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The Flip Hammer
Turn the battle around with this big flippin hammer!

On hit: Turns enemies 180 Degrees!

Make that sniper Rage at the fact you are a jerk of the greatest extent!

this stat is just an idea of what it is intended to doo

why not take a look at my o...
The Jackhammer
Created by Mad the Mike
A jackhammer inspired shotgun replacement for the Engineer, possibly part of a large upcoming item pack.

Bigger pic:
The Solid Slugger [v.2]
Created by Sovreyn
Handmade Scattergun

Strapped together from scraps. This gun was crafted with the intention of hunting large game, like elephants....and sandwich munching Russians.

======VERSION 2=======

-New Texture
-Shorter barrel

The barrel has been shorten...
Liquidator's LED
Created by Napy Da Wise
Robotic version of the Liquidator's Lid...
Fused Saboteur_sniper
Created by Ducksink
A robot voodoo doll to control ones robot soul....
The Stereoscopic Shades
Created by Yamo
Resubmitted as requested by Valve <3...
Cross Checker
Created by Populus
A hockey stick weapon for the scou.

Part of a set.

The Pinch Hitter
Created by Mnemo
Passed up from future generations, this composite bat still looks as if it just came out of the box. Should work wonders in the bottom of the ninth.

Suggested Stats
Guarantees critical damage when there's less than 60 seconds lef...
The Odd Job
Created by zachL
The only way Valve will add a weapon is if we make them think it's a hat.

Flying Guillotine-esque throwable

Video by STAR_


q. Why are the first person and third person models reversed?
a. He holds it better hole facing out, but it looks be...
Oppressive Omelette (Pet)
EDIT: Latest revision here - Oppressive Omelette (FIX)

Really hungry with the fridge buried and no cash, you snoop into your magic chucking former roommate's room to borrow ...
Quick Steps
Created by Zoey
Rundown -

256x Normal DXT5
256x Diffuse DXT5
Team Colours
LODs 1-2
*scrapes bottom of barrel for a random thing to add to list*

Whoosh, wham bam. I don't know how to "describe" these, and you probably don't either besides the obviou...
Water Bombs
Created by Dynamite
Get ready for summer with these pre-filled water bombs.

Please Note: We've had complaints that a few of our water bombs have actually been filled with piss, so please keep your water balloon packet away from Sniper. Thank you.

***UPDATE***: Sniper go...
The Nuclear Squash
Created by Dean1s
The new Nuclear Squash! A 4 pack of the delicious drink gracefully assembled with high tech electrical tape that packs a punch. Available now in 'Natural Osmium' flavour.

This is heavy Doc!...
Robo Burning Bonges
Robo Burning Beatbox
Burning Bass Bongos
Scorching Subwoofers
The Backhanded Complement
Created by Finnigan
It was epic.

You should've seen it! The technique. The speed. The originality of concept! They said it couldn't be done. They said you were mad to attempt it! But you didn't listen to the naysayers. You didn't listen to the petty lack of vision! You di...
naprawiona tabliczka ban
Created by Bulletproof
naprawiona tabliczka ban do lania po glowach z efektem banned :D...
Practical Sword
Created by CNN's 1st Companion
Go ahead and practise with this badass sword I made. Life is a practise in TF2 (if you ask me) anyways...

Ryder's Rifle
Created by Gryoss
You'll shoot yer eye out, scout!...
Space Cowboy
Created by Hideous
It's about gorram time you showed up, Captain Reynolds.

A pistol for the Engineer....
The Specialist
Created by Mnemo
A hardcore gun for even hardercorer Scouts. The first recorded player to ever use a Specialist-class bat was famed front-linebacker, George "The Babe" Ruthless, when during game four of the 1918 World Series, George shot the entirety of the Chicago Cubs de...
The Hawthorn Harbinger
Created by AGStanley
For when you've 'Lost Dracula' for the last time.


The Last Second Security
Created by Ciro
Shotgun that can be used for either the Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, or Engineer. (Up to Valve I guess.)

Check out my site to see more of my work!

-----> <-----...
The Arms Racer
Created by boomsta
"You cannot run from me, my gun is faster!" - The Soldier

Has 2 LOD's and is team colored!...
The Rooty Tooty Point and Shooty
Created by boomsta
Here, have a ridiculously named item. Please Valve, think of a better name. This is a secondary weapon for my set that has no name for the Soldier! Rate it up and tell me what you think of it!...
The Case In Point
Created by Manolo Legendre
The good ol' Rocketlauncher properly concealed in a hardshell guitar case. Essential for the musician on the go, particularly at border crossings.

This item is part of The One Man Band Set.
The Sargent's South Pole
Created by BenH
A normal fixed ski pole wasn't awesome enough, so the soldier snapped it in half and strapped it back together.

-2 LOD's
-Sexy Texture (I mean, c'mon guys, look at it!)...
Created by Commie
Pummel your enemies' loins 'till they're all tender!

A secondary melee for the discerning private (or arsonist) that favors using (and sometimes wearing) cookware....
Created by Skilln't
This used to be Thors legendary hammer.
Now it belongs to the soldier.

