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Burried Treasures
So many mods are lost that are realy excellent, some without a star to their name.
This collection is for mods that remain under rated which I/we together can hopefully help to highlight and so that people can find them more easily.
I'm only including mods with a rating of under 200, some have no rating atall :(
(None of mine, so to remain impartial as poss on this one)

If you know a mod thats as under rated as these please tell me so i can add it to this list.

No order of preference here, they are all under rated.

Mods get under rated for alot of different reasons, sometimes they have been upgraded since their origional release, other times the floors in the voting system, pictures that dont do the mod justice and sometimes just from releasing on the wrong day of the week/bad luck.

This list is only going to be helpful if you click rate on it so that other people can find these burried treasures. So If you can see how this would be useful, maybe you noticed something here you might otherwise have overlooked or know something that should be added, please lend your support in this way, and SHARE ;)

Please Please remember to thumbs ups these mods individually if you like them to give the modder a buzz and help other people to find that mod.

Update: It has been nice to notice mods increase in ratings: ashame to remove some which have gained in access of 200 ratings, with others approaching the mark I've added more.

Some of these mods are utterly awesome!
Items (50)
Scroll Crafting
Created by T9X 69
*IMPORTANT* Lore Friendly patch is available for download at Skyrim Nexus. Steam does not support multiple versions, so if you want the Lore Friendly version, please visit the link below. I will be keeping both version on par with updates.

AspenVale Village
Created by H.A.W.K.E.R.Z
NorthEast of Whiterun a new Settlement called AspenVale Village.

A city for wizards.

Player House & Horse
Over 30 NPC'S
6 Trainers (All Spells)
Over 22 Buildings
13 Vendors
Doom Stones are on Platforms.

Lever Under Lighthouse Turns...
Dwarven Pride - An Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Quest
Created by Moog
This mod is being submitted to the Workshop for the Dragonborn mod contest hosted by the Creation Kit Steam group.


This quest mod has a fully voiced character. His voice will be expanded upon as I was...
Dwemer Traps, Bombs and Exploding Arrows
Created by LacunaePhage
Enemies Essplode! by LittleBaron (aka LacunaePhage on Steam)

Your sneaky thief with Ancient Knowledge can now craft Dwemer Traps, Bombs and Exploding Arrows to cause mischief with. Blow your enemies to pieces from the comfort of your current hiding spot...
Dwemer Mechanicals Mounts and Followers 4.0.1
Created by gg77
Dwemer Mechanicals allow you to summon 26 Dwarven Mechanicals Mounts and (-simple-) Followers wherever you want.

You can easily DISMISS when you want with a "Spell tome:Dismiss Summoned Dwemer Mechanical"

You can find the 27 Followers/Companions (wi...
Doctor Fate
Created by JP Doctor

This mod adds Doctor Fate from DC comics as a follower to Skyrim.
You can find him at Dragonsreach in Whiterun.
He is essential and will level with the player.
He has an extra set of his armor in his inventory that will work for male, non beast char...
Raven's Retreat - Player Home
Created by Jaffa
Wow, thanks for all the subscribers! Didn't expect the mod to get as many people interested in it as it is now! I will update it to include numerous additions in the near future. Thanks again!

Specimen Jars
Created by mentilreq
-The jars can be created at any forge using Refined Malachite

-They function as normal containers that are also portable.

-When adding; Glowing Mushroom, Torchbug Thorax, or Luna Moth Wing you can choose to simply store them or turn them into a place...
Endless Dragon Fights
Created by DampfWasi
Addicted to dragon fights, but your feet are bleeding while you search for one? Tired of running arround for hours to find a dragon soul to harvest? In need for some special scales and bones for your new armour? Head for the "Dragon Sanctuary", to the west...
Artifacts Of Ultima
Created by DEvasto
Ultima. What is there to say about this legendary, if now mostly unsung game series? Starting from a rather rudimentary beginning, each game improved on the last and revolutionized the way RPGs are made and played. It's rather dear to me, having grown up p...
Conjure Dragon
Created by Casanova

IMPORTANT NOTE: If Delphine tells you you need to kill paarthurnax and you haven't done so, you will need to steal the book from the chest. Otherwise it should be fine.

