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The mods below is a random order, the intended order is in the modlist file.
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Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.8.10
Created by Joshtech
Pippi - User & Server Management System
ID: 880454836
Version : 3.8.10
Update Notes

Looking for a previous versio[]...
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.3.6
Created by Multigun
Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble updating the mod, we have documentation on our discord to help assist you with common troubleshooting steps.

If you are using a Xbox Game Pass or Epic Games version of Conan Ex...
Extra Encumbrance (10x)
Created by Gildrnyx
A simple mod to increase the base and per-level encumbrance, since all of the others stopped working with the Isle of Siptah update. This one gives 10x. Pairs well with high gather rates and mods which introduce more powerful tools, such as Age of Calamito...
Aquilonian Females
Created by Alice
A customized female body mod that adds a detailed 3d private area , with physics .
This mod changes the shape of the legs , hips , butt , nipples , breasts and adds in specific details that were missing from the private area. Some edits to the skin textur...
Fashionist v4.2.3
Created by Testerle
Mod-ID: 1159180273

  • Armor Style
    • Wear the armor that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best!
    • With the possibility to compl
Barachan Isles
Created by snowhunter
Dear Exiles,

Welcome to the Barachan Isles SouthEast Jungle Expansion Early access. This is a Pre Alpha release to get feedback and report any immersion breaking elements in the game world. There are
Created by hades
Mod Control Panel

Discord Link[]

Mod ID: 1823412793

Version 1.1.3

This mod aims to add a convenient UI widget that supports modules, this w...
Unlock Plus v1.4.10
Created by Testerle
Mod-ID: 877108545

  • Locking Capabilities
    • ...for placeables - Adds locking capabilities to all placeables.
    • ...for doors and gates -
ThrallSideKick 0.5.7
Created by teella
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Better Thralls v1.9.16
Created by Testerle
Mod-ID: 931088249

Pickup Thralls / Pets
Thralls and pets can be picked up again (if the inventory of the thrall / pet is empty). If you pickup a thrall/pet with the ne...
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) v0.29.6
Created by Hosav
Lore and RP friendly mod with tons of content and features!
New weapons, armors, dungeons, systems and so much more!


Launched in May 2019, Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal was a mod that initially started...
RA: Character Customisation
Created by AtzerriGold
In our unique, full screen character editor, you will find all the base game and modded features as well as new content displayed in live thumbnails. All content is ...
Improved Quality of Life 3.4.6
Created by Emberlight
Mod ID: 2275543723

Questions? Feedback? Join us on Discord!


Welcome to the Steam Workshop home of the Improved Quality of Life mod, also known as IQOL.

IQOL adds several enhancements and new...
Soloplay Boss Adjustinator v0.0.2
Created by Apollonia

By request

ID 2520184010

This mod allows to set Mini Boss, World Boss and Story Boss Difficulty Settings, as well as Dungeon (non-Boss) NPCs and Sepermeru Robber Difficulty Stats.

DataCmd Easy x y z
DataCmd Boss x y z
DataCmd Story x y z

Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.4.2
Created by Multigun
The mod load order listed on this page is mandatory, not a friendly suggestion. Make sure you have it correct. The majority of users do not use a correct mod order, and don't even read this small paragraph. Some even vocally refuse to use it all tog
Resource Stack Size - 10k + No Weight
Created by TyrantXP
Modifies stack sizes of various Resources to 10k without weight.

======Mod ID======


====Dev Kit Version====

2. 5. 2021...
NOPeR's Lighted Power Stones (Wearable Torches)
Created by NOPeR
Craftable Power Stones that when carried cause the Exile's Bracelet Gem to glow. Other than the basic Stone, the icons for the Power Stones show a glowing Exile's Bracelet, because I think it looks nice :)

They work while carrying anything, wielding 2 han...
Extended Weather Audio-Visual add-on
Created by drachenfeles
Extended Weather Audio-Visual add-on
This mod changes weather audio-visuals by altering weather particles, thunderstorm light and their corresponding sounds.
It is designed as an add-on to my [url=
Created by hades
Mod Control Panel
Supports Mod Control Panel

Description of Mod
Version 1.0.6
Mod id: 1853186105

MCP Widgets ...
Archery Evolved
Created by Zevlik
ID: 2759672856
Version : 1.0.3

QOL and Balance changes to Bow and Arrows to enhance gameplay with Archery. Goal is to make Archery a viable main weapon comparable with melee and providing some group utility as well.