Features include:
-Team skins
The Triferno
Created by HellJumper
A tri-barreled flaregun for the pyro.

You can download this mod (replaces the flaregun or the detonator) here.[]...
The Bonnet-Buster
Created by Psyke
Tired of the endless flow of rocket and grenade related hate that gets slung your way on a daily basis?

Well why not give this little custom number a whirl.

or if you're feeling extra nice you could always hand it over to the eager yet quite delusion...
The Kiddy's Kindler
Created by FissionMetroid101
When Pyromania was released, I was disappointed with the lack of kiddy secondary weapons, and always wanted to see one exist. After a dream I had a little under a week ago with this weapon in it, I have been designing and working on this item.

The knob ...
The Antimatter
Created by Vonwilbur
It goes pew....
The Compact Combustor
Created by CoreVixen
Out of options? Dig this antique out of the closet and hope to high hell it still works!

Thanks to Lev for the description
Video made by Karma Charger
Download on the collection page.
[OLD] Staff of Moray
New version!:

An ancient staff imbued with fiery power. Its true power is said to be granted to whoever owns the ancient Phyroh's Treasure

Whoever possesses the Phyroh's treas...
The Frychester
Created by E-Arkham
"Sometimes, you just want to set someone on fire without having to walk aaaaaall the way over there to do it."

Two styles: One with the festive bow, and one without. Replaces the Flare Gun and works with those reload animations.

[Edit] I removed th...
The Infernal Furnace
Created by ToxicWeasel
It can get pretty chilly out there!

But whilst you carry this... nothing will be cold... Especially the enemy!!!

3 LODs
Team Colours
Glowing coal

Resized to fit flamethrower scale.

Slight remodel to make 1st person view look...
Crop Killer
Created by Svdl
Caution, dangerous chemicals! Contact with skin may cause severe blistering, allergic dermatitis and death.
May also be set on fire and spread around by a dangerous lunatic....
The Winter Warmer
Created by Ertz™
Part of the "Wood Roaster" set.

- 3 lods
- glowing

Known bug: minor clipping with the player model...
the Victorian Blast
Created by Deity Link
Let your opponents have a taste of the steampunk victorian era with this powerful shotgun!

This is a new version of the shotgun I made last summer for the Steampunk Contest of Game Banana.

give it a try:
Crusader's Flaregun
Created by invisibleStuff
It has been a few months since I've uploaded something sooo have a flaregun.
Somehow my HLMV and my sourcefilm maker all broke. This means that I can't make any "clean" renders for the time being; though I do still have itemtest!

Anyways, here we have...
The Boilerbuss
Created by ColonelBD
Orginally an entry for the Gamebanana Steampunk Pyro contest. It got me 3rd place.

Download links on Gamebanana and TF2mods....
the Vanguard
Created by Deity Link
A powerful shield that defends its wielder from even the most vicious of attacks.

Fifth submission of my [TF2DOTA2] project....
Clear Shot
Created by invisibleStuff
I've been doing too much crafting. All I wanted was to make was a refined or two.

Clearly this model is a combination of our beloved Loch-n-Load and Black Box; by steam users Swizzle and Larolaro respectively. This isn't a super serious submission, but ...
Willys blasting caps & Sticky kickers
Created by MonkeyBug
Boots(weapon) and Kneepads(misc item) for The Mitigator pack.

3 LODs...
The Groundbreaker
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It's always tough to seperate a man from his buildin', 'specially if its one o' them engineer lads. "Why are ye always blowin' up everythin' I make?" they say, like they don't know it's a vicious monster that's killin' all me mates. They're like the owner...
The Bombard
Created by boomsta
A real gun for a real Demoman. Lob bombs over walls and trenches and hope you hit something! Part of the Bombardier set!

UPDATE!: LODs have now been added to the whole pack! Each weapon now has 2 LODs each....
The Wee Willy
Created by MonkeyBug
Watch your step.

The contact sensitivity of these puppies will cause your buddies to pick your boots out of their teeth.

Sticky launcher for The Mitigator pack 3LODs.
Includes custom sticky bomb models with 3LODs.

We know that the sticky ...
The Bikini Bomber
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
This sleek, stylish weapon of mass destruction can comfortably seat six (tactical nuclear warheads).

* Team-Colored
* 3 LODs

Q. What's with that name?
Created by Actual Trash

... and by that, I mean it's time to arm our favorite drunken demoltion man with a highly explosive and unstable bone smashing device guaranteed to turn your enemies into a juicy pulp.

It has 3 LODs and jigglebones....
Assault Cannon
Created by Svdl
A (very slightly) TFC inspired Minigun for the heavy.
Four LODs, single texture.

Sounds taken from Team Fortress Classic, and have been made louder since the video was taken.

Video has no first person footage due to replay bugs.

Silenced Shotgun
Created by windex
Silenced shotgun for the heavy
(possibly other classes?)

Part of the Friendo Pack

View the 3d models on my blog:
The Cogged Cleaner
Created by io
Woo the ladies with this mildly annoying yet loud cannon!

*1024x1024 Texture with Spec Map

SFM Promo by Toonaholic.

