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Quick Stop
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Quick Stop

2nd place winner in the the inaugural HL:A Modding Hub Discord[discord.com] mapping competition. You can find all the other maps on the workshop right here!

Trying to cut across City 17 in a stolen car, Alyx finds herself trapped before a monolithic Combine security checkpoint. Forced to proceed on foot and find a way to get past the barricade, Russell works behind the scenes to organize new transportation on the other side.

Quick Stop is a 25-35 minute campaign level.

This map was originally made using the pre-release tools and without access to the full assets, Valve's prefabs, examples, and handy time saving features like the Tile Meshes. I've done a quick update to get it working with the full SDK.

Created for map contest #1 in the Alyx Modding Hub community, I took this opportunity to learn Source 2 Hammer's workflow. Thanks to Mean Mr. Mustard for some additional prefabs, feedback and playtesting, and thank you for playing / downloading!

After playing and loving the campaign of Half-Life: Alyx, I did wish there were more extended combat encounters with the Combine, so the contest theme of the Combine Presence fit well with what I wanted to create. At the same time, I didn't just want to make a bunch of combat rooms. My goal for the map was to get as close as I could to the feeling of a 'lost chapter' of Alyx and use similar pacing, narrative, and design style to match Valve's approach.

To this end I included a real effort on lighting, fog settings, a custom 3D skybox, steam audio implementation, music and sound effects, scripted scenes, Russel/Alyx/Combine VO storytelling, secreted away ammo and resin for crafting, and health stations/grubs. There are also quicksaves placed throughout so you shouldn't lose progress or get stuck.

Through iterating on the map I have also found ways to make the Combine encounters more reactive to the player's approach to the area and remain challenging even on multiple play-throughs.

If you enjoy this style of map, please consider leaving a rating. I'd love to make more!

Good luck!
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Velique Oct 18 @ 2:05pm 
Thoroughly enjoyed this. So much detail, great open level design. Nice to play more out door sections, and as others have said the final section was epic. Felt especially moody at night. The game crashed when I got to the end trigger though? Still, 100% recommended.
sockswithsandals Sep 25 @ 10:55am 
All good, except long range combat in the end
Jarilo Sep 7 @ 9:38pm 
Just finished it, this was good. The main campaign definitely could have used more battles like the gas station Valve!
Xegon Aug 4 @ 1:28pm 
Awesome map!
Dirt Jul 12 @ 2:09pm 
Fighting Combines over a long distance sucks. I disliked the end where you had to remove the power core. First I tried to shoot the guards with my pistol until I ran out of bullets (hard difficulty) and had to restart from save about 10 times. That sucked.
Cary Jun 9 @ 8:36am 
great map! the last fight was epic!
Deniz Erdem Jun 8 @ 9:41am 
This was a very cool map. Great combat. Locations might be a bit too big for a vr game though. Enviroments would feel much richer if it were condensed a bit.
Dr. Walrus 2.0 Jun 6 @ 2:22pm 
Just played through your map Quickstop. Thoroughly enjoyed it, although that final fight was pretty tough. Definitely deserving of a Top 3 finish in the contest so I'm glad it got second place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIy9AxCmIck&feature=youtu.be
nomok Jun 5 @ 5:59pm 
10/10 made me break a window
WhatsHisName Jun 4 @ 9:05pm 
Very cool map, definitely one of the best I've played. The underground sections had such a cool atmosphere, and the gas station fight was amazing! ...well, if I didn't screw myself over by alerting the combine while standing in the apartment doorway. Overall, great level design, enemy placement, lighting, item placement, atmosphere, oh it was all so good. Highly recommend.