrous hordes!


The Manor
Created by The Other Wes
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Please do remember to comment, whether you like it or not, whilst trying to be constructive.

Update fixing skybox is out

New visuals, hedges and grass changed

New version has the summoner are fixed and ...
Yar Har Fiddle De Dee
Created by The Other Wes

This is for the map contest, if it wins it will be polished by Trendy and put in ranked, like Palintir was.

Between one and 8 of our brave heroes are travelling to a small island off the coast of Etheria to retrieve a magical ...
The RNG Game
Created by Myin
The RNG has become sentient and has taken over the King's Game! What tricks does it have up it's sleeve?!...
The Mothership
Created by The Other Wes
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Update: Goblin Copters have temporarily been taken out so that NM works.

This is a Work In Progress Map

When our heroes least expected it they were teleported onto a strange ufo, they are met by their rivals a...