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Crusader Kings II

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[LEGACY] Rise to Power - Elder Kings Patch
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Jun 6, 2020 @ 5:19am
Jun 11, 2020 @ 12:33am
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[LEGACY] Rise to Power - Elder Kings Patch

"Hey you, you're finally awake."

This was a personal mod of mine, back before the rapid series of RtP updates. Due to popular demand I have updated and decided to release it into the wider community.
Essentially, this mod does what Rise to Power does - but it is compatible with and designed for the Elder Kings overhaul. As you can see from the photos, Orgnum goes vacationing in the Imperial Isle!

Run this mod alongside Elder Kings (SVN!), without RtP.
The requirements for this mod are the same as for RtP (for convenience, the DLCs are listed on the side just as in the RtP workshop page)
I have received permission (as well as kind and encouraging words) from both the Elder Kings team and MightNight to upload this, as naturally they are the parties who have created the two mods.
Kudos to them! Love ya.
Show MightNight some love:

If there are any strange behaviours do let me know! Suggestions too, are welcome.
If you're curious about what each new update does, check the change notes on this page!

If the steam version is being wonky, please try the (most recent) direct links below!

In case you want a local version for any reason:
[1.0.x (RtP V5.8) - Elder Kings]:
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Morrowind3 Jul 31 @ 4:17am 
For those who can't find the SVN, the EK team has moved to Git by now. Just google their Github repo
tood33 Jun 19 @ 8:36am 
don't know how to find the dependencies to edit them
Basti Jun 12 @ 4:03pm 
Tutorial for Installing Rise to Power Mod:
Patch down CK II to 3.3.0
Start the game normally and close it afterwards.

Download the Elder Kings latest Mod and the Rise to Power Mod.
Open the RtP-EK_Patch.mod data with the editor and change the dependency to:

dependencies = { "Elder Kings - Dev" "Elder Kings" "Elder Kings Dev" "EKSVN" "Elder Kings 26-09-2020" }

Then you can play Elder Kings with Rise to Power.
royboy100 Mar 31 @ 2:00pm 
cant seem to get it working, it says to use with the SVN but the SVN doesnt seem to work right now, im assuming this mod doesnt work with the workshop version of elder kings
Bad Moon Mar 1 @ 5:38am 
It works with the current version, unsure about bugs however.
Caligula Feb 23 @ 7:59am 
anyone know if this works with the current versions of EK and ck2?
Xiiuse Feb 10 @ 3:05pm 
make update pls :(
Dusza~ Jan 23 @ 6:38am 
Could someone help me get this working now? The elder kings svn is no longer avialable and I would love to play this mod :c
Caca inceste Dec 10, 2021 @ 5:03am 
The "low rank" modifier doesn't go away, even after I become I became a noble and purchased a holding...
renn Oct 31, 2021 @ 5:52am 
i dont understand