*UPDATE* Removed PSD in favor of Texture alternates. One being Teamcolored bands. Fixed File paths. *UPDATE*...
The Energy Sentry
Created by juiceböx
The original energy sentry! This sentry only replaces the level 3 rocket launcher and it's not a full sentry replacement.

Level 3 sentry rocket box replacement for the Engineer's Energy Pack....
The Mobile Sentry Gun
Created by Linko
9314 Tris
Texture Red/Blu 2048x2048

Third person remotely controlled Sentry Gun with the wrangler. Left click to fire where you're pointing, right click to move it like a strategy game. You must run beside if you...
The Backup Plan
Created by Zoey
Isotop Devil (Iron Gauntlet)
Created by Donvius
Fulfill your dreams of becoming the official mascot of the bonk energy drink! Not only you'll be a walking (or rather running) advertisement, you also recive an generous supply of 1 canned bonk! DIRECTLY TO YOUR BRAIN!

- - - -
Some info:

-1x Jigglybone ...
Scouter S.T.S. (Scanning Targeting System)
Created by DevilsCry
Its a hand-dandy scouter! Keeps on eye on things you dont want to. Plus it looks cool!...
The Vertical Hermes
Created by Cipher
You may run fast, but do you have what it takes to be a god? Probably not. But at the very least, you can deliver their mail for them.

Fully paintable, 3 LOD models....
Cutting Edge
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition Promo.

Inspired by Kung Lao, Famous of character in Mortal Kombat.

Trendy Trilby
Created by Killjoy™
A paintable hat for the scout....
50's Fedora
Created by colwel
Good for bringing out the Mobster in you!...
The Dusty Bandit
Created by Mr. Mittelprächtig
Now you can walk through Badlands with a clean Face!

-3 Jiggles
-(Maybe i´ll make it paintable in the future)

And Allclass!

Also Thanks to [MLP]Ellis Gaming for hexing:)...
The Brute Force Fix
Created by MonkeyBug
When nothing works, hit it hard.
100% Guaranteed repair efficiency on cathode monitors.


3 LODs
Collision model included
Backpack icon included

Packable Provisions
Created by MonkeyBug
Ain't that a cute lil' backpack?

Mod download[]

L4D2 mod
The Workshop Fan
Created by MonkeyBug
Dedicated to the workshop supporters and thumbs up commenter and to the contributors horrified by the ASCII thumbs up comments.

The user "Metal Engie" commented last before october 14th 05:00:00 PM (PDT) and for his last minute determination I made a cu...
Russian Roulette
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Try your luck.

2014/06/26 Update!
*Improved Texture.
*Add $attachment "muzzle" and "eject_brass".
*Russian Roulette skin for Family Business[].

Furious Flyer
Created by Pie_Savvy
This handy Rocket fuel powered jetpack allows you to make sure that your enemies feel the fury.

Because without the jetpack, they're only a wee bit mad....
Sir Scout The Swift
Created by Bombzopple
Sir scout, being the lesser known member of the square table, went out on an adventure to slay a fire breathing monster and all he can find was Pyro, and all he managed to do was scratch him, but that was all Scout needed for his ego to be unharmed (thoug...
Beijing Batter
Created by Dr. b3nG
"Great for Peking Opera, drama and for Mercs who'll beat the crap out of you"

Peking opera or Beijing opera (simplified Chinese: 京剧; traditional Chinese: 京劇; pinyin: Jīngjù) is a form traditional Chinese theatre which combines music, vocal performance, mi...
Mannish Boy
Created by AibohphobiA
He's a Rebel without a Pause.
Big thanks to R234 ( for making a promo image!

Mod here
The Bar Brawler
Created by zachL
Pool cue weapon with 8 ball projectile

tags: melee, billiards, eight-ball, eightball...
The Frostbite
The elements have chosen the best tool, to guide a force of nature for the one who believes...
Batter's Hovering Hummer
Created by heinous
Yes, Valve, it works straight from the .zip file. ;)

Scout doesn't know hummingbirds can die from drinking Bonk! drinks, but they can, and you do, so have some sympathy for this hummingbird because the Scout will have to find a new one soon.

Check ou...
The Bat Boy
Created by Will T.TVR
They'll tell you that delivering bats to the players makes you a vital part of the team, but the truth is that an ordinary trash can could do your job, and to be honest, it'd probably do it for a lot cheaper. You'd better bring snacks to every single game,...
Texan Toad
Created by Flat Penguin
Created a V2 of the 'Texan Toad' clled 'Tropical Toad' and can be found below:

The Texan found a Texas toad and put it in his pocket

- Jigglebones allowing it to croak/...
Rum Gunner
Created by KingPooChicken
"They may take our lives, but they wont take our bottles of scrumpy!!!"

Weapon - Grenade Launcher

3 LODs

Next Update - None at the moment......
The Propane Accessories
Created by NeoDement
nice cans luv

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Night Driver Jacket
Created by Norman3D
A sporty diamond jacket for the scout! Now I know there a few jackets in the game already, but not many long sleeved ones. And I also loved Drive so I wanted to hint at it. The scout is a real human bean you guys!
Hope you like it! Rate & Follow Me!

