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Upgradable O2/H2 Generator
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Jun 3, 2020 @ 3:53pm
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Upgradable O2/H2 Generator

A larger and more efficient gas generator, which can use up to 6 upgrade modules.

The purpose of this mod is to reduce spamming the gas generators.
As most of you know, the conveyor system is one of the largest burdens on sim speed, and ships using a lot of H2 thrusters and generators can really slow things down. This larger gas generator should alleviate some of this by processing more ice with fewer generators.

This block processes at 5x the speed of the normal gas generator, at somewhat better power efficiency. Also the H2 produced per unit of ice is doubled, putting the 2 back into H2O.

With all 6 speed modules speed is 700%, the equivalent of 35 normal gas gens. Power efficiency and resource efficiency modules also work, so you can tailor it to your particular needs.
Running all yield modules can double the return on ice if resources are scarce, or all power efficiency can run this off limited solar/wind power.

You should find the form factor convenient to put in-line with the large tanks.

Also included: Airtight upgrade modules
They are just like normal upgrade modules, but airtight!

Special thanks to Thraxus for the script which enables module functionality.
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LordJ Apr 19 @ 9:34am 
Hey, i really like the look of the O2/H2 Generator, but the problem is i'm also using this mod in my survival world. It'd be great if you could make the values of the generator, like effiency and power consumption, configurable in a text file.
Vas Apr 15 @ 10:25pm 
It is a bit of a shame this doesn't have custom modules. I disabled the efficiency module due to my Ore mod because that would cause issues. This mod brings that module back into play making it possible to create impossible gains and violate the laws of physics.
Vas Apr 15 @ 10:23pm 
Any chance of making this follow the progression system? Unlocked after building the O2 gen, and then the modules are unlocked after building the Upgradable Gen.
Skallabjorn Mar 23 @ 10:59am 
Again, not a DNSK , Merge or IO issue.
Sovana Mar 22 @ 1:31pm 
Hi, I'm not sure who I need to contact, but I have a crash. It is unfixable ?
When loaded mods are :

DNSK Industrial overhaul merge plugin
Industrial Overhaul
Upgradable O2/H2 Generator (top or bottom on the list doesn't change anything)

When I try to add Airtight speed module to the construction bar the game freeze and crash.
Logs says that :

GC Memory: 3032.796 / 3032.796 MB
GUI Stats: Update 0.185643333333333, Draw 0.456228388888889
Exception occurred: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Sandbox.Game.SessionComponents.MySessionComponentDLC.HasDefinitionDLC(MyDefinitionBase definition, UInt64 steamId)
at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Cube.CubeBuilder.MyCubeBuilderState.GetCurrentBlockForBlockVariantGroup(Int32 idx, MyBlockVariantGroup variants, Boolean respectRestrictions)
at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Cube.CubeBuilder.MyCubeBuilderState.UpdateCurrentBlockToLastSelectedVariant()
|DAYCARE| Beef Stew Mar 17 @ 10:30am 
I have one with speed modules, I also have 3 hydrogen tanks nearly full (One is 50%), though when adding my bottle to this generator it wont take out of the hydrogen tanks and fill them up...?
xires012 Feb 7 @ 1:01pm 
@adeep187 This isn't a definitive answer or anything, but if you use a use a conveyor sorter to whitelist "*ores*" between 2 containers, it will include ice in the sorting process along with all other ores. So, the game considers ice to be an ore. If the efficiency module is only concerned with working on ores, then it stands to reason that it would increase the efficiency of the H2/O2 generator as well.

From a coding perspective(I'm a developer, just not of this game), it would make a lot of sense to create a single base object for 'ore processing' and derive both the refinery object and the h2/02 generator from that base object to create the two unique buildings. For the sake of 'efficiency', you need only create a variable indicating the number of efficiency modules it supports and make sure that your calculation function factors the bonus in.

All that said... I don't know for certain(as I only really play in creative; work is stressful enough), but I *think* it'll work.
adeep187 Jan 19 @ 6:55pm 
SO I am confused about the efficiency modules effect on the h2/02 Gen.

- Efficiency module description specifically states "refineries" so I assumed its ONLY for them.
- One commentor asked if it produces more H2/02 from the ice
- "Author" following comment stated "it should give more ice" (may not have been direct response)
- Ice is not refined from an ore so I don't see how there would be any multiplication unless you could just remove and put in for infinite multiplier (which would be broken af obvi)

So does it do anything or? I'm jus not gonna use it for now but def would like clarification.
Umbra Dec 26, 2020 @ 7:16am 
is possible to make a small ship version to complete with mega smallship pats mod?
Stephan Dec 1, 2020 @ 5:12am 
Are 6 yield Modules 2,8x the resources or 2x?