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DMS' Gameplay Mods - Unit Morale
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May 31, 2020 @ 7:35pm
Jun 29, 2020 @ 5:46pm
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DMS' Gameplay Mods - Unit Morale

This mod adds Unit Morale as a new game mechanic to Sid Meier's Civilization V. For compatibility with other mods, see the Compatibility and Support section further down.

Unit Morale is a new gameplay mechanic. It is a Unit stat, much like Combat Strength and Experience, and is based on your Units' condition to engage in combat. All Combat Units have a Morale Level and a Morale Resting Point upon being trained or otherwise obtained. A number of factors can influence the Morale Level as well as the Morale Resting Point each turn either positively or negatively as do a number of events such as conquering or loosing a City, being promoted or being upgraded, having certain Wonders or Policies and more. A Unit's Morale Level impact it's Combat Strength and Experience generation and if it gets depleted completely, the Unit may deflect to the Barbarians.

There are five different Unit Morale Levels, each of which has different effects:

  • Bad Morale (0-20): -20% Strength/Experience generation
  • Poor Morale (21-40): -10% Strength/Experience generation
  • Steady Morale (41-60): No effect
  • Good Morale (61-80): +10% Strength/Experience generation
  • Great Morale (81-100): +20% Strength/Experience generation

Per default, Units start with a Morale Resting Point of 50, which is increased by 10 in owned territory and decreased by 10 in enemy territory, and 50 Morale (Steady Morale Level). Each turn Morale will either decrease or increase by 1 towards the Morale Resting Point. However, other factors that influence Morale are stacked on top of this. Below is a list of what will impact Unit Morale (all these stack):

  • -1 per turn if Morale is above the Resting Point
  • -1 per turn in territory of an unfriendly City-State
  • -1 per turn in territory of a foreign Civilization
  • -2 per turn in territory of an enemy Civilization/City-State
  • -1 per turn if having between 80 and 50 HP
  • -2 per turn if having between 50 and 10 HP
  • -3 per turn if having less than 10 HP
  • -3 upon a nearby friendly City being captured
  • -5 upon loosing your Capital
  • -5 if a nearby friendly Combat Unit is killed
  • -10 if a nearby friendly Great Person is killed
  • +1 per turn if below Resting Point
  • +2 per turn if in the Capital
  • +1 per turn if in Cities other than the Capital
  • +2 per turn if in a City celebrating a WLTKD
  • +1 per turn per adjacent owned Unit with Good Morale if below Resting Point
  • +2 per turn per adjacent owned Unit with Great Morale if below Resting Point
  • +2 per turn per nearby Great General
  • +2 per turn per nearby Great Admiral (Only Naval Units)
  • +3 upon being Promoted
  • +3 upon being Upgraded
  • +3 upon a nearby enemy City being captured
  • +5 upon capturing an enemy Capital
  • +5 if a nearby enemy Combat Unit is killed
  • +10 if a nearby enemy Great Person is killed

Additionally, the Honor Policy Tree Finisher and several Wonders impact Unit Morale or Morale Resting Point.

Compatibility and Support

This mod does not require any other mods in order to work. However, it is strongly recommended to use together with JFD's Unit Panel mod, which in turn requires his Core Utilities. This will let Morale be displayed as a Unit stat instead of as Promotions. To install the compatibility patch, download the file in the link below, copy it to your mod folder and click yes to Replace.

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Jun 15, 2021 @ 1:47pm
Range attack calculation wont appear
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DMS  [author] Jun 6, 2020 @ 5:29pm 
Thanks again for the feedback. I'm working on the next update right now, which will incorporate the idea of resting points. This will hopefully address this. The update won't be ready until tomorrow tho.
KiwiSteve Jun 6, 2020 @ 4:48pm 
Me again.
Original scenario again - scout well away from home and high HP loss and reporting poor morale. I was sort of resigned to this until suddenly it was back to Steady Morale. All I can see to have recovered my morale (without killing anything) is if I was in a Golden Age or an enemy combat unit is killed. Do I get the morale benefit if someone else kills a common enemy (e.g. a barbarian)?
In the last game I was playing I had two scouts who had done all their discovering and were going home to get Embarkation. They both started off with Good Morale and as the moved along beside each other they fed the other with a +1 then +2 at Great Morale so that in the end they were both at 100%. Perhaps only the lower morale unit can benefit from the adjacent unit modifier?
DMS  [author] Jun 6, 2020 @ 7:58am 
Thanks for the feedback.

