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Portal 2

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Portal 2 Console Commands
By matt shatt
This guide contains 7,276 syllables as of March 25th, 2023.
Before you can do anything on this list, you need to type "sv_cheats 1" into the console. If you don't know how to open the console, pause the game, go to options, go to keyboard/mouse, and enable the thing labeled "Allow Developer Console." Now, press the ` key (under esc) to open the console.

(ayo btw dont copy my entire guide into yours word for word and then get it to like #3 on portal 2 guides, thats kinda cringe)
Spawns (ent_create)
Replacing "ent_create" with "give" in these commands spawns the entity at your coordinate!

ent_create prop_weighted_cube - spawns a cube
ent_create prop_monster_box - spawns a frankenturret
ent_create prop_scaled_cube - spawns a scaled cube (only works in the Sixense MotionPack)
ent_create prop_glass_futbol - spawns an unused glass futbol
ent_create prop_glass_futbol_spawner - spawns an unused glass futbol spawner
ent_create prop_exploding_futbol - spawns a bomb
ent_create prop_paint_bomb - spawns a gel bomb
ent_create prop_portal - spawns a portal (broken)
ent_create prop_glados_core - spawns Wheatley without animations, can't be picked up
ent_create prop_personality_sphere - spawns Wheatley without animations, can be picked up
ent_create prop_rocket_tripwire - spawns a tripwire turret
ent_create prop_energy_ball - spawns an energy pellet
ent_create prop_tic_tac_toe_panel - spawns an unused tic tac toe panel
ent_create prop_button - spawns a standing button
ent_create prop_under_button - spawns an antique standing button
ent_create prop_floor_button - spawns a floor button (usually broken)
ent_create prop_floor_cube_button - spawns a cube floor button
ent_create prop_floor_ball_button - spawns a ball floor button
ent_create prop_under_floor_button - spawns an antique floor button
ent_create prop_testchamber_door - spawns a door
ent_create prop_linked_portal_door - spawns an unused linked door
ent_create prop_portal_stats_display - spawns a Portal 1 elevator
ent_create prop_dynamic - spawns a prop_dynamic
ent_create prop_physics - spawns a prop_physics
ent_create prop_laser_catcher - spawns a laser catcher
ent_create prop_laser_relay - spawns a laser relay
ent_create prop_tractor_beam - spawns an excursion funnel emitter
ent_create prop_wall_projector - spawns a light bridge emitter
ent_create npc_personality_core - spawns Wheatley
ent_create npc_wheatley_boss - spawns Wheatley in GLaDOS' body (broken)
ent_create npc_portal_turret_floor - spawns a turret
ent_create npc_turret_floor - spawns a Half-Life 2 turret
ent_create npc_hover_turret - spawns a hover turret
ent_create npc_rocket_turret - spawns a rocket turret (broken)
ent_create npc_security_camera - spawns a mounted security camera
ent_create weapon_portalgun - spawns a portal gun
ent_create weapon_cubemap - spawns a cubemap weapon (no model)
ent_create generic_actor - spawns the entity that allows GLaDOS to talk (crashes game)
ent_create point_commentary_node - spawns a commentary node (no dialogue)
ent_create rocket_turret_projectile - spawns a rocket
ent_create dynamic_prop - spawns a dynamic_prop
ent_create env_portal_laser - spawns a laser
ent_create projected_wall_entity - spawns a light bridge (spawns in a specific spot)
ent_create player - spawns a player (crashes game)
ent_create viewmodel - spawns the portal gun viewmodel (broken)
Spawns (prop_physics_create)
prop_physics_create props/metal_box - spawns a cube (can't be picked up)
prop_physics_create props/reflection_cube - spawns a reflector cube (can't be picked up)
prop_physics_create props/sphere - spawns a sphere
prop_physics_create props/lab_chair/lab_chair - spawns a lab chair
prop_physics_create props/pc_case02/pc_case02 - spawns a pc case
prop_physics_create props/security_camera - spawns a security camera
prop_physics_create props/food_can/food_can_open - spawns a bean can
prop_physics_create props_gameplay/mp_ball - spawns a weighted sphere (can't be picked up)
prop_physics_create props_junk/wood_crate002a - spawns a crate
prop_physics_create props_junk/garbage_coffeemug001a_forevergibs - spawns a mug
prop_physics_create npcs/potatos/world_model/potatos_wmodel - spawns PotatOS