The Gamma Gazer
Created by FiveEyes
"Packs a mean dose of extra-hertz."

Model/SFM - FiveEyes
Texture/Tweaks - Gadget

Part of the "Arms Race" FacePunch community Contest.

Download mod:
The Shredder
Created by nano393
Disable a sentry is nice. Shred it to pieces is super nice.

Made for the Arms Race competition

Created by Bapaul
Blam blam

Entry for the arms race competition.

Get it as a mod release:

Special thanks to Blood...
The Fire And Forget
Created by Jukebox
Sticky Launcher for Demoman

Part of the Arms Race competition, come back later this week to vote!

Weapon: Jukebox
SFM Promos: CDJO

Mod Download:
Sexy Speedy Sneaky Scarf
Created by heinous
Jiggleboned scarf of badassery. Proud product of Saxton Hale's boutique Mhankö line, located in Mannhattan.

Special thanks to NeoDement for painting pointers

Mod release:
for best results cl_jiggle_bone_framerate_cutoff 1
Spy [url=
Vigor and Vitality (Paint)
Just another team colored paint set, with a different Red/Blu. I have added a comparison image between this paint and "Team Spirit" (As some people got confused by them).

[Please Note: I didn't extract these colors off of or base them from anything. And...
The Kami-Scatter
Created by Mesco
This item is abandoned until further notice.

If you are willing to help with:
- Smart UV mapping (somehow allowing a small texture to look dense on the model)
- Quality texturing
Contact me, we can reboot this item and share the potential benefits.
Sports Flannel
Created by Jukebox
Nothing says "I'm a lumberjack and I totally have a peach fuzz beard just look closely." like a nice flannel.


Jukebox: Model
ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ: Rigging and Model edits
㋡Dilly Dong: SFM Promo

Mod L[http//%26quot%3Bhttp]...
Merc's Mittens
Created by donhonk
Multi-Class Mittens to warm at least 90 percent of your hands!

- Paintable.
- For: Scout, Soldier, Demo, and Sniper.
- Warmth!...
Sky-High Tops
And they said stapling bits of card in the shape of wings to your shoes would only slow you down!

Concept/design: Fudgie Wudgie
Model/rigging: The Heartsman
Texture/paint: Frying Dutchman
Idea/inspiration: Merczy...
Boston Maverick
Created by MonkeyBug
Blades of Glory
Created by TauVee
Rollerblades for the Scout. Paintable, includes the main model plus two LODs. They replace the feet entirely and do not change the Scout's overall height.

While it works as-is, this model would strongly benefit from custom running animations. I'm no an...
Patrol Pouches
Created by weregazelle
Steal away with the enemy intelligence (shredded into tiny pieces; it won't fit in otherwise) in style with these handy belt and bag mounted pouches.

Edit: Re-imported properly because I'm dumb...
Kid Vicious
Created by Constructor
(This annoying little) punk will never die....
Scout's Lucky Can
Created by Natolikin+
"This is what all true soda lovers strive for!"

-2 Styles
-Not Paintable (I Wouldn't know how :/)...
Heavy Artillery
Created by Gadget
This is my submission for the Facepunch TF2 Arms Race design contest which has been voted as 1st place. Thanks to everybody who voted for it!

o Heavy primary weapon
o Jiggling handles on the ammo crate
o 4 LODs (6172/4608/2651/1340 tris)

Update 28t...
Iron Fist
Created by GetGrenade
"When you forge a weapon, you need three things: the right metal, temperatures over fourteen hundred degrees... and someone who wants to kill. Here in Teufort, we got all three."
Machine Head
Created by GetGrenade
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster."
Paintable, Face-Flexed....
Invisible Ishikawa
Created by AyesDyef
A sneaky ninja robe, careful you don't get caught, or you might get cooked!...
Fast Communication
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Put on some classic gear into battle!

Lens is paintable.

This Goggles + Headphones misc works with most Scout hats!

When not worn with a hat, it automatically uses the Scout's default cadet cap without his default headset!...
The Brew Blaster
Created by Ertz™
Comes with:

- 3 Lods
- Custom grenade (Team coloured) (not shown in the pictures, but there is one i promise :D)

Part of the "Rex Lusca" set.
Created by Olright
Texan revolver for guy from Texas! My favoryte stats:
-50% ammo
-Slower reloading...
The Burst Shot
Created by Ertz™
Flare gun for pyro
part of the "Arms Race" contest.

Click picture to download mod ....

posters by cdjo, colteh and ertz...
Trooper's Trousers
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Who wants to roll up and tuck in their pants into socks at knee height anyway?

A pair of boots and camo pants.

Both the boots and pants are lightly paintable. You can have a variety of realistic and different looking camouflage colors without worrying a...
The Fire-Lance
Created by CoreVixen
Why wait until a building's finished to burn it down?

5 LODs...
Created by CoreVixen
Useful for both contructing buildings and putting large holes in your enemies.

3 LODs...
The summer breeze
Created by Fun.Avi
A nice and refreshing cocktail, complete with jigglebones(on the straw, liquid and ice) and multiple skins and materials - glass, ice and liquid.

