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Dynamic Blood Placement
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May 24 @ 3:07pm
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Dynamic Blood Placement

I know, took me long enough! Remember to rate this up if you enjoy it and wish to see more content from me!

Hey Crunchy, what is this?

Hey Person, this is a simple script that gives blood impact decals the ability to spread and land in different directions. The Source engine's way of determining where blood should land is defined entirely by the direction from which the bullet is hitting the NPC, and the distance of the nearest surface. This script improves upon that by adding a small chance for blood to spurt anywhere within a 360 degree radius of the NPC/Player, creating more satisfying combat and gore. It can even splat blood decals directly onto the NPC/Player!

Does this replace my decals or particles?

Nope! This script will work with any blood decal/particle replacements that you have installed. It is compatible with dismemberment mods, however it may add ridiculous amounts of blood.

What blood decals are in the video/photos?

That's my Carnage Blood Mod, which you can download here

Are there any bugs?

Not necessarily. Ragdolls will also bleed when shot or heavily impacted, however I decided to keep this feature.

Can I turn it off in game?

Yes! You can use dynamicblood_enabled 1 to turn it on, and dynamicblood_enabled 0 to turn it off in-game.

I love you?

Crunchy loves you too.

If you wish to modify the script or improve it, shoot me a message and we'll chat! Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the addon, cheers.
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MaKii Oct 18 @ 10:52am 
what is the hud in the video???
SakuraWind Oct 12 @ 7:22am 
This will effect the ragdoll that makes them bleed too,which is very annoying
SakuraWind Oct 12 @ 12:34am 
Sometimes it's strange, but on the whole it's OK
0taco Oct 10 @ 10:17am 
dynamicblood_enabled 0
Hentai Sep 8 @ 8:35am 
who would fxck zero two in a hentai be honest
Roddi Sep 4 @ 7:09am 
wepon mod ?
dead red deademption Aug 26 @ 2:40pm 
stfu aiden no one cares
Aiden Pearce Jul 18 @ 8:33pm 
can you port this please?
ThatOneGuyL Jul 18 @ 5:06pm 
fixed white blood squares had to factory reset gmod
garbage computer Jul 18 @ 8:25am 
worked fine for me