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SH Disco - Powerpoint Light Handler - Command & Config
Modification: Gameplay Tweak
Compatibility: Must Be Run On Server
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Jun 14 @ 1:59am
Jun 15 @ 12:25am
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SH Disco - Powerpoint Light Handler - Command & Config


*IMPORTANT* Required is a "Disco.json" file inside Shine/Plugins for the sake of not getting an error :P
//Setting to true will have the disco lights always enabled
"discoEnabled": false,
"__Version": "1.0"

Roundstart checks for the above setting.

This version only supports the "sh_disco" console command and the configruation change.

How this is done:

Powerpoint has a new toggle "isDisco"
Why I take this approach?
The powerpointlighthandler is client sided. Uses powerpoint_client.
sh_disco is server / shared and tricky with client.
Easiest way from writing perspective is to have a setting on powerpoint which light handler checks
So this is written to be a toggle by shine command to toggle the powerpoint variable which the light handler reads
sh_disco toggles between true and false
if true - the lights will change to a random color when power is ON between every 4 to 16 seconds

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TISHKA DRONT | Jun 19 @ 4:24pm 
Ohh, very fun mod! )))
Avoca  [author] Jun 14 @ 4:11am 
Warning 1.0 conflicts with Siege Zero. Untested with Siege One but may conflict.
Avoca  [author] Jun 14 @ 3:05am 
Note this version 1.0 only applies to "Normal" power - Power that is on / Not Damaged / Not Off ..whatever..
Avoca  [author] Jun 14 @ 2:03am