This mod lets you conjure a friendly dragon who will fight by...
The Puppet King
Created by Sepo
Become the new Puppet King!

Enter the Puppet Palace and find out why the previous owner has perished. Craft a Staff that is powerful enough to contain the puppet whose feelings were too strong for the last Puppet King. With the staff, you have the power...
Artifacts Of Eden
Created by Oncoming Starm
Destroy your foes with the Power of the Gods!!!
No, this isn't an assassin's creed mod, although AC is awesome.
Anyway, this mod adds new weapons,spells and set of armor (currently) to your game: Sword Of Eden (Paralyzes foe aswell as causing all 3 elem...
The Wolfbane
Created by johnskyrim
If you like my mods, please give me a like on Facebook!


The Wolfbane is a dagger that was originally from Runescape. It was used to prevent the townsfolk of Canifis from morphing into Werewol...
Q's Mannequins and More
Weapon-wielding mannequins fixed in dynamic action poses!

Weapon stands that allow 360 degree viewing! These can be found in houses and castles around Skyrim.

Fixed wall plaques that mount all weapons properly! Includes the infamous Orcish Battleaxe....
Nightingale Shield
Created by ME TEAM DOG
The Nightingale Shield has the same states as a daedric shield. It can be found in the Nightingale Hall. It has an enchantment of waterwalking. Finally it requires no DLC.
I would like to thank U653748 for making the mesh of the shield and putting it...
Write Your Own Scrolls
Created by beastieboysunite
Write Your Own Scrolls allows you to write your own magical scrolls wherever and whenever you want, (provided that you have an inkwell, a quill, a roll of paper and the adequate soulgem in your inventory).

To start scroll crafting, simply equip a quill...
Circlet Displays
Created by mentilreq
Requires SKSE
Added addition skulls.

Still working on the Dragon Priest Bust, Helmets, and Amulets

These can be purchased at Belethors in Whiterun, The Pawned Prawn in Riften, and Bits and Pieces in Solitude.
To Us...
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
Created by Vindar
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw (v 1.0)
Created by: Vindar
A.K.A. _Rahvin_ on the Nexus

Also check out my other mods:
Axe of the Beastmaster -
Gargoyles Mounts and Followers 1.5.1
Created by gg77
"Gargoyles" allow you to summon 4 Gargoyles Mounts and (-simple-) Followers wherever you want.

You can easily DISMISS when you want with a "Spell tome:Dismiss Summoned Gargoyle"

You can find the 4 Companions/Followers (with speech) in the Markath S...
Created by Dogtown1
the Centaur is rigged to a horse, there is no centaur in skyrim so there is no way to animate his arms

but he does attack as a horse and he will rear up and kick with his front claws as seen in the screenshot