This mod got third position in the last year's Gamebanana summer skinning competition.

Gamebanana link: ...
Created by Piper
A subtle way of showing people what a badass (with lung cancer) you are.

A cigarette item for all classes but Pyro and Spy. It uses the same smoke effect as Spy's cig, but not the same model.
It was pretty much based on Spy's cigarette, though....
The Chainsaw Massacre
Created by Constructor
At the chainsaw - chainsaw buffet.
The secret ingredient screams.
You're my main course
at the chainsaw buffet.

3 lods

Meant to be a primary weapon and have the same ammo mechanic. Upon killing an enemy, the enemy is shredded to gibs.

Don't b...
Veterans Attire
Created by Rozzy
A distinct war veteran needs a distinct coat.

Model/Texture: Rozzy
Concept: retrovirus
SFM Shot: Sasha Dotterkletch

Sweater and stripes can be painted....
Recon Radio Receiver
Created by Svdl
Enough antenna for the whole team in just one hat!

Includes paintable visor and jigglebones....
Created by Svdl
Despite what your knowledge of guns is currently telling you, this is not actually a submachinegun or a nailgun.

4 LODs.

Downloadable as a mod for the Baby Face's Blaster here[]....
Scoutility Belt
Created by Svdl
Some bags and a knife for stabbing morons, but knives are boring so you'll never use it....
Team Speak
Created by Napy Da Wise
All Class Paintable hat

Why yell your orders across the battlefield when you can yell them directly in your teamates ears?...
Radical Rider
Created by Psyke
Show those Gnarly punks who's the most radical around' without looking like a total hoser

[Editors note: May effect dialect.]

Comes with lods!
Rad-Scruffy hair!

Model by DeRosaJ
Concept/Texture by Psyke
Radical Rider
Created by multitrip
The Fortress Smasher (UPDATED - final version)
Created by Prof. Neelpos.j2
Per request of some, I've converted my Tectonic Knights Helm into a Castle Crashers helmet ahead of the titles release on Steam, I'll be sending the submission to The Behemoth for consideration, as there HAVE been promo items in the past added after the ti...
The Bishop's Beerhat
Created by Arkham
[Updated 7/15/14 for gold star verification.]

Even the devout sometimes like to sit back, relax, watch the game, crack open a cold one (or two)... so why not drink in righteous style with the deluxe Bishop's Beerhat, the only holy headgear that combines ...
Burning Bulbs
Created by thirteen
Unusual Hat Holiday FX

Because someone asked why they weren't on fire.

Voltage Unusual Effect 2D
Created by AB
This is simply just a 2D image of how the Voltage effect would possibly look like. I will work on a 3D version but I am terrible in SDK....
Marked Incompatible ]  Water Pistol
Created by CAKE :3
It is just like an ordinary pistol it takes -10% damge of an ordinary pistol. It is for scout and engineer. Its special ability is that when you are burning, with the water pistol just shoot it once and you wont be burning anymore.

I cant understand what...
The Strikeout
Created by Killjoy™
A scout primary that I am working on for Frost-Bite. I will be making changes as needed.
4/22: I have added images of the new design. And removed old ones. Need a new name now. I think we still want it to keep the extra damage from behind idea.
4/24: I w...
Silent Slicer
Created by EmAr
A new ninja sword for Scout.

- 3 LODs
- 1024*512 texture
- Alternative bloody skin
- I made kill icons too!

Thanks for looking and voting :)

Mod downloads:


Corkscrew v.2
Created by Rotzlöffel
This weapon is usualy used by robots which don't have feelings or pain. So don't cry like a baby when you just touched the 4000 degrees kelvin ammo.

I have realy no idea why everyone want that I edit the textures. They are the last things wh...
The Didgeridoom
Created by The One Free-Man
A dart-firing sniper rifle made entirely out of a salvaged compressor, a broken pair of binoculars, and what I'm sure used to be a beautiful aboriginal instrument under all that metal.

Includes the dart.

Votes are appreciated!
(fun fact: The origin...
The Ronin's Razor
Created by Merczy
Heavy blade cuts deep,
Tempered in tsujigiri,
Promptly cauterized.

- 3 LODs!

Model By Merczy
Texture By Ertz
Special Thanks to Agent Phaser Rave for the Haiku!
Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!
LED Sentry
Created by AyesDyef
Watch out! This Laser Emitting Device packs some serious heat, and I mean the kind that'll melt holes through you AND the guy behind you; and don't touch it either, it gets really hot.

Animated gifs of the build animations can be found below:
Emerald paint
I though it would be nice to create a paint, which could be combined with agonizing emerald sheen on killstreak weaps (other sheens, like violet, can be used with various kinds of viotlet paints, but not this one) Also, this paint could be combined with "A...
Flak Jack
Created by GetGrenade
You've been drafted, boy!

2 LoD's

Vote for other items from this set:
"We aren't quite sure how this little guy came into existence, all we do know is it involves a Shrink-ray, Time Machine, and a whole lot of regret."
The Hooded Haunter
Created by Vap
It's a known fact that ghosts are indeed scary, however, our mercs are trained not to fear the undead. Infact this little guy follows you around, much like your creepy ex-girlfriend.

