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Dark Matter Campaign [Arkham Horror LCG]
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Jun 15 @ 8:30pm
Oct 22 @ 10:57am
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Dark Matter Campaign [Arkham Horror LCG]

It is 2147, and you have just woken up from cryo-sleep in a seemingly abandoned space ship - and from there on you are thrown into a deep space adventure across the solar system to prevent the extinction of the human race. Based on Call of Cthulhu supplements Ripples from Carcosa by Oscar Rios and the End Time by Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere, Dark Matter is an 8 scenario campaign for Arkham Horror: The Card Game for 1-4 players.

How to play:
  • In real life:

    1. Not yet available.
  • On Tabletop Simulator:

    This mod requires Arkham Horror LCG - Super Complete Edition. (Currently removed from the workshop)

    1. Open up this mod in Tabletop Simulator.
    2. Right click the book -> Save Object.
    3. Start a session of Arkham Horror LCG - Super Complete Edition.
    4. Spawn the saved memory bag (Objects -> Saved Objects)
    5. Click on the Place button of the memory bag
    6. Enjoy!

Special thanks for MrStump's Memory Bag 2.0 for making things everything easier for set up.

Please let me know if you have any comment / feedback / criticisms about the scenario. I hope you enjoy the scenario as much as I had fun making it. Thank you very much!
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starweaponx Nov 22 @ 6:42pm 
Really awesome campaign! Loved the story.
Flazzy Nov 11 @ 2:56pm 
THANKS. REALLY, A LOT! I'm loving this caimpaing!
Alien Nov 10 @ 2:51pm 
Finished the campaign. It was interesting and satisfying.
I kinda went overboard on the last scenario, but nonetheless, it was satisfying.

Good work on the campaign
Axolotl  [author] Nov 9 @ 2:46pm 
Hi @Alien!

There's a subtle thing about that act in that it's often times more beneficial if you spread out your search instead of searching directly in the Ship's Bridge. There's a bunch of scans in the Bridge that can be done elsewhere for less clues, and there's also the second "path" to advance the act if you spend your clues on the Mind Machine Interface, or use any of the green scan options. So, if clue getting would take too much time, you can try searching in other locations first to "alleviate" that problem.

You're not the first person who brute forced the Ship's Bridge and had a hard time with it though, I'll try to make it more obvious that it's better to spread out and scan at multiple locations than to just scan in the Bridge, or reduce the clue count on that location.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!
Alien Nov 7 @ 7:45pm 
I started a singleplayer campaign with 4 investigator.
So far, the campaign is interesting, I just need to point out its hard for the first Scenario to get to the Ship bridge and get all clues, you need to either rush very early and with multiple survivor who can gather multiple clues very fast or you play with 1 or 2 investigator who can do that

Otherwise, very interesting.
Axolotl  [author] Oct 2 @ 9:36am 
Thanks all!

@Droid_Serif - No custom investigators for this one (yet), the actual plot of the campaign makes it awkward to make sciifi investigators without drastically changing the story. But maybe eventually.

@ The1ArmedBandit - The Heir to Carcosa permanent is intended to not give experience unless everyone has trauma! Feel free to get a bit of trauma if you want more experience haha.
The1ArmedBandit Oct 1 @ 3:34pm 
Been loving your campaign so far, enjoying solving all the puzzles that lie within. I just have one question: For the Heir to Carcosa permanent, if one of the investigators in the group has no mental trauma, do we just get 0 XP from the permanent every time, or do one of the other investigators still get XP for their trauma?
Droid_Serif Oct 1 @ 1:23pm 
Cant wait to get started on this campaign! Are there any custom investigators for it?
Axolotl  [author] Oct 1 @ 12:00pm 
Thanks! That was a mistake, yeah. I thought I fixed it but looking at the change logs it does look like I forgot to implement it in the latest update.
ThatWasADemo Oct 1 @ 10:25am 
Fragment of Carcosa's Act 3b contains (->R1). I'm pretty sure it's supposed to have (->R3) instead, given there is no way to reach that resolution on any of the cards and you can reach R1 from an "If no resolution was reached" option.