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Divinity Conflux - Combat Overhaul
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Divinity Conflux - Combat Overhaul

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Version 1.09.35


Simply extract DXGI.dll file to the same directly as EoCApp.exe for DefEd and you're good to go.

Divinity Conflux is a Combat Overhaul mod that aims to be a true class-less system with improved skill and talent synergy. Players are no longer encouraged in having to choose a specific archetype then stack multipliers. Now countless build varieties are available to players in a true make-your-class condition.

Players can not only choose the schools they want to mix but how they want to mix them. A player can choose their schools then also choose to go flat damage, pure status effects or a mix of both adding an entirely new layer to play style options. No longer is status just something that comes with an ability but instead a conscious choice in character building. More emphasis is placed on attaining skills the player wants rather than stacking multipliers.

Includes a new Difficulty mode: Strategist which takes the place of Tactician (this will not show when first loading the mod)- In this mode enemies will smoothly and continuously scale in difficulty apposed to falling off around the end of Act2. This lends to a more consistent need of player attention in combat till the very end of the game as lvl 20 enemies are notably stronger.

NOTE: Strategist Mode has been balanced around a 4man team without additional Class mods.

One major feature of Divinity Conflux are new and powerful Tier 2 Status effects. These statuses help tie the knot on build variety by integrating different elements together on a global scale including Elemental Runes on melee weapon having the ability to proc statuses.

Conflux interactions are not exclusive to a single conversion. If more than one condition is met then multiple Conflux statuses can occur with a single trigger. ie Shocking a target afflicted by Poison and Burning will produce both Virulent and Accelerant.

Many Skills have been reworked for better synergy with their own schools and others. Many have been given conditional bonuses that can be fulfilled granting more powerful effects, more damage or allowing effects to ignore Armor to give a more thoughtful approach to combat.

Some global Statuses such as Proliferate and Congeal can also bypass armor when proper conditions are met adding further intricacy to build setups and ability rotations.


Why Armor? Armor in Conflux plays a more preventative and counter-play role. Far more status cures have been added to the game well as Talents to diminish the value of armor. HP to Armor scaling ratios have been changed in addition to changes in enemy damage scaling. There's quite a few moving parts but the main point is that Armor will never be your main source of survival in Conflux and as mentioned there are ways around it.

This is an example of a Defender Template. Defenders have the highest Armor values outside bosses and yet still both combined do not exceed the unit's total Vitality. Add to this additional layering through bypassing armor, talents / skills which prevent status effects and a more thoughtful approach to combat is rewarded.

Enemy AI now has a more human-like response to player actions. They will cure allies of status effects, esp CC. They will attempt to reveal invisible players or disrupt line of sight on themselves and/or allies from a ranged attacker. Enemy AP efficiency has been improved to value more effective skills and enemies now have access to far more skills, talents and consumables which increase as the game progresses.


All but 2 Talent have been re-scripted and remastered.

Affliction Overload, Arcanist, Comeback Kid, Combat Reflexes, Divine Vigor, Elemental Ranger, Elusive, Equilibrium, Escapist, Flowing Recollection, Grenadier, Guerilla, Opportunist, Parry Master, Perfectionist, Picture of Health, King of Flames, King of Ice, King of Storms, King of Terra, Leech, Runic Arsenal, Thaumaturgy Warlord, Walk It Off, Wind Dancer, Unstable, What A Rush.

There are further built in features for customizing your experience. Enemy Archetype Talent Injector with a Normal and Extreme version, Immortal Sir Lora, Remove annoying NPCs, Character Tag swapping, Free Mystic / Scholar / Villain, Enable/Disable Innate LW,and clean sold items from vendors. In all it's a good idea to check options in the Config Orb.

There's too much to cover here so please feel free to check out any of the following Links:

Quick Reference Guide [docs.google.com]

Community Discord [discord.gg]

Change Log for the detail reading. [docs.google.com]

Nexus Version Available here. [www.nexusmods.com]

All Class mods work with Conflux. Some mods are being integrated one by one for better blending and balance with Helaene series likely next. Players may find LL's Mod Manager[github.com] necessary to get the right mix of features.

Note: This does not mean Conflux has these mods built in. You will still need the original.

Not compatible with other Combat Overhaul mods. Spirit Vision, Animal Empathy Giftbags or free Savage Sortilege. This mod has these functions built in. Also not compatible with Refund Race based Civil Abilities, Additional Summons Pack or Magic Mirror Fix.

Conflux Odin Library - This is a 100% modular add-on for Odin Class mods. It will detect which mods are active and dynamically change UI elements, stats, scripts and some balance tweaks.
Conflux Heavy Enemies Add-on - This add-on notably increases enemy HP scaling and is often seen as the preferred method of play. Also good for heavily modded sessions.
Pip's Improved Hotbar - Allows you to create multiple hotbars. A very good QoL mod for Conflux with it's huge skill collection and synergies.
Sorcerous Sundries Fix - Pretty much required if you enable this Giftbag with mods.

Enemy Upgrade Overhaul or Enemy Randomizer mods compatible for even greater difficulty.

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DeMOiX Sep 8 @ 2:51am 
Can you please update your skills for AI to use them? My companions are not using them even if I set only new skills active
DeBlue Sep 1 @ 2:04pm 
Another update, the shield in question actually have a rune slot already, which makes it weird that it can't be equipped despite the special runes being removed from it
DeBlue Sep 1 @ 2:00pm 
Ok so by using the forge rune skill on a sword it removed the slot but this one shield, it wont work
DeBlue Sep 1 @ 1:56pm 
I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but with the runic arsenal talent, firstly I could only make a rune slot for a shield but for no other items. Secondly, I don't know how to remove the rune slot from the shield to be able to use without the talent?
Xorn  [author] Aug 23 @ 10:37pm 
Some Talents are replaced or thematically enhanced. Some like Savage Sortilege or Pet Pal never needed to be talents in the first place so they're directly controlled by script.

Every character gets 0.5 AP of free movement at base so The Pawn is not as needed for positioning. The Pawn was changed to Wind Dancer which still gives movement but has other features.

The only Talent feature that was truly removed is 5 Star Diner. It's too messy to balance.
Jeron Aug 23 @ 9:58pm 
Are some talents not available at the start? I cannot select The Pawn for example at level 1
LeoArcticaa Aug 22 @ 11:39pm 

I found out what the problem was, seems like this mod and Divinity Unleashed do not like each other much.
LeoArcticaa Aug 18 @ 1:32pm 

Nope, don't have that mod, must be something else, time to go trawling XD
Xorn  [author] Aug 18 @ 11:45am 
Innate Talents would be my first guess. It gives free petpal, pawn and savage sort.
All of which are not needed or changed in Conflux.

Try Heavy Enemies. It's actually the intended experience but when I tried to implement it. The community divided so it's left as an optional add-on. There's also multiple difficulty options via the Config Orb. I haven't played EE in over 3 years so I don't have much to compare with.

Talent Injector High and Boost Injector will notably increase difficulty. If you want more the overhaul works with Enemy Randomizer (the mod) and EUO. The base scaling curve for NPCs is easier level 1-4 then continues to grow beyond vanilla scaling.
Battler Aug 18 @ 7:08am 
I played vanilla 3 years ago. After that, I replayed obly once with Epic+Derpy... And now, while waiting for patches/mods dor BG3, I decided to try this mod... I naturally chose strategic, and I was just blown away by how easy the first act was... Either my worldview was spoiled by EE, or I forgot what vanilla was, but it feels just too easy... Especially those damn CC statuses. Even with restrictions, they still break the game.