Instead of collecting your dead skin and strands of your hair like a ...
Dangeresque Fool
Created by N-Juli
This temporary Fashion is the Incarnation of Danger, can't you see it?

*1 LoD

UPDATE 10/28
-Smooth Edges...
Mecha Mauler
Created by MonkeyBug
Lost another arm? got the solution for ya....
Man's Best Friend
Created by Populus
A 3 part taunt with Man's most faithful of friends - the fully robotic canine.

The taunt is meant to be 3 different sequences.

-------------------------[TECHNICAL INFO]---------------------------

Due to the importer technicalities I was forced to import...
Fail-Proof Fighting Knives
Created by Kaymon95
Like the knives? Vote on them here:

Often employed and cherished by military men, gangsters, and mercenaries alike, fighting knives are a long-standing participant in combat throughout the ages.

1 fighting knife i...
The Deception Mode
Created by Handsome Mug
your death approaches

2 lods

with flex:

mod made with itemtoast:
Desert Rose
Created by Gadget
Desert Rose

o Engineer secondary weapon
o 3 LODs
o Styles without the engravings included

Concept by Juodvarnis

Feel free to suggest other names and discuss about weapon stats.

Mod download:
The Hornet's Nest
Created by Spike Nitros
Stings like a bee!

Also try out the mod version

Includes custom projectile model and 2 LODs...
Pig's Protector
Created by Jukebox
There's only one difference between people who are alive, and people who are dead. This vest.

Now features paintability!

Item by Jukebox
SFM by Sync.
Portable AA cannon
Created by Svdl
Years ago, around before the Heavy update, a concept for the "Portable Bofors Cannon" was spreading around

Original, by Fishbus:

Here's a weapon based on that concept.

Larger pictures:
The Enchanter
Created by Populus
A magic revolver.

*Updated with new texture and Lods...
The Security Measure
Created by NeoDement
In the world of business and crime, you're gonna need more than wits to stop a bullet.

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:

Also pictured in the Paint Example image: [url=http://...
The Pyrotechnic Protection
Created by CoreVixen
tfc inspired pyro armour
Mod download:
SFM by Legoformer1000...
Li'l Mate
Created by Constructor


This mod is not going to be uploaded on Gamebanana because honestly, that site is a shithole. Also, NATKO, you DO NOT hav...
Highland Haori
Created by multitrip
Not blast or sword proof.

Thanks to Aly for the beautiful map Suijin! Check it out![]...
Decapitating Carving Knife
'Cause swords aren't good enough!

Based on the Naruto anime's "Executioner's Blade", modelled and textured entirely by myself.

I'm currently trying to figure out how these team-colored textures work, so if anyone knows anything about it ple...
The Professional Touch
Created by CoreVixen
tfc inspired pyro gloves and boots
Mod download:
Mod download with merged tank:
SFM by Legoformer1000...
The Manncannon
Created by levi
Give your mate a cannon.
Mates love cannons.

Now part of "The Frontline!" community update:


Based somewhat loosely on the Russian PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle from WWII, this is a remake of m...
Created by Ducksink
run like the wind only not as fast...
The Industrialist
Created by goldenjohnson
"First you revolutionize manufacturing robots, then you revolutionize destroying them."

You can download it as a MOD here
Created by JPRAS
A bullet(?) proof vest for Engineer.


-LOD 0, 1.

The Welrod
Created by Sims_doc
"The Quiet Man"

Based on the Welrod Pistol MK2.

- Scout and Engineer Pistol
- StatTracker Compatibility
- 1 LoDs...
The Wilson Warrior
Created by Unrival
UPDATED NOW INCLUDES SPY AND SNIPER... because u asked for it... you got it! :)

Mask for Demoman based off Slade Wilson/Deathstroke mask. For Batman Arkham Knight Competition....
The Identity Thief
Created by Bapaul
Hush now, this will all be over soon.

Entry for the Batman: Arkham Knight contest
Click for my worksh...
Robin's Beat-Ins
Created by [FEZ] Thurbo
Uploaded late due to computer dying during the making and now coming home from school 1.5 hours late as usual because the trains in our region are the absolute worst.

Missing some files and previews, will be uploaded within the hour, if I am allowed to......
Camo Combats
Created by NeoDement
Render your legs invisible to anyone not wearing their prescription glasses.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Created by Ducksink
wear this item or dont nobody will tell anyway

Astral Accoutrement
Created by donhonk
Made for high mountains, low valleys, and wide rivers.
The Jury Rig
Created by Sparkwire
Only 5 bolts between you and a hole in your chest.

Valve recently changed the comment system, so if you wish to make a comment, click this button :)

Sneaky Sneakers (Alt style)
Created by Norman3D
Please click here to go to our profiles and follow us! :)[img...
Black Op's Operative
Created by The Ronin
Pants made for carrying more than whats important.

model and texture by: Ronin
SFM by Rantis

The Custodian
Created by Mnemo
"Pick up that can" - Proud City 17 Janitor

High Quality Pic:

Note: Just because it's presented as an all-class item, doesn't necessarily mean it has to be an all-class item. It could be a Scout item, a Soldier/Demo item or e...
Tactical Trousers
Created by Merczy
-3 LODs!