he is added to the leveled deer list so a...
Dark Brotherhood Shield
Created by RitchieG
This mod adds in a nice little shield that suits the overall theme of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. The shield can be obtained either by finding it in the room with the assassin in it in Hag's End, or by crafting it. There are are two versions available:...
Viking Spawn Shield
Created by kizbot
~~~This Shield is craftable under Imperial class from any forge~~~
This mod adds a craft-able Shield to your adventures. The design as some may recognise is from the genius McFarlane, creator of Spawn. This Shield is based off that used by 'Bluetooth' t...
Viking Spawn Axe
Created by kizbot
~~~This weapon is craftable under Steel class from any Forge~~~
~~~Revision 2~~~
This mod adds a craft-able axe to your adventures. The design as some may recognise is from the genius McFarlane, creator of Spawn. This axe is based off the Blood Axe wie...
Dwarven Master Swords
Created by Rafael De Jongh
Dwarven Master Swords

This is the Dwarven Master Sword! Only made for the true Masters though don't worry we also included a Worker Sword for the non Masters among you!
Its forged off the finest Dwarven Steel available in th...
Created by Hersir
Name: Revelation
Version: BETA
Date: 26/04/2012
Category: Weapons
Author: Soyuz & Mikael


*NOTE* As of the patch on the 8th of August 2012 it is now NECESSARY to get a fresh install of the mod. Th...
Tales of Intrigue: Chasing Memories
Created by Comrade Homer

Welcome to the first installment in the Tales of Intrigue series. Throughout this collection of loosely connected adventures, I'll be placing you in the middle of the most bizarre situations throughout Skyrim. S...
Alice: Madness Returns - Vorpal Blade/Hobby Horse
Created by † Abe Froman †
**** ALL MATERIAL USED IS COPYRIGHT OF Spicy Horse/Electronic Arts ****

The "Vorpal Blade" from "Alice: Madness Returns" and also all 4 version of the "Hobby Horse".

- Vorpal blade has very fast attack speed and it also absorbs life from the enemy....
Created by Rafael De Jongh
The blood searching Excalibolg property of Dokuro-chan from the amazingly random Anime series: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.

This is a bat covered with spikes for dealing the most damage to your opponents.
This bat can only be forged with the finest ma...
Orcish Blademaster armor and weapons standalone
Created by Vita
Orcs - the strongest and bravest warriors of all Tamriel. Talented smiths with thousands years of expirience, and keepers of the orichalque smithing secret for generations. But why? Why do they have to wear this crappy , ugly vanilla orcish stuff made of I...
Enpremi's Galadhrim Gear
Created by Enpremi
Galadhrim Armor + weapons inspired by the silvan elven armor made by Weta Digital, could be seen in the Lord of the Rings the Two Towers.

Weapons and armor can be crafted in the elven section in forge.
Capes can be crafted on tanning rack.

Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer - a Morrowind artifact
Created by PrivateEye
This mod will bring the mighty Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer from Morrowind: Bloodmoon to Skyrim.
How can you roam the land of the Nords without this Nordic weapon afterall?
I based the design of the mace on the original from Morrowind but updated the look ...
Lord Balmer's Playground
Created by Glader
Do you have what it takes to survive? Are you ready to make decisions that will decide the fate of others?

This is a horror quest that will take you through scary places, give you puzzles to solve and decisions to make. Depending on your decisions you ...
Samurai Pack
Created by DarkCharisma
This package includes everything you need to survive Skyrim from start, you'd just have to improvise here and there along the way.

1. Armors provide 100 points each Health, Stamina, Magicka. Also Regenerates faster.
2. Boots can sprint o...
Tomb of Trials
Created by Spekkio
Current Version 1.2

Deep within Winterhold Barrow, there is a secret that will bring you great power and wealth. Tell me adventurer... are you strong enough, cunning enough, and daring enough to face...
Much Ado about Snow Elves - Weapon Set Only
Created by LacunaePhage
*I normally post mods as LittleBaron on the Nexus*

It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that this simple, weapon only version was tailor made specifically for upload to STEAM. It is definitely not compatible with any of the versions located on the NEXUS. Tryin...
Black Sting
Created by ImsumDave
This mod adds 2 Black Sting swords, 2 Black Sting Daggers, and 1 Black Sting Greatsword to Skyrim. They can be found very near to the shadow stone (one of the standing stones), along with a book which explains a little bit about how they got where they are...
DCR - Shadow Buckler Shield
Created by JDGameArt
=== Description ===
This Skyrim mod installs the DCR - Shadow Buckler Shield. The DCR mods for Skyrim are a continuation of the original Dark Crusader content from Oblivion.

=== What this mod contains ===
Shadow Buckler War Shield:
A custom enchan...
Demon Mace
Created by Kralzar

