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Special Stealth Uniforms [SSU]
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Jun 6 @ 5:29pm
Oct 28 @ 1:58pm
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Special Stealth Uniforms [SSU]

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SSU adds retextures for a lot of equipment, focusing on a stealth theme.
My original goal for this mod was to make CTRG's stealth uniform available in NATO patterns like MTP. Since then, I've expanded the retextures to stuff from NATO, VIPER, and LDF factions, covering various equipment from Vanilla, Apex, and Contact. Most of the equipment is thermally-masked.

Current Camo Patterns:
• Multicam
• Multicam Alpine
• Multicam Black
• Multicam Tropic
• Multicam Woodland
• AOR 1
• AOR 2
• Black
• M81

Notable Items Retextured:
• VIPER Special Purpose Suit with CSAT Logo removed
• VIPER Special Purpose Helmet
• VIPER Harness
• CTRG/NATO Stealth Combat Uniform (4 Variants) + VR Glove Materials
• CTRG/NATO Combat Helmet with Stealth pattern (4 Variants)
• CTRG Stealth Balaclava
• NATO Vests: Carrier Lite, Carrier Rig, Carrier GL Rig, Carrier Special Rig
• LDF Vests: Modular Carrier Lite, Modular Carrier GL Rig
• LDF Advanced Modular Helmet
• LDF Heli Pilot Coveralls
• BONUS 1: Boonie with headset, Cap with headset, Bandana with shades, Tactical Vest
• BONUS 2: Heli Crew Helmet and Tactical Chest Rig in solid colors
• BONUS 3: Alternate variants of the thermal ENVGs that use Red-White Hot thermal vision
• BONUS 4: Leg Strap Bag, Radio Pack
• Everything else, etc...

• IndeedPete for the many base game equipment texture templates.
• drebin052 for the LDF Vest texture template.
• Facepunch Camouflage Thread for the camo patterns.

Relevant Mods:
SSU Protective Gear Upgrade: Buffs armor for uniforms, vests, and helmets by a lot.
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Jul 3 @ 6:56pm
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Atlas Nov 17 @ 8:07am 
oh well
Clasless  [author] Nov 17 @ 8:03am 
The models can't be edited.
Atlas Nov 16 @ 12:39pm 
would be neat if you could have an enhanced mandible version, where the attatchments from the enhanced helmet are on the mandible helmet
Archlight Nov 9 @ 10:58pm 
would be cool if you guys retexture the rangemaster cap
Clasless  [author] Nov 7 @ 1:13pm 
I'll have to think about the survival fatigues after I finish the next uniform.
Atlas Nov 6 @ 1:42pm 
Would be cool if you did varients of the survival fatigues
Clasless  [author] Oct 30 @ 2:50pm 
Maybe in an esoteric version.
RabidStoat Oct 30 @ 3:54am 
Clasless, I love you. One of the best additions to my Military Paperdoll Simulator in a longtime.
Thanks for adding the Viper helmets - the green eyes look creepy AF
Just for shits&giggles - any chance I can suggest a blue mcam variant (think aussie airforce) for consideration?
Clasless  [author] Oct 26 @ 9:48pm 
I’ll have to think about it.
BetterWarrior Oct 26 @ 10:25am 
Thanks for the new skins they look good
and the black is just amazing.
Is there any change were getting tan version?