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We'z Speshul
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Jun 21, 2020 @ 5:01pm
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We'z Speshul

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We'z Speshul Collection
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"We'z Speshul, Gork damn right we are! if yoo got a problem wiv tha' den yoo'z a git and we krump gits so go on if ya fink ye 'ard enuff come an 'ave a scrap, da boyz are ready!"

About We'z Speshul
This mod is an expansion for the Greenskins containing units, campaign features, some new legendary lords and a few other bits and pieces that I've managed to cobble together with the help of some gits along the way in order to express my absolute dedication to everything Greenskin.

The aim of this Mod is to make additions to the game that make sense, everything has to have a purpose and mesh into the game as seamlessly as possible.

Playable Factions & Legendary Lords:
  • Blue Vipers / Grak Beastbasha
    - (Defeated Trait - +10% Damage vs Greenskins, +10 Charge bonus)
  • Redvenom / Snagla Grobspit
    - (Defeated Trait - Immune to Psychology)
  • Black Venom / Tinitt Four-Eyes
    - (Defeated Trait - +10% Physical Resistence)
Legendary Heroes:
  • Borgut Facebeater (For Grimgor's 'Ard Boyz)
Generic Lords:
  • Savage Orc Great Shaman
  • Black Orc Warboss (For Grimgor's 'Ard Boyz)
Generic Heroes:
  • Savage Orc Big Boss.
  • Night Goblin Big Boss
  • Savage Orc Stikkas
  • Orc Boy Stikkas
  • Forest Goblins
  • Forest Goblin Hunters
  • Night Goblin Netters
  • Colossal Squig
  • Savage Giant Reskin for Savage Orc & Wurrzag factions.
Waaagh! Units:
  • Feral Stegadon
  • Snotlings
Regiments of Renown:
  • Da Immortulz (Black Orcs)
  • Little Gork (Giant)
  • Big Red 'Un (Colossal Squig)
Other Stuff:
  • Savage Orc tribes building and unit expansion while played.
    (Some buildings are disabled for the AI).
  • Grimgor starts the game with Borgut Facebeater.
  • Wurrzag starts the game with a Savage Orc Big Boss.
  • Da Immortulz Banner removed from Grimgor (Is now part of Da Immortulz RoR)

Important Information
  • A new Mortal Empires or Vortex campaign will be required for the mod to activate.
  • The AI can use all features within We'z Speshul (Unless disabled).
  • Legendary Lords require the following mod to be played in campaigns:
  • Closer to Tabletop Overhaul supports this mod.
  • Mixu's Tabletop Lords - Savage Orc Great Shaman is disabled in campaign.
Localisation Sub-Mod

Q: Will you be making this compatible with overhauls?
A: I create my mods for Vanilla and do not play Overhauls there for I lack the required knowledge to properly create sub-mods for them, other people with more experience are free to do so however just remember to contact me about it.

Q: Does this work with X Mod?
A: Try it, you tell me because I've not played every mod on the workshop.

Q: Where is the mod located?
A: HDD:\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\594570\2137858622.

Q: The update crashes my game can I get the previous version?
A: Sure, check out the discussion posts and it will be pinned at the top.

Q: Are you going to add X Lord/Hero/Unit?
A: Maybe?

Q: Why can't I confederate the Blue Vipers as other Greenskin factions?
A: The Savage Orcs are considered a different subculture from other Greenskins and are unable to confederate in the same way that Chaos Warriors cannot confederate with Norsca.
(Working on a solution to this)

Q: Can I use your stuff?
A: Contact me on the C&C Modding Den and ask my permission first, the answer will depend what it is you are intending to do with it.

Project Contributors
Lost2Insanity (Workshop) - Database, Scripts, Animations, Textures, Model Kit-bashes.
Aexrael (Workshop) - Script support, Design feedback.
Marthenil (Workshop) - Animation Support, Saurus Helmet, Jaw Mandibles, Feathers, Forest Goblin Head 3D Assets.
Urgat (Workshop) - Dragonbone Jaw, Savage Orc Spears, Borgut's Helm, Colossal Squig, Sickle 3D Assets.
Mixu (Workshop) - Script support, Animation support.
Cataph (Workshop) - Design feedback, Orc Stikka Boyz Unit Card.
Vandy (Workshop) - Script support.
ChaosRobie (Workshop) - Campaign chariot driver lod fix, Squig hopping experiments.
Decomposed (Workshop) - Honorary for creating Expanded Roster Orcs & Goblins.

Credits & Special Thanks
Creative Assembly - Supporting and enabling mod creation.
Da Modding Den[] - Essential Hub for Modding Total War.
Frodo (Workshop) - Rusted Pack File Manager (RPFM).
Phazer (Workshop) - Rigid Model Editor (RMEditor).
Crux3D[] - Portrait Settings Tool (Selfie).
Mod User Support - Thanks for playing with my little amateur mods.

Feedback & Bug Reporting
If you have any feedback or bugs to report regarding the Mod then feel free to hit up the Comment section below or post in Discussions and I'll do my best to resolve any issues, alternatively join Da Modding Den discord server listed above and explain your issue in the #wez_speshul or #user_troubleshooting channels.
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Feb 21 @ 2:06pm
Separate mod without the additional units?
Jan 19 @ 8:36am
Russian localization
Aug 2, 2020 @ 8:44am
Forest bosses?
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johnfante Mar 2 @ 10:28am 
That's great news thank you
Lost2Insanity  [author] Mar 2 @ 3:39am 
At this point it's probably likely assuming I can make them different enough.

Sure, consider it done.
I'll add it to the description.
johnfante Mar 2 @ 12:28am 
What a great content thank you for the mod.

Would you consider to create a regular Goblin Warboss one day ? And maybe, just maybe, a regular Goblin Shaman ? It's the only thing missing for full gobbos thematics armies....
WarCrow Feb 26 @ 1:54pm 
Oi boss! Give dese gobbos some 'ting to shoot with, dey can't smash proppa! Anyway thanks for updates :D
Samownis Feb 23 @ 8:20am 
Could you please put a discussion with the defeated traits of the added lords? I didn't even know they had them.
flagellant333 Feb 21 @ 11:40pm 
You da best git ever
Lost2Insanity  [author] Feb 21 @ 7:12pm 
[Update]: Night Goblins now get their own sneaky-nasty git to skulk around with them under the light of the bad moon.
Lost2Insanity  [author] Feb 20 @ 7:39am 
If you mean Defeated Traits, they already have them.

The Warhammer 3 announcement changed some priorities but new stuff will come shoom.
ℜ𝔞𝔦𝔞𝔫 Feb 20 @ 7:12am 
How do you like the idea of giving a special feature to the lords who defeated the lords of this mod? (Sorry used the translator)
Ka Feb 18 @ 5:27am 
Thanks for making this great mod for savage orc
Love it:steamthumbsup: