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ZM Bots

What is this?
A mod that adds bots to Zombies. It's aim is to occupy free player slots with bots that (try to) act like real players.
The mod can be played alone, in split-screen, with friends or even in offline. It supports every original map and most of the custom ones.
This mod is an extended and modified version of Team Bots for ZM.

Bots are able to:
  • Wander, stay or follow you
  • Shoot and knife zombies
  • Buy wall weapons (scripted)
  • Buy random box weapons (scripted)
  • (Re-)Pack-A-Punch weapons (scripted)
  • Buy perks (scripted)
  • Buy (most) doors
  • Revive others
  • Pick up power-ups
  • Take shield and PES suit (scripted)
  • Use 2 weapons

They have:
  • Increased health - 300% by default, 600% with Juggernog (compared to default player health).
  • Faster health regeneration - sometimes they have hard times evading zombie hordes, and this way they don't get downed so quickly.
  • Unlimited ammo - they are good at wasting bullets with automatic weapons, so their weapons get replenished when they switch them.
  • Ability to teleport (passive) - If the bots are set to follow, and they cannot reach the player's location (don't have a direct path), they will teleport to him in a short time, if they aren't busy. (Note: If the bots have a valid path and they get stuck in a debris or a wall, teleportation won't happen in that case.)

Bots can buy perks:
  • Juggernog
  • Double Tap
  • Speed Cola
  • Quick Revive
  • Stamin Up
  • Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Electric Cherry
  • Widow's Wine

Press 3 to select bot / all bots.
Press 4 to cycle between behaviors.
Press V and SPACE to toggle powerup seeking.
Press V and C to pause the game.
Controls are also indicated at the start of the match.

Bot modes:
  • Wander: Bots wander around the map. They engage zombies, and they buy doors when they have enough points. They will also pick up power-ups when they see one (if enabled).
  • Stay: Bots move to the position of the player and defend there. They will only move around when they are in danger. When someone is down, they will try to revive him and then return to their previous position. They will also pick up powerups that are close to them (if enabled).
  • Follow: Bots follow the player. They engage zombies freely. If they are too far from the player or the area is clear, they return to him. They also buy doors that are near the player and pick up power-ups that they see (if enabled).

Additional features:
  • Perk limit is increased to 5 on maps that have 4 or less.

Known issues:
  • Since the bots use the same routes that the zombies use, it might happen that they want to go to areas they cannot reach. They will eventually switch to other waypoints.
  • Bots get stuck in airlocks on Moon when in Wander mode. Follow mode works fine.

To play on split screen:
Originally posted by WarpSpider:
Make sure not to activate splitscreen until in the Zombies lobby and make sure "Player" is first (on top) and "Player1" is below on the player list.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use developer mode!
If bots don't spawn, then your Player Limit is most likely set to 1. Just change it to the desired number.
If you have any problems, just comment in Bugs & Issues section and I will respond to it when I have time.

Thanks to:
  • WarpSpider for the original mod.
  • Symbo, JariK and Scobalula for decompiling every BO3 script.

If you like this mod, don't forget to:

Have fun!
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Hate Fueled
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UnDeaD  [author] Aug 9 @ 10:22am 
No, they can only get normal weapons, which can be acquired from the box (plus the Ray Gun and Mk II which are the only exceptions).
GioGio Aug 9 @ 2:59am 
i have a question...can the bots drag wonder weapon like origins staffs or shasows of evil's swords?
Infinity Jul 30 @ 7:21pm 
This mod is amazing, 10/10 would subscribe.
UnDeaD  [author] Jul 20 @ 12:37am 
I tried to get the bots to shoot Margwa's head in the past but without luck. I might try it again this weekend.

@Kmart & @oodoctorogre2: It's hard to find a good balance in bots health; on maps that have narrow spaces they can get downed easily, but at the same time, on maps that have bigger open areas (where bots can run around) they are hard to kill. Perks can also affect bots significantly.
Dr. sex Jul 20 @ 12:17am 
Would it be possible to make it so the bots can shoot margwas in the faces?
Kmizzle Jul 19 @ 1:25am 
I have the opposite problem, mine always die especially on big maps like Origins... they'll mow down all the hordes for the first 8 rounds then everything goes south :steamsad:
oodoctorogre2 Jul 19 @ 1:19am 
Just got done playing a few games, really fun stuff! Any chance you could release a version with them having regular player health or at least a less buffed version of the zombie health increase formula? They're fun but at later levels they get swarmed and never die haha
UnDeaD  [author] Jul 17 @ 6:22am 
They use knives unitl round 10, but they will still use it while insta-kill is active regardless of round. I noticed that they suck at shooting zombies point blank, so knifing them instead (when the circumstances are met, see above) seem to be more effective.
⭐NeralEthical⭐ Jul 14 @ 2:20pm 
Can you make it so bots won't knife on later rounds? They end up killing themselves trying to melee zombies right in front of them when they have a powerful weapon in their hands.
UnDeaD  [author] Jun 19 @ 12:48am 
Does that happen on all maps or only on a specific one? So far no one reported this issue before.