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[DG 1-1] Degenerate Customs - AWGS High-MACS
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[DG 1-1] Degenerate Customs - AWGS High-MACS

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Degenerate Custom Mods
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Mod Description

"In 2018, the British military began experiments to create super soldiers for her majesty's commandos.
The results were disappointing and the program mothballed along with its specimens. These specimens promptly escaped from a maximum-security garden shed into the Yorkshire country side.
Still wanted by HM Revenue and Customs, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem... if no one else wants to help... or you're on a budget... maybe you can hire.
The Degenerates."

Degenerates OPTRE Customs

This pack contains reskins and Loadout adjustments tor the HMCS mod for the Degenerates 1-1 Campaigns. Current content includes:

- Degenerates HMCS Day
- Degenerates HMCS Night
- Bullet Sponge's Personal HMCS
- Bush Wookie's Personal HMCS
- Owlfluff's Personal HMCS
- PotatoHero's Personal HMCS
- Wrangler's Personal HMCS
- Zombie's Personal HMCS

Planned updates:

- Personal HMCS units for all remaining Degenerates members


This mod requires the original HMCS as all parts barring the new textures and some scripting differences are dependant on the original mod.


I would just like to use this part here to thank the original creator of the HMCS Addon, chkw30k, for making a mod that is actually possible to read and pull apart for reskinning purposes. It's modders like them that let me sleep at night :D

Seamless Floral Pattern Vectors by Vecteezy[]