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Frantic Fireman Set Styles
Frantic Fireman Set : 3 Styles

Frantic Fireman: A fire extinguisher backpack (Back-up Plan) AND a set of boots (Ash Kickers)
Back-up Plan : A higher poly Fire Extinguisher backpack ONLY.
Ash Kickers : Fireman boots ONLY. (compatible with other pyro backpacks)

Team Colored, Paintable, LOD's, Misc.


Originally I had only planned to make the extinguisher packpack. It looks best as it is highest poly.

Then I decided to add boots and make the styles. I had to break down the details on the extinguisher a bit to accomplish it. I still prefer the higher poly extinguisher though the combo model still looks decent.

The boots just add some color to his feet and a paintable strip.

The set pieces were all meant to be fairly low key for people who prefer to not be too flashy or crazy looking.
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Frantic Fireman
Created by Voodoo
Light it up, put it out, which team am I on???

Always good to have stylish footwear and a back -up plan.

Frantic Fireman Set:

Extinguisher tank replacement, Safety boots.

3 styles:
Frantic Fireman, full set that can be ...
Back-Up Plan : Frantic Fireman Set
Created by Voodoo
Back-Up Plan:

Extinguisher only style for Frantic Fireman Set.

3 LOD's, Team colors, Paintable.

Higher poly version for extinguisher only.


Ash Kickers:
Ash Kickers - Frantic Fireman Set
Created by Voodoo
Ash Kickers:
Stylish Footwear for the discerning psychopath.

Team Colors, Paintable.

Boots Only Style.

Back-Up Plan:

Frantic Fi...
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Voodoo  [author] Jan 4, 2014 @ 11:47pm 
Well DOH!

Guess I gotta start the voting process over. Wasn't aware that items could be grouped as such until now.

Do the votes on individual items still count? Are they all zeroed out? Guess I will know once I hit Post...