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[VJ] F.E.A.R. "Replica Forces"
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Jun 6, 2020 @ 6:42am
Aug 16 @ 8:05am
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[VJ] F.E.A.R. "Replica Forces"

In 1 collection by ☭Comrade Communist☭
F.E.A.R. Pack by Comrade
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Welcome. I present a remaster of my Replicants from the game F. E. A. R. to the VJ Base.

The addon includes:

      41 NPC
      16 Weapons for the NPC and Player
      19 Skins
      13 Bodygroups
      Playermodel with C_Hands
      Adjusted model polygons
      Chance of being dismembered by an explosion or shot in the head of an NPC
      An opportunity to become one of the Replicants. Talk to Fettel

The Replica Forces are cloned soldiers designed by Armacham Technology Corporation under the auspices of Project Perseus. The Replicas were raised in response to a Department of Defense directive for Armacham to develop genetically engineered super soldiers that could be telepathically controlled by Paxton Fettel. They are the key antagonists of the series, along with Alma Wade.
They are the main enemies encountered in F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon, F.E.A.R. Extraction Point and F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, as well as being the secondary enemies in F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate and F.E.A.R. 3. They are all voiced by Mark Lund.


DrVrej VJ Base
Monolith Production, Warner Brothers and Sierra Entertainment Resource

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Tags: fear, replica, clone
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Goblin Conscript Oct 23 @ 11:32pm 
gibs have collisions which often results in the npcs killing eachother on gibs, there should also be an option to turn off custom gibs
mielatenas Oct 4 @ 9:59am 
[[VJ] F.E.A.R. "Replica Forces"] lua/entities/npc_vj_replica_assassin/init.lua:203: Tried to use a NULL entity!
1. WorldSpaceCenter - [C]:-1
2. unknown - lua/entities/npc_vj_replica_assassin/init.lua:203

Timer Failed! [Simple][@lua/entities/npc_vj_replica_assassin/init.lua (line 200)]

will you fix this?
mielatenas Oct 3 @ 9:52pm 
a lot of console errors

fear_nail2[414]: Changing collision rules within a callback is likely to cause crashes!

and missing sounds Failed to load sound "npc\fear_soldier2\21065a.ogg", file probably missing from disk/repository
ReddSnake Sep 25 @ 8:43pm 
This mod is broken, spawning them as enemies makes their models contort and fly around
TheBulldozer24 Jul 19 @ 8:59pm 
This is a great mod I enjoyed using despite it's shortcomings with bugs and a few lua errors. However, the Replica soldiers do seem to always killing each other, a lot of friendly fire. They end up finishing themselves off before I even do so.
S.E.T.H Jul 2 @ 9:50am 
fix t poses sleeping replicants
THE CANDY CANE MAN May 13 @ 3:40pm 
Why is this mod showing up as Hidden???
GoderackGR Dec 25, 2021 @ 3:32pm 
Some of the replicas (not sure which, not sure if all of them do this) shoot physical bullets that stick on surfaces they hit. This causes lag, as fighting multiple replicas can result in hails of those bullets and thus using up more memory. These bullets should disappear the moment they hit a surface.
Windercall21 Nov 29, 2021 @ 2:03pm 
How do I fix t-posing sleeping replicas?
Vorcs Jul 31, 2021 @ 3:12pm 
После обновления VJ base невозможно присоединится к фракции репликантов, взаимодействие с Феттелом не даёт никакого эффекта.