ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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HG Build V2.2.3
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Jun 2, 2020 @ 1:02am
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HG Build V2.2.3

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HG Build

The mod implements High Tek structures.
100% stack-able.

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Mod works with All Map's and DLC's.


New modular buildings that reduce the server load, fantastic Sci FI design, a lot of options to connect the buildings with each other with gateways.
Base structures are vanilla snap compatible, no collision, pick up, cosmetic settings, green house and adobe cooling.
Allow integrated structure plus must be activated on server (GUS.ini) [ServerSettings] AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures=True
- Settings can change in GameUserSettings.ini
- Tek Selector for settings model variants from distance
- Glass Selector for transparency settings from distance
- Light Selector for settings the light from distance
- High Tek Stackable Foundations
- High Tek Ocean Foundation and Triangle Ocean Foundation stackable and multible design
- High Tek Sliding Doors (auto opening and closing)
- High Tek Corner Roof
- High Tek Dynamic Pillar
- High Tek Dino Sliding Gate (auto opening and closing)
- High Tek Electric fence can be built on top to higher fences, activate with fence control (damage and delays can be set in game.ini), tribe members and dinos do not get harm
- High Tek Behemoth Sliding Gate (auto opening and closing)
- High Tek Hangar Sliding Gate (auto opening and closing) 2W x 3H
- High Tek Tower modules to build a tower
- High Tek Gateway modules to build a gateway from tower to tower
- High Tek Elevators
- High Tek New Tek Sign
- High Tek Triangle Ocean Foundation
- High Tek Tower Platform
- High Tek Tower Railing
- High Tek Biosphere for Tower Platform
- High Tek Gateway Door
- High Tek Large Crop Plot snap to foundation and Ceilings, snap point can deactivate/activate with G
- High Tek Large Crop Plot for Tower Platfrom (snap to tower platform)
- High Tek Small Crop Plot snap to Large Crop Plot
- High Tek Water Tank spend water for crop plots
- High Tek Outpost a small base
- High Tek Outpost sliding door
- High Tek Ladder
- High Tek Dedicated Storage Box, store resources and consumable
- High Tek Dedicated Sorter
- High Tek Generator, activated with, oil (60 min.), gasoline (120 min.), element shard (240 min.) and element (480 min.) set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Replicator, manufactures items from the workbench, fabricator, chemical bench and replicator.
- High Tek Trashcan, destroys anything placed in its inventory.
- High Tek Sleeping Pod, recover vitals, and slowly gain XP, prevent pick up and demolish with "Demo Gun", cooldown set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Bed, cooldown set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Cooker, Cook large quantities of food quickly. Put various ingredients in this to make soups, stews, and dyes.
- High Tek Main Base, possible connects to: Outpost, Hangar, Gateway
- High Tek Top Base, possible connect to: Main Base
- High Tek Small Hangar, possible connects to: Main Base, Outpost, Hangar
- High Tek Hangar Ramp, Stairs
- High Tek Hangar Walls
- High Tek Fence Foundation, to place walls in Main Base
- High Tek Radar, scan, mark and kill enemy dinos in range, settings in GameUserSettings.ini.
- High Tek Giant Hangar modules, all creatures can stay inside. Can be placed together for a large hall.
- High Tek Air Cube, place underwater (stackable), power with Tek Generator, and creates an anhydrous area for living.
- High Tek Small Base, stackable to Build a High Tower
- High Tek Pyramide
- High Tek Healing & Repair Station, player clothes and equipment will be repaired, charge batteries, options can set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Mini Grinder, can activate with gasoline and electricity, noise reduced, crafting speed and slots set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Mini Industrial Forge, can activate with gasoline and electricity, crafting speed and slots set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Blueprint Maker, can produce BP from Armor and Weapons, crafting speed and slots set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Main Base Ceilling #3, incl. snap point for elevator.
- High Tek Large Storage Box, can pick up: Resources, Craftable, Saddle, Structures, Ammo, Weapons and Armor, distribute resource to High Tek Dedicated Box, slots can set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Mini Vault, incl. snap point can break with G, slots can set in GUS.ini, can set private label.
- High Tek Feeding Trough, pull automatically raw meat, raw fish meat, spoiled meat, amarberry, azulberry and sweet veggie cake from: HG High Tek Refrigerator or High Tek Dedicated Box. Pull stone, chitin, ambergris and sulfur from: High Tek Storage Box or High Tek Dedicated Box.
- High Tek Refrigerator, slots and health can set in GUS.ini, pick up meat, jerky, veggies, berries and eggs, incubate the fertilized eggs, distribute to HG Dedicate Storage Box
- High Tek Autocomposter, pick up dino and human feces. Convert Poop into high quality compost. Pull spoiled meat from: High Tek Refrigerator or High Tek Dedicated Box. Pull thatch from: High Tek Storage Box or High Tek Dedicated Box. Distribute fertilizer to crop plot. Deposit berries and veggies to High Tek Refrigerator or High Tek Dedicated Box.
- High Tek Dino Elevator 4x4
- High Tek BumbleBee, pull automatically rare flowers from HG Dedicate Storage Box, distribute rare flower to BeeHive, pull honey from BeeeHive and deposit to HG Dedicate Storage
- High Tek Air Conditioner, silent, can be placed on High Tek Wall, can snap to itself (Press G to disable).
- High Tek Biosphere #2, multiple designs, gives greenhouse effect, adobe cooling
- High Tek Hangar Cage, a cage for small hangar, multiple designs
- High Tek GachaFeeder, feed Gachas, collect Y-Traps from HGCrop Plot, crack Gacha crystal
- High Tek Private Storage Box, access only to the player who placed the box, can charge Cryopods, needs power to charge
- High Tek Dino Storage, requires electricity to run. Keeps Dino for Storage
- High Tek Teleporter
- High Tek Personal Teleporter
- High Tek Book Shelf, can pick up: Blueprints, slots can set in GUS.ini
- High Tek Dino Finder, find your lost Dinos and port him to the Dino Finder
- High Tek Converter, convert any items very fast
- High Tek Breeding Station, allows nearby dinos to be hitched, shrink dinos and save space, send mutation impluse (needs element), activate breeding on all dinos in area.



