Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Policy Rework 3
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May 21 @ 3:16pm
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Policy Rework 3

(note: the policy selection screen in the images is the Alternate Policy Screen, a different mod by a different guy)

Updates many policies, as the images show. Red lines over policies means they are deleted, white stars means they have been changed.

The images does not show this, but a few policies has changed type:
- Colonial Offices, Colonial Taxes, Martial Law, Finest Hour, Defense of the Motherland: all changed to military policies
- Trade Confederation, Market Economy: both changed to diplomatic policies


A few changes has been made to some governments and government buildings:
- Audience chamber: no longer give a loyalty penalty in cities without a governor.
- Warlord's Throne: renamed Imperial Palace. No longer provide +20% bonus production in all cities for 5 turns whenever you conquer a city. Instead reduced unit upgrade cost by 50% less resources and 15% less gold. Increases strategic resource stockpile by +30.
- National History Museum: automatically themed when all art slots are filled, granting increased yields.
- War Department: no longer lets units heal 20 HP when they kill an enemy. Instead, all military land units and support units gain +1 movement in friendly and neutral territory.
- Monarchy: in addition to bonus housing from city walls, now also gives +50% production to city walls.
- Merchant Republic: No longer provide +15% production towards districts. Instead provide +30% production towards trader units, and international trade routes gain +1 food, production, and gold.
- Democracy: the 15% gold purchase discount has been increased to 25%.

Some policies has been moved to a new civic:
- Colonial Offices moved to Colonialism
- Native Conquest moved to Exploration
- Agoge moved to Military Tradition
- Corvee moved to Craftsmanship
- Expropriation moved to Nationalism
- Diplomatic League moved to Diplomatic Service

- Colonialism civic require Exploration
- Conservation civic require Ideology
- Mass Media civic doesn't require Natural History
- The +25% tourism bonus of the Computers tech has been moved to the Social Media civic
- Having the Cultural Heritage Civic now grant +100% tourism from artifacts
- Having the Feudalism civic now grants +1 build charge to all new builders
- The "Make Alliance" diplomatic action unlocks earlier, at the Political Philosophy civic