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TFAR Animations
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Jun 24, 2020 @ 7:02pm
Jun 13, 2022 @ 11:29am
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TFAR Animations

Link to:ACRE Version

I don't personally use TFAR and haven't done much testing, so you may encounter bugs, or this mod may break due to updates without me noticing it. If that happens, leave a comment and I'll do my best to fix it.

This mod should be compatible with both the Beta and non-beta releases of TFAR.

This mod plays one of three animations while the player is using a radio. The mod also adds a new handset model which is by default, used by the larger, backpack-carried radios.

The animations include a headset animation, a vest mounted radio/push-to-talk animation, and holding the handset/radio in your hand.

The mod will choose which animation to play based on whether the user has a vest with a radio, an earpiece, or otherwise. (This can be configured)

CBA Settings:
  • Enable Addon - Turns addon on/off.
  • Headset List - Array containing helmets/goggles that should be considered when doing the ear animation. Use '[]' to allow all helmets/goggles.
  • Vest List - Array containing vests that should be considered when doing the vest animation. Use '[vest player]' to allow all vests.
  • Add Vests with Armor to List - If enabled, all vests that have an armor value will be automatically added to the Vest List.
  • Aiming while Talking - If enabled, players will be able to aim while using a radio.
  • Disable Aiming while Talking - Disables ADS for primary weapons while talking over radio.
  • Disable Animation in Vehicles - If enabled, the animations will not be played in vehicles.
  • Preferred Animation - Preferred Animation for this radio. Doesn't mean that it will always be used as the vest/ear animations are only used when the player has a vest/headset from the vest/headset list.

CBA Controls:
  • Listen to Radio - Holds radio up to your ear when held down.

Mod Compatibility
If you run this mod with RHSUSAF, the AN/PRC-152 model from RHS will be used.

TheSpeshalPlatoon is currently recruiting! If you're looking for an ArmA group that isn't "Milsim" but still puts a emphasis on teamwork and coordination, I encourage you to check us out.

Additionally, we develop in-house mods for our group, just like this one!

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Musclebust Oct 14 @ 7:33am 
Hey, i was wondering if its ok for me to repack this mod into my units mod?
Decker_1705 Jul 16 @ 3:00pm 
is there a rhs compat with this or is it not required
Illu Jun 30 @ 2:49am 
Up. when reloading, if you press Caps/T (radio buttons) the mag will disappear.

"Any way to handle reload animation bug ? Our mags missing one after another. Love the mod btw. Thx"
Josh L Jun 5 @ 12:07pm 
I'm not sure what you mean, do you have an example
WillKMJ Jun 5 @ 11:07am 
@Josh L - that is due to cba not working properly on your server. ensure its using its own profilenamespace and so on.
Josh L Jun 5 @ 11:04am 
i tick them but it resets when the server restarts, is there a file i can put the export in so the server always loads them
WillKMJ Jun 5 @ 10:35am 
@Josh L - use the cba overwrite mission/client options to the right of the list
Josh L Jun 5 @ 9:41am 
When forcing peoples settings on a MP server, where do I put the code for it? I have [vest player] in the Vests List but it keeps not setting it on the vest i wear
Raio May 30 @ 2:05pm 
Any way to handle reload animation bug ? Our mags missing one after another. Love the mod btw. Thx
Longshot133 Feb 18 @ 5:28pm 
Would it be possible to have it so that AI can use the animation if Zeus Controlled? The mod is awesome and i was wondering. Sorry to bother!