All arrow...
Tier 4 Followers - Medium Increased Spawn - v5.7.5
Created by Multigun
Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble updating the mod, we have documentation on our discord to help assist you with common troubleshooting steps.

If you are using a Xbox Game Pass or Epic Games version of Conan Ex...
Bosses Be Thrallable
Created by dustseeker
I made this mod for Exiled Lands and haven't played Siptah. With this mod mostly humanoid bosses can be thralled only except Valis and Witch Queen.

The bosses can be thralled with this file: Ladagara Daughter Of Ymir, Arena Champion, Samar the Blade, Enia...
River Boats of the Exiled Lands Lite Version
Created by snowhunter


1. City Of Kas Khemi no longer Exisit in the Lite Version.
2. Added two Outpost to the area where the city ...
The Lost Lore of the Exiles
Created by snowhunter
Offical Release
Its quite a large project and is no where near authors completed vision. Lost Lore of exiled lands, will receive continuous improvement as time goes on. Please leave constructive feed back. Negative feedback will go un-answered.

Please Don...
Created by Pieron
This Mod makes NPCs drop their equipment (both armor & weapons) with adjustable durability (default = 33-66%).

No DataTables modified. Using ActorComponent attached to BP_Corpse that checks the npc equipment and moves it to the corpses inventory with ad...
Created by hades
Discord Link[]

Mod Control Panel
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Description of Mod[/h
Created by hades
Mod Control Panel
Supports Mod Control Panel


Version 2.0.2

Mod id: 1799016310

Roleplay Redux
Created by Noms
Roleplay Redux aims to resurrect the now abandoned Roleplay mod.

Wait for the mod to load (you'll see a progress bar on screen) and press Shift + R to toggle the mod UI.

The mod does not work in singleplayer/coop!

Custom dice systems[/
Emberlight 3.3.1
Created by Emberlight
Mod ID: 1369802940

For more detailed information on what's in Emberlight, check out our wiki page:

Join us on Discord! Ask questions to your heart's content or just be goofy:
No Animal Purges (New)
Created by Forger of Souls
Does two things:
1st, this mod should prevent Purges that feature only animals or creatures and contain no Humans at all in them.
2nd, this mod should allow all Human type Purges, or Purges that contain Humans, to Purge any place on the map.
3rd, this mod ...
[Unmaintained] Teleportation
Created by Werkrat
Mod ID: 1300370962

September 13, 2020:
This mod is provided "as-is" without any further development being done. T
All purges have thralls
Created by Jet
This mod adds human enemies including T4 (named) purge thralls to purges that did not have those before.

This only affects purges for the Exiled Lands map, I don't know enough about Isle of Siptah to have gone through and changed those...
Immersive Armor (vers. 6.5.5)
Created by Cookiejar

Mod ID: 1966733568
Accessory System API Version: 4.1.3

Join our DISCORD [] to stay up to date with developmen...
Hosav's Custom UI Mod - 2.3.7
Created by Hosav
The most customisable UI Mod in Conan Exiles History! Over 50 options to change and customise!

Load after other UI mods for minimum issues

Inspired by the looks of the Black Desert HUD, I really wanted to rework my UI mod into someth...
PvE Plus Ambush - v1.5.2
Created by Multigun
Mod Updating Guidelines

If you are having trouble updating the mod, we have documentation on our discord to help assist you with common troubleshooting steps.

If you are using a Xbox Game Pass or Epic Games version of Conan Ex...