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Lady16Paws 23 hours ago 
What is the max amountof personal safes per group, as we have been able to put 10 down but won't allow us more?
Jmee Jul 26 @ 3:08pm 
Nice, thank you Zadira.
Though I still would've preferred it as part of the fridge, lol. I almost don't want to have the Converter on my server, because it's borderline OP being able to convert Stone into Pearls, etc so easily.
Zadira Jul 26 @ 9:56am 
@Jmee check out the converter. :lunar2019grinningpig:
XeniX143 Jul 26 @ 3:29am 
How to use High Tek Blueprint Maker?
Jmee Jul 26 @ 3:02am 
I wish the fridge also included the functionality to craft Jerky. It always bugs me to have a high-tech base, and need the brown wooden Preserving Bin.
totalomega Jul 25 @ 8:59am 
I cant seem to get the Hanger front module to flip around to use as the back piece of my hanger so the ramp and all faces outward is there a key to rotate i dont know about?
[HG]Hulk  [author] Jul 20 @ 8:59am 
The fridge is the incubator...
Iirly Jul 19 @ 8:24am 
Hulk, I don't know if you can do anything about this and if you cannot, don't worry about it but, when you put maewing in the dino storage they only lay basic eggs. Outside of storage they lay eggs of different quality from basic to exceptional. Like I said, if you can fix it, great, if you cannot then that is fine too. You're probably working on something else cool for your mod at the moment anyway.

Can't wait to see what you come up with for the incubator. Cheers and thanks again for your awesome mod.
3149704761 Jul 16 @ 10:19pm 
Hey! Hulk, you can add energy elements to the Advanced Tek Resource Converter to convert mutagen, the ratio is 40=400