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BWI - Pindad SS2 Series
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May 28 @ 5:35am
Oct 31 @ 3:57am
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BWI - Pindad SS2 Series

The SS2 (Senapan Serbu 2) is a replacement for the Pindad SS1 created by PT Pindad.

The SS2 assault rifles are currently being brought into service with the Indonesian military and police. They will gradually replace the SS1 assault rifles which have been in service with the security forces since the 1990s.

The Indonesian Army placed an order of 15,000 SS2s to replace their stock of SS1s back in 2005 with an additional order of 10,000 SS2s in 2006. Its first combat use was with Indonesian troops armed with SS2s in Aceh.

Current operators - Indonesia, Bangladesh.

Potential future operators - Iraq, Brunei, Myanmar, Pakistan, UAE.

This Pack contains :

Everything done is for free and will never be pay to use, however if you feel like throwing money at something, I recommend a donation to Blue Dragon.

Dont be a ♥♥♥♥ and rip and pirate the addon and reupload as your own, i'm reasonable and will usually share if consulted.

Credits :
nzdfcrash - Importing 3d model from cgtrader + encoding.
Waxbutter - Model help and tweaks.
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nzdfcrash П (•͡˘˛˘ •͡) П  [author] Nov 1 @ 1:24am 
RHS compat patched in.
reza_ramireza Oct 31 @ 3:08am 
hi @nzdfcrash

Im from JOS, and currently we successfully make RHS compat for this mod by @jason0977

and now, is that okay if we re-texture?

and then we will give the files to you or somethin else

thanks brother, ur mod are awesome!
You okay? Haha. Oct 5 @ 5:30pm 
Please make this compaitable with RHS stanags, thanks.
recon86 Sep 27 @ 6:53am 
Hi @nzdfcrash...thank you for sharing this awesome weapon mod.

We'd be very happy if someday you could add other PINDAD weapons such as SS3 series, PM3 series, G2 series, SM2 & SPR4 series..

Thank You
RecklessX Aug 5 @ 3:32pm 
Hi @nzdfcrash П (•͡˘˛˘ •͡) П can I have to the unbinarized P3D for the models? I'm making tweaks to the mags system.
Variable_7 Jun 24 @ 3:36am 
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Please make it so it can use RHS and ACE mags lease, thank youu...
Variable_7 Jun 24 @ 3:35am 
Hello, I'm part of Task Force Garuda Community. First of all, great mod finally we're getting SS2 to use ingame. But there might be some fixes you guys might want to consider fixing. First is the rate of fire from automatic firing mode is to high, you might want to lower it down just like RHS's M16/M4 series. Second, we got frequent jams because of the high rate of fire. The real SS2 was supposed to be almost jam free like the AK's. Third one is the weapons are a bit to light, maybe add some weight to it. That is all that I can suggest, hope to hear more from you. Thank you... :steamhappy:
Sunarto Jun 13 @ 6:02pm 
Mantul, Mantab Betul
Yung D.R.E Jun 10 @ 9:21am 
great mod, can't Waiting for RHS and ACE3 compatibility update !!! LANJUT GAN !
Jun 7 @ 11:19pm 
@mamang_udin Added V5A1, V7, SG1-V4 ,Tweaks so all non V1 versions can take pointer slot attachments