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OPTRE - Tether
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer
Scenario Type: Infantry
Scenario Map: Altis, OtherMap
Meta: Dependency
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Jun 7 @ 3:13pm
Sep 18 @ 9:47am
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OPTRE - Tether


Playtime: 20-40 minutes

Difficulty: Easy to Medium (there is a script which increases player health, however please see bugs section below)

Thank you for downloading and playing! If you like it, please give it the thumbs up and comment. If you find any issues or think of improvements, please let me know in the comments.

Known Bugs
  • z-sorting issue when looking at the ground from the tether, this occurs when in the vicinity of the District Wall and City Block OpTre assets at height (OpTre/Arma3 bug)
  • Industrial Fences lose their texture when seen through the chainlink fencing of other Industrial Fences at height (OpTre/Arma3 bug)
  • Player will sometimes revert to freefall animation when certain triggers aren't fired correctly (Arma3 bug)
  • Enemy hornet won't always trigger radio when hit, as per the 'hit' eventhandler, more info on the biki[] (Arma3 bug)
  • Enemy AI difficulty settings (including 3den Enhanced's) don't appear to apply correctly at height (Arma3 bug)

Future Improvements
  • Enemy hornet snaps to different locations via triggers - may be smoothed out with keyframe animation at a later date
  • URF PIP properganda broadcast

Huge thanks to Milton for supplying the Voice Over work, it just would not be the same without it.
Scripts from ALIAS were also a huge help in creating the mission.
And of course, massive thanks to Article 2 Studios who created this amazing mod in the first place.

Voice Over:
W.Milton (UNICOM)

Edits from the Halo 3 OST by O'Donnell / Salvatori Inc.

Coding (from their various tutorials):
And numerous coding snippets 'acquired' from the Arma Community :)


Everything else:

Created under Microsofts Game Content Usage Rules[]
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flurry  [author] Sep 20 @ 7:30am 
@SHTURM-333 thank you
SHTURM-333 Sep 20 @ 7:17am 
Good mission !
flurry  [author] Sep 18 @ 10:01am 
@ DeaFenZiV @kevin 5311 The code is randomly generated each time the mission is loaded. I've updated the mission to try and resolve this issue, the code should now stay on screen for 20 seconds. Let me know if it doesn't work.
Personally I can't replicate this issue, it used to stay on screen for 10 seconds, now it's 20. Also a briefing video can now been seen behind the UNICOM guy in the intro.
kevin 5311 Sep 11 @ 2:11pm 
I also need the code
DeaFenZiV Sep 11 @ 12:34pm 
what is the deactivation code, it only shows for half a second
flurry  [author] Sep 1 @ 10:12am 
Also I may add that the 'bug' with the code disappearing too quickly (that I can't replicate) has a potential fix on the way, and I'm currently working on the animating briefing screen behind the guy in the intro. So update soon i guess n_n
flurry  [author] Sep 1 @ 10:10am 
@Tyranical Thank you for the critique. Coding is not my strong point, so ductape is probably an understatement, if you look at my code. Would you mind posting the technical specs of your PC? I've never had any of the issues mentioned and I've done countless playthroughs myself. You do have to completely eliminate the enemy squads to continue in a lot of cases. Also the timer is much longer than 20 seconds.
Tyranical Sep 1 @ 12:14am 
I've had problems with the prompts coming up, like being stuck at the first door because for some reason the AI spawned late, not at all, or didn't register with the task. Once I finally got in after a few reloads, I had to scramble around to find a code with like 20 seconds on the clock. I gave up after several failed attempts. It just seems held together with ductape. But I like the idea of the Space Elevator, wish more people chose these industrial/city settings.
Stormer Aug 20 @ 5:39pm 
very very cool mission dude i had a good time hope to see more missions keep it up.
Fletch Aug 18 @ 1:48pm 
@Flurry nope, only the listed mods lol