Model and Texture by Merczy
Concept by Gibbly

Click The Image To Download The Mod!...
The Glock Strap
Created by Constructor
Keep your friends close and your guns closer.

A Tomb Raider -inspired item, created as an entry for the Tomb Contest.

(The gun is not a glock, I know.)...
Strapping Lad
Created by Sky
tHere can be no one LEft ALIVE,
The doctors all must DIE if we are to survIVe

Torn straight-jacket for the scout.
Landing Gear
Created by NeoDement
A pair of military boots for Scout.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
Double Beheader
Created by Jukebox
Ye olde head remover.

Throwing Axe for Scout, replaces Flying Guillotine.

2 Styles
Merc's Pockets
Created by Ludumberg
When just two pockets aren't enought.

Team Colored
Paintable (belt)
2 LODs
Normal Map

Everything's done by Ludumberg
Merc's Pockets V2
Created by Ludumberg
When just two pockets and short pants aren't enought.

Team Colored
Paintable (belt)
3 LODs
Normal Map

Model/Texture: Ludumberg
Created by Sky
Paintable combat boots for scout and demo.
Special thanks to Andy Thybo for the SFM promos and void for the name.
Raiding Aid
Created by Svdl
Just a shotgun for any or all of the shotgun classes.

Three LODs, single texture....
Created by Svdl
A weapon for the Heavy's shotgun animations. Barrels spin on their own.

Made to be a secondary, but could be a fun primary slot weapon.
In the video the weapon is replacing the Family Business, but it also could be a weapon that is not a shotgun.

The Bolshevik Bomber
Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest!

"This thing will kill anything and anything in a 10 foot radius of said thing"

- 3 LoDs

Model/SFM/Other: FiveEyes
Texture: Metaru
Concept: Kibble/S...
The Doombringer
Created by Zoey
Little Tommy
Created by
The perfect gift to Sniper in this season!
Do you sometimes find yourself running from a pyromaniac with a muffled voice?

Then try Little Tommy!
Created by top staff engineers (nerds) at Mann.CO.

Fit perfect for self defense when your personal bubble has...
M61 Vulcan
Created by Lejean
Back protection and ultra mobile!

Update 4:
Added specular map for metal shine

Update 3:
Added more detail to barrel and changed texture
Added shoulder straps
Moved/changed parts of the gun

Update 2:
Reduced size of barrel
Increased bullet count on chai...
The Follower
Created by Svdl
More or less.

Includes an animated screen.
Single texture. 5 LODs.

Downloadable as a replacement for various rocket launchers here[]....
Lever Rifle
Created by |ARSE|FACE
A replacement for the Scatter Gun. The name isn't final, can easily be changed. Has new animations.


It's not stolen. STFU please :)

I know it isn't a lever rifle. The name doesn't matter.

It's not...
the Nippon Neckchopper
Created by Spike Nitros
The old ways go out in a blaze.

A late-war type 98 shin guntō with wooden handle. Not as sharp as the half-zatoichi but good enough for the ocassional slashing every now and then.

The Kami-Blaze
The Bald Eagle (Clipping Fixed)
Created by Radical VEWI
Firstperson clipping issue is now fixed.

(Part of the Pack of the Fourth)

The best kind of eagle, and you can be damn sure that it doesn't come from the desert.

Includes 2 LODs
The Bahookie Blaster
Created by Rozzy
hey., anether reskins guize...
The Close Call
Created by Loyen
"Out of scumexploding bombardment and the enemy scum is closing in? Ha! Never expected this in your face? Tough luck boy!"

Mainly done for Soldier melee, but turns out looks great in the arms of the demoman as well!

Update: 2013-06-04
* Made the model bi...
Glasgow Grinner
Created by Svdl
Puts a smile on your face, whether you like it or not....
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core
Created by Gadget
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core

This high capacity nuclear energy cell is used to power outer space vehicles and also quite destructive on heavy impact.

o Throwable device for Sniper and Scout
o Self-illuminated texture
o Jiggling liquid inside
o Soft green glow par...
Crocodile Mun-Dee
Before you can kill him, you must become him.
Scopers Scales
The hunter becomes the hunted!
The Suicide Scope
Created by † Vult †
Take joy in that wonderful clicking and scraping as you rub your eyepiece all over your scope! The occular equivilent of a robot using a computer, the only rule here is the rule of cool....
The Backbiter
Created by Wowza
A stylish knife for the Spy.

Created for Facepunch's Arms Race competition.

SFM promo by DatDrunkenSoldier.

Skin download:

The Sharp Shock
Created by Sky
Because there's no point having a pair of ten-inch long blades surgically implanted into your hand if you can't also electrify them.


- Uses the sharp dresser animations.
- Team colours.
- 3 LODs...
The Extra Eye
Created by Colteh
Does not help you aim[/img][/url]...
Created by Constructor
When a handgun just won't do the trick, an armgun is what you need. (Firing this beaut for twelve seconds costs an arm and a leg.)

