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Renamer of Aluminium and Silicium for galaxy made before 0.29
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Renamer of Aluminium and Silicium for galaxy made before 0.29

Replace Aluminium and Silicium in galaxies made before Avorion version 0.29 with Aluminum and Silicon to remedy ecnomy.

At version 0.29, Aluminium was renamed Aluminum, Sicilium was renamed Silicon. At the same time, regeneration of factories and mines by visiting sectors was introduced to achieve renewal of galactic economy. The regeneration replaced old factories and mines depend on Aluminium and Silicium with new ones depend on Aluminum and Silicon.

However, the regeneration only worked for factories and mines of NPC factions in Singleplayer. All factories and mines in Multiplayer, and ones of player factions in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, were not changed. Galactic economy stopped because following products became unable to be produced and/or traded.

Steel Tube
High Pressure Tube
Laser Head
Ammunition S
Ammunition M
Ammunition L
Solar Cell
Semi Conductor

Though mines continued production of Aluminium and Silicium, they are not recognized by their list of goods to be sold. Though factories still needed Aluminium and Silicium in their production, they are not recognized by their list of goods to be bought. Aluminium and Silicium are found to be unable to be traded by neither merchants nor player.

In addition, using Multiplayer galaxy in Singleplayer to trigger the above regeneration caused a horrible result. If there is a factory or a mine founded by players other than player of Singleplayer in a sector controlled by NPC factions, the factory or the mine of player faction is removed.

Concerning the above situation, I applied following changes to the galaxy with this mod:
1. Replace production result of Aluminium Mine with Aluminum,
2. Replace good sold by Aluminium Mine with Aluminum,
3. Replace production result of Silicium Mine with Silicon,
4. Replace good sold by Silicium Mine with Silicon,
5. Replace Aluminium as ingredient of factory with Aluminum,
6. Replace Silicium as ingredient of factory with Silicon,
7. Replace Aluminium as cargo of mines and factories with Aluminum,
8. Replace Silicium as cargo of mines and factories with Silicon.

The above changes successfully remedied economy of galaxy which is made before Avorion version 0.29. I hope your dear old galaxy will be revived.