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Dino Cloud
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Dino Cloud

MOD ID:2127263541

This Mod is yet in Beta & subject to Changes and Optimizations.
Thus there are various Limitations on the Upload amount to ensure a smooth Mod for everyone, right now, that might change later.
Big Servers have the chance to unlock this Beta-Limits by a Patreon Pledge, this helps to cover the Cost of the Servers running the System in the Background.

What is Dino Cloud?
The Dino Cloud is a revolutionary way to store dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs are uploaded into a Cloud-Database & can of course be downloaded again.
But here is the decisive advantage: From any Map/Server!
You can imagine the Dino Cloud like a high-performance Obi.
You can of course Limit this Download/Upload ability to your Cluster by a SecretKey in the .ini-Files!

Since the System is in Beta there are certain Limitations:
- If you run the Dino Cloud in Public Mode (No Secret Key Set) Players may only upload 100 Dinos per Person
- Servers with a Secret Key Set may limit their players however they want, but they may only have 5k Dinos in total.
Need more? Patreons will have the ability to unlock this limit for their servers!

Key Features:
- Availability across maps
- Upload from Cryos is possible
- Filter through your uploaded Dinos efficiently
- Uploaded dinos relieve the server (fewer data to save & load) while the dinos are still available. To throw in some numbers: 150 Dinos will save you about 4 MB of Savefile Data, depending on the Dino and whether it was in Cryo or not, this Value may vary.
- Compatible with DinoStorage v2 (Upload Dinos directly from their Souls) [Temporarily disabled]
- Saddles can be uploaded alongside with your Dinos!
- Integrated Mating Cooldown (Timers keep running in the Cloud)
- Cleanup Commands for Admins
- Singleplayer Compatible

What do I have to consider?
- Uploads are bound to the SteamID
- MODDED DINOS MAY ONLY BE UPLOADED FROM THEIR RESPECTIVE SEVER THAT RUNS THE MOD, eg Uploading a Dino from a Cryopod / Dinosoul on a Server that doesn't know this Dino, will result in a bugged Dino!

The Dino Cloud has 3 options:
- Dino Upload
Upload Dinos nearby
- Dino Download
Downloads Dinos, Mod Dinos can only be downloaded on the corresponding map, Water Dinos only underwater.
- Dino Upload from Cryopod
Uploads dinos directly from the Cryopod, including their Saddle. You can find this function in the inventory of the DinoCloud, in the middle as a button.

MaxDinosPerSteamID=1000 is Maximum at this point, to don't limit players use 0, only your Servers-Limit will be used then.

Get the HWID of your root server (needed for Patreon Perks): cheat ScriptCommand GiveHWID
Wipe your whole DinoCloud Data: cheat ScriptCommand WipeCloudData
Wipe DinoCloud Data of a certain SteamID on your Cluster: cheat ScriptCommand WipeSteamIDCloudData STEAMIDHERE

cheat gfi DinoCloud 1 0 0


Future Plans:
- Tribe Shared Uploads/Downloads
- Download Dinos directly into Cryopods
- Adjustable Decay of Uploaded Dinos (with Timer)
- Item Cloud

All Donations are much appreciated and help me to keep modding (Along with my Patreon Program)

Join my Discord:
Become a Patreon:

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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Maze Sep 24 @ 4:32am 
Sorry I'm trying to figure out if this is exactly like the already built-in tribute up/downloads or is this like a privatized version of that?
Draven Aug 9 @ 6:16am 
Amazing MOD; excellent work. What's the Dino Cloud's blueprint path? Eg: "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/2127263541. I'm trying to add it to our shop.
Skitter Jul 20 @ 1:52pm 
The expiration timer I mean
Skitter Jul 20 @ 1:51pm 
Oh, that's really cool. In singleplayer, does the upload timer still apply?
Revy  [author] Jul 19 @ 8:55pm 
If both (SP) & Server run on the same Secret or in Public Mode, yes.
Skitter Jul 19 @ 4:06pm 
Does this work in singleplayer? i.e. moving creatures from SP to a server and back again?