Barrel spins, bandolier has jigglebones.

The Spytech Nightstalker (Remake)
Created by Daimao
Whether you're out there crawling your way through conveniently placed vents or picking off lightbulbs, you gotta need to get yourself a pair of night vision.

Disclaimer: This is a remake with new textures, self-illumination and LoD models. Based off of...
The Twin(s)
Created by Dewzie
Say hello to The Twins, boys. Look with your eyes not your hands. Hey... I'm up here......
The L.A.W.
Created by Colteh
A loose cannon for a loose cannon.

The Soviet Souvenir
Created by Corvalho
A russian styled sniper rifle, 2 materials: Weapon and laser, 3 Lods
Torontonian Overcoat
Created by donhonk
In the harsh winters of the Great White North, it's you and this coat versus the world.
The Road Block
Created by Sparkwire
"Finger on the trigger, Lord forgive me if I smoke ♥♥♥♥♥♥."

Check out the other item in this 2 part weapon set!
Marksman's Mudders
Created by Bapaul
Navigating through the jungle is a dirty job. Thankfully one leg can rest on a tiny cushion

Concept by Noizeblaze
Model/Texture by Bapaul

Mod release:
Get it as a mod here![]...
The Cross-Dresser
Created by Ertz™
Called Wakizashi not Katana !

-2 lods
-2 styles (blood and without)
-2 classes (demo and soldier)

-more or less compatible with soldier backpacks (buff banner, ...)...
The Bullet Barrier
Created by Black Mesa Workshop
Promotional item for the Steam Release of Black Mesa....
Created by Quantum36
Hello there fellow spies

Have you ever felt kind of like, you know ,your lacking that ummphh....
Have you felt embarrassed everytime you had to pull it out .....
Have you been laughed at when using it because, it just did not have the kind of power ...
Future Soldier V2
Created by Dynamite
I'm a soldier from the future, maggot, and I'm here to kick your ass!

V2 UPDATE: Covered ear holes. Misc item instead of headgear
V1 & Pyro Version-

Team Colored
Goggles glow in the dar...
Safe Space
Created by lillbrorsan
We all know Space is a safe place to be, but surely it would not harm anyone to take precautions by wearing a proper helmet?

** EDIT **
I told you i would update the texture, turns out i did more then just that, here is a list of what i´ve fixed.
Attorney Doe
Created by GetGrenade

Mod version -

Check out collection too! Thanks!...
Tactical Trousers
Created by Colteh
He can feel a bit stealthier even though he wears bright clothing all the time.
Volcano Head
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Volcanic rocks and 1000C lava flowing in your head. Item not suitable for tiny baby men.

* Paintable eye + veins
* Facial flexes


Zwacula : Concept + Promo images
<<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba: Model + Texture
Volcano Arm
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Volcanic rocks and 1000C lava flowing in your arm. Item not suitable for tiny baby men.

* Paintable veins

Zwacula : Concept + Promo images
<<GT500>> Jack-O-Zeeba: Model + Texture
Smoke and Scream
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Smoke hand grenade for Scout

* Pull ring is jiggleboned
* c_model and v_model provided

The Ronin: Model / Texture
Rantis: SFM Promo / Video
JZeeba: Rigging / Compiling...
Crushed Coverings
Created by Colteh
Essendon Eliminator
Created by Populus
A sniper rifle entry for the Arms Race!

Mod Download![]
The Cold Coat
Created by Ertz™
coat for scout...
The standard Issue
Created by CoreVixen
tfc inspired melee weapon for all classes
SFM by Legoformer1000...
The Angry Avenger
Created by Gangstahwezel
"Hit the road, bozo! Let a real Scout get to work!"


Model: Gangstahwezel
Rigging: The Duke
Texture: Colteh
Concept: Phill...
Miami Marauder
Created by Ludumberg
Wander the streets of Miami with this suit/shirt combo and never get hassled again!

Team Colored
3 LODs
Camo Bandana
Created by Jukebox
All class...
Rider's Roadwear
Created by Big Bob
Be your own man-child.

- Paintable patches

Bike model belongs to Corvalho, who generously provided the source files so I could modify it.

Click her[]...
The Bouncing Betty
Created by Ertz™
Arms Race 3 entry for Demoman.

Comes with custom grenades.

Concept: Kibble
Model/Texture: Ertz...
The Call Man Kit
Created by Rotzlöffel
"We need a Sentry right here!"

Feel free to try the mod:
Tavish Belt
Created by Texman
Charlie Charlie are you there?

check out the full set here!
Tropical Survivor
Created by Texman
Mean, Green, killing machine

Check out the full set here!
The Rolling Thunder
Created by Texman

now as a full set! check it out here!
The Hacksaw
Created by ZoraKirby
This is a Halloween 2011 Item

This is the melee for "The Zombie Fortress of Dr. Nedic" pack, which was only a pseudo-pack last year.

Now with 100% less legal Issues!

Item set links:
Siberian Tigerstripe
Can't kill what you can't see.
Necrotic Nailgun
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Suitable for dealing with repairs, DIY projects and home intruders.

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