If you are having any issues with steam not working/updating the file properly. You can delete the data, then re-subscribe to d'load it again. Should work then.

Some people requested a texture that meshe...
Dragon Age Series Weapon Pack 3
Created by Rand0mNumbers
Pack 1
Pack 2

The reskinned weapons are present...
Dragon Age Series Weapons Pack 2
Created by Rand0mNumbers
Pack 1
Pack 3

Poly counts range from 1k to 8.5...
Riften Specials
Created by Jaderoyale
A new look for Talen-Jei's special recipes Velvet LeChance, White Gold Tower and Cliff Racer.

****If you use Realistic Needs and Diseases (or any mod that alters the Riften Special drinks) you must place Riften Specials AFTER the RND mod (or other) in l...
The Rings of Old - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye

Do you have Dawnguard? Maybe you want to get the Dawnguard version of this mod then! It adds a cool function to the Vampiric Ring. Get it HERE

Both version are...
Krull's Glaive
Created by Kryptonian
The Glaive an ancient, magical star-shaped five-pointed weapon.

This version always has the blades extended out. I am going to see if madrilious will add this to his throwing weapons mod.

You can craft at any forge in Skyrim. Craftable under the dae...
KxK Pain Dagger
Created by KaXaK
Dark brotherhood reward dagger mod enchant, skin and FXshader.
Enchant :
-Fear lvl 100 and below 6 secondes.
-Illusion damages 20 damages 6 secondes.

*update 19/02/2013 contain both français/english version. thx to comment if english peoples watch te...
KxK Apocrypha Home Book
Created by KaXaK
Require DLC Dragonborn[]
The workshop version is now international english.

Direct download :
-English []
Armor Of The Tragaeran Viper
Created by Hybris
This mod adds the armor of the Tragaeran Viper into Skyrim.
The Armor can be found within Radiant Ramanites in a reseverd chest and in front of it a note, explaining a small amount of the armors origin.

The armor was made for uploaders as well as perso...
Incubated Eggs NO DLC Edition
Created by gg77
This mod adds the ability to quickly incubate eggs with the fire of the forge, and quickly create a horde of little creatures (5, 15, 50, 100 ..) that are following you as if you were their mother !

You can Mount the Raptor, The Great Baggi and the Grea...
Ancient Dwarven Hammer
Created by Ghalithegreat
Ancient Dwarven Hammer:

Craftable under Dwemer smithing and requires dwemer smithing.

I'm working on a thing to give a cooldown on and an activationbuttun for the Unrelenting Force effect I gave to the hammer.

Enjoy and rate up!...
Incarnate Creatures 1.5
Created by gg77
This mod adds the ability to quickly create a new “CREATURE” armor with the fire of the forge


Video with the version 1.1.2 between 0’ and 7’58’’ (Thanks to KnightStreakGaming)

To obtain these 35 Creatures Armors*, go to a forge and...
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Chocolate Milk Jul 14, 2017 @ 12:12pm 
I love this collection. Occasionally, a mod of mine gets sort of popular, and whenever it does, I wind up feeling bad that a mod that I put ten minutes into got popular while some who put hours into their mods received zero recognition. Thanks for making this collection--it's good to know that those deserving but lacking recognition are getting some from the community.
Val Jun 19, 2014 @ 10:38pm 
Jaffa Mar 17, 2014 @ 4:16pm 
Thanks for adding my mod to the collection, and thanks for putting effort into this collection, they're great and I had not known about a lot of them :)
G20  [author] Feb 20, 2014 @ 7:16am 
Hi mafilux
That looks great, I have just been putting forward mods which are available on steam with less than 200 rating.. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it's release here and if for some odd reason it gets overlooked for some reason i would be sure to add it :)
with all that publicity I'm pretty sure it would make it, Unless there's one of those odd bymonthly crashes which lasted a little longer than usual. that's about the only thing that would make this mod invisible here i recon. not just half a dozen kids downvoting a friday realese.
Thanks for thinkg of this collection ;)
mafilux Feb 20, 2014 @ 6:07am 
The Helgen Reborn mod is really good, but I'm not rtoo ure if it meets your criteria. I have no idea how popular it is, but because you can't find it on Steam Workshop it may have been overlooked.
G20  [author] Jan 3, 2014 @ 10:48am 
It's nice to see the ratings going up on a some of these; I went to check out some mods i added to other collections, that i'd noted before and when i was putting this list together already have the 200 now though they deserve some more attention too.
There's been a good responce to this collction; If anyone has some spare moments and wants in on admin please let me know ;)
massimojo Jan 2, 2014 @ 3:08pm 
i like it
Ser Eggmond Dec 31, 2013 @ 5:04am 
a noble goal sir.
ρоѕιтяои_ Dec 30, 2013 @ 4:25pm 
Sounds great.
G20  [author] Dec 30, 2013 @ 12:56pm 
Thanks Dan,
That DwemerTraps one is a bit Wow, low ratings.. why? and doctor fate.. did people miss that he has a spare outfit with him or what?
If you come accross any let me know, collections can make a little difference, not as much as a good review by any means, but a little difference.