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The Knight
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May 22, 2020 @ 2:03pm
Feb 16 @ 2:44am
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The Knight



The Empty Vessel joins the battle! Emerging from the Abyss of Hallownest, and into the world of Rivals of Aether! The Knight will fight everyone that comes their way.

The Knight is a combo-heavy air fighter who uses Soul to power up during fights!


  • SOUL SYSTEM - The Knight's special moves are copies of the Soul Spells that the Knight learns while exploring Hallownest. By striking opponents, the Knight can gain soul and use it to power up these special moves. Long-press the special button to power up the Knight's spells at the cost of one soul charge! The Knight can store up to 4 charges and the powered-up spells are significantly more powerful than their counterparts.

  • POGO - The Down Aerial is the Knight's signature ability. With this move and a keen sense of timing, the Knight can attack their opponents and bounce off their heads! The bounce can be cancelled if you input a fast fall during the hit pause!

ZPMods Team

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Nov 26, 2020 @ 10:41am
PINNED: Bug Report
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Neon Jul 28 @ 4:26pm 
i just want to say this is the best done mod for this game, he's so good feels true to hollow knight and plays really well in rivals can't recommend enough!
finman Jul 26 @ 8:43pm 
you, still, press the numbers on your keyboard. read previous comments, it's been said a million times
LiLFastBoi Jul 26 @ 9:38am 
how do you switch between the pride flags?
jason Jul 25 @ 4:12am 
Still like the character though. Well done
jason Jul 25 @ 4:12am 
That up air is so BROKEN. It's easy to juggle with and confirm into a charged up special.
finman Jul 23 @ 4:53am 
yeah really really well made cpu, v fun to play against compared to default crappy cpu
Lamp Jul 23 @ 4:51am 
the lvl 9 cpu pops off lol
~Aqua~ Jul 20 @ 4:53pm 
still a busted character really, he's go so much range that it makes some matchups almost impossible, straight up unfun to play against lol
xeremusing Jun 9 @ 6:29pm 
that jump height tho
MicrowavedIceCream Jun 4 @ 5:19am 
Some of the skins for this character are only available when I'm playing online, for some reason. I can access the default, hornet, quirrel, pale king, thistlewind, godseeker, grimm, and zp mods skins when playing locally but I can only use the rest when playing online. Am I the only one having this problem?