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May 18, 2020 @ 6:45pm
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Repaint 1.4

A fork of TPB's Painter mod, updated to work with Harmony 2.0. 100% backwards-compatible with the original.

New in 1.4:
  • Overhaul handling of LOD colorization; now compatible with Loading Screen Mod 'Share Materials' option (no more corrupted LODs).

What does it do?
This mod allows you to change the colors of buildings live in-game.

Exactly which parts of the building change color is determined by the asset's creator using a color map. If the asset creator hasn't provided one for that asset, the entire building's color will be changed (attached props are not affected). A 'colorize all' option is also provided to change the entire building's color even where the asset creator hasprovided a color map.

The ability to color entire buildings is useful for fixing buildings where the asset creator has used colors that are too bright for the game (the game is horribly oversaturated, and many asset creators don't properly allow for this, resulting in assets with overly-bright colors). You can use this mod to 'dull down' the colors (by selecting a shade of grey as the color overlay) to fix that issue. Use the copy-and-paste feature to make things easier if you have multiple buildings that you want to fix.

How to use it
A color field is added to the top-right of each building's info panel; click on that to open the color picker to choose a replacement color. Each individual building can be colored differently (even buildings of the same type)!

At the bottom of the color picker are three buttons - 'copy' and 'paste' can be used to copy the exact same color between buildings. 'Erase' restores the building's color to the default.

Why this fork?
TPB's original uses an old version of Harmony that isn't compatible with the versions used by the current (and emerging) generation of mods. This is a 'quiet' incompatibility that can lead to some inconsistent behaviour, including previously applied Painter settings not working any more, and issues with other mods that use the newer Harmony versions.

This fork updates TPB's existing work to the modern version of Harmony, restoring the mod's function and removing conflicts with other mods. It also adds support for warehouses, and partial support for stadiums, and fixes several bugs (most notably the 'glowing LODs' bug).

Requires boformer's Harmony mod.

Loading Screen Mod and LODs
Earlier versions of this mod (and the original Painter) had an issue when using the Loading Screen Mod's "share materials" option; using that option in conjuntion with the "Colorize" option could cause LOD texture corruption (due to the way that the Loading Screen Mod''s material sharing overrode the game's default behavior).

Version 1.4 of this mod introduced a new method for LOD colorization that works around the Loading Screen Mod''s behaviour; LOD colorization is now fully compatible with the Loading Screen Mod's "share materials" option.

Credit where credit is due
Huge thanks to TPB, the author of the original Painter mod.

Further thanks to BloodyPenguin and boformer who (however inadvertently) taught me about Cities:Skylines modding.

This mod uses Harmony[] version 2.0, by Andreas Pardeike[], via the Cities Harmony mod by boformer.

Source available on GitHub[].
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algernon  [author] Oct 16 @ 12:42am 
@Strangerthings You can do that now with this mod by setting the appropriate RGB color for the value you want (using the 'colorize' option if the building has a custom color map).

Or were you thinking about hue change?
Strangerthings Oct 15 @ 10:58pm 
Thanks, man. Your mod is great!

If you have time, can you make a mod that can change the building saturation? The current repaint can change the depth of the building color, but can not change the saturation. I think the walls of some buildings will look better if they can change from blue to gray
TheWaif Oct 12 @ 12:10pm 
Thank you for your continued work on this mod!
algernon  [author] Oct 11 @ 6:08pm 
Version 1.4 update:
- Overhaul handling of LOD colorization; now compatible with Loading Screen Mod 'Share Materials' option
- Use bytes instead of floats for RGB values in picker panel
algernon  [author] Oct 3 @ 6:35pm 
@Fivedollarlamp Then if you read the description, why did you bother posting in the first place? Your post didn't exactly add any new information for anyone.

There are certain fundamental constraints with the game that don't have workarounds. If you're not happy with the available options, then just don't use the mod. Other people will prefer different courses of outcome to you, and everyone can make the decision for themselves based on their own individual circumstances.
Fivedollarlamp Oct 3 @ 2:12pm 
@algernon I'm not a moron, I've already read the description. The suggested "solutions" either take away core parts of the mod or ruin performance
MB1981 Sep 30 @ 6:33am 
I'm glad to know it's on the list!
algernon  [author] Sep 30 @ 6:15am 
@MB1981 Yes, that is still on the list; still no promises of when, though.
MB1981 Sep 30 @ 6:06am 
Hey @algernon, thanks for the update. A while ago I suggested adding the ability/option to universally change building colors, like AVO lets you do for vehicles, intead of changing colors individually. Do you think that's something you might still pursue?
algernon  [author] Sep 30 @ 4:23am 
Version 1.3.2 update:
- Add manual translation selection