@KiwiSteve, I'll reach out to SMAN to see if he's willing to provide support for Unit Morale in his mod such that the stat will be visible.

@jurassic_v, I've added the bugs to the list of things I gotta go through. Hopefully I'll have an update out soon (tm), which will likely also incorporate the Resting Point idea.
jurassic_v Jun 6, 2020 @ 12:58am 
Hi! I just installed your mod, and there are two versions, version 1 and version 3 in the mod list. which one should I use? i tried playing with ver 3 for a bit and it seems that not all of the ways to get morale work; specifically, when an adjacent enemy unit is killed the morale didn't go up (barbarian units) and also when unit got promoted the morale didn't go up. I played for just a bit so didn't try to find out more.

Anyway, amazing idea for the mod, and the idea to do a morale resting point mentioned before is great!
KiwiSteve Jun 5, 2020 @ 4:26pm 
I updated to V3 then ...
Turned off all other mods and the morale icon appeared as a promotion.
Turned on almost all of the other mods I use regularly and the morale icon appeared as a promotion.
Then I turned on SMAN's The World at War mod and the icon was gone. We have our culprit.
DMS  [author] Jun 4, 2020 @ 5:07pm 
Regarding the other stuff, well, a resting point may be a good idea. I'll give it some thought as to how best to do something like that.
Right now, Units start with 50 Morale (Steady) and the only way to increase it is by either having the unit in the Capital (or in another City in version 3, which is the update I'll be pushing in a short while). Other that that, the easiest way to increase Morale would be to either have a nearby Generals, other Units with high Morale or being nearby when enemy Units or Cities are killed respectively captures.

Balance-wise I'll probably be making some adjustments along the way in any case.
DMS  [author] Jun 4, 2020 @ 5:07pm 
Thanks for the feedback. From your description I take it you're using either JFD's gameplay mods (his Unit Panel mod), Community Patch (or Vox Populi/CBP) or a similar mod that condense Promotions (maybe EUI does this too, idk). I've been made aware of this, and unfortunately using such a mod makes the Unit Morale invisible as it is otherwise displayed via a Promotion. Currently, for one, JFD has agreed to include support, so once he get around to updating his Unit Panel mod, Unit Morale will be displayed as a unit stat alongside Strength and Moves. I'm reaching out to the Community Patch team as well to ask if they are willing to support it as well.
KiwiSteve Jun 4, 2020 @ 4:41pm 
Part 2
May I make one suggestion: - have a resting point of 50 and apply a +/- 1 each turn if no other modifier is applied. For example if a unit with morale of 80 that just sits in the middle of nowhere will over 30 turns drop back to 50.
KiwiSteve Jun 4, 2020 @ 4:40pm 
I had a scout doing scout stuff well away from home territory and it got into a fight with a barbarian; took lots of HP damage before killing the barbarian. For many turns thereafter I got the warning that it had Poor Morale, even after I had rebuilt to 100% strength.
How does the unit get back to at least Steady Morale? Is there a +1 per turn if HP is over 80%?
How can I see what a unit's morale is at or do I just have to read the warnings when it is at Poor or Bad Morale?
I'm making an assumption that new units start at 50. So if I have a Barracks (+5) and keep it in the Capital (+1) for 6 turns it'll increase it's Morale to 61 and be at Good. If I take it away from the capital will it stay at this value until something happens?
Apologies for all the questions.

skyraider Jun 3, 2020 @ 10:17am 
cool. thanks!