prop_physics_create npcs/monsters/monster_a_head - spawns a frankenturret without cube
prop_physics_create npcs/monsters/monster_a_cube - spawns a frankenturret without head
prop_physics_create npcs/turret/turret - spawns a turret (can't be picked up)
prop_physics_create npcs/turret/turret_skeleton - spawns a defective turret
prop_physics_create npcs/turret/turret_backwards - spawns a sideways turret
prop_physics_create npcs/turret/turret_boxed - spawns a turret box
prop_physics_create npcs/glados/glados_small_head - spawns a small GLaDOS head
prop_physics_create player/ballbot/gib_core_ball - spawns Atlas' head
prop_physics_create player/eggbot/gib_core - spawns P-Body's head
prop_physics_create gibs/hgibs - spawns a skull
Spawns (prop_dynamic_create)
prop_dynamic_create props_underground/aperture_sign_02 - spawns a giant Aperture sign
prop_dynamic_create props_lab/bot_male - spawns a mannequin
prop_dynamic_create props/faith_plate - spawns a faith plate
prop_dynamic_create props/fizzler - spawns an emancipation grill emitter
prop_dynamic_create elevator/elevator_b - spawns an elevator
prop_dynamic_create elevator/elevator_escape - spawns an escape elevator
prop_dynamic_create elevator/elevator - spawns an unused elevator
prop_dynamic_create props/round_elevator_body - spawns a Portal 1 elevator
prop_dynamic_create npcs/bird/bird - spawns a bird
prop_dynamic_create props_sabotage/bird_nest - spawns a bird nest
prop_dynamic_create props_sabotage/potato06 - spawns the overgrown potato
prop_dynamic_create props_office/whiteboard_coop - spawns a whiteboard
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_disc - spawns one of GLaDOS' large discs
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_animation - spawns GLaDOS
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_head_anim - spawns GLaDOS' head only
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_wheatley_newbody - spawns GLaDOS Wheatley
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_wheatley_boss - spawns the Wheatley Boss
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_wheatley_boss_screen - spawns Wheatley T.V. mdl prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_wheatley - spawns beta GLaDOS Wheatley
prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_skins - spawns corrupt cores
prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_50percent - spawns a core
prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_shell - spawns a core shell
prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_pile - spawns a core pile
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turretwife - spawns the opera turret (fat turret)
prop_dynamic_create npcs/hover_turret - spawns the model the hover turret uses
prop_dynamic_create props/turret_01 - spawns a Portal 1 turret
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turret_fx_fizzler - spawns a Portal 1 turret with guns out
prop_dynamic_create props_vac_anim/turret_lowres - spawns a low resolution turret
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turret_debris_sml - spawns a small destroyed turret pile
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turret_debris_med - spawns a medium destroyed turret pile
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turret_debris_lrg - spawns a large destroyed turret pile
prop_dynamic_create props_underground/cracked_wall - spawns a giant wall
prop_dynamic_create props_underground/pipe_debris01 - spawns a giant pipe
prop_dynamic_create props/80s_entrydoor - spawns a giant entry door
prop_dynamic_create gladdysdestruction/glados_junk_05_ - spawns Hoopy
prop_dynamic_create props_underground/life_preserver - spawns a Borealis life preserver
prop_dynamic_create props_underground/test_chamber_door - spawns an old chamber door
prop_dynamic_create props/portal_button_damaged01 - spawns a damaged floor button
prop_dynamic_create props/portal_button_damaged02 - spawns a damaged floor button
prop_dynamic_create props/box_socket - spawns a cube floor button
prop_dynamic_create props/ball_button - spawns a ball floor button
prop_dynamic_create props/portal_door - spawns an unused door
prop_dynamic_create props/portaldoor - spawns a Portal 1 door but it has missing textures
prop_dynamic_create a4_destruction/portal_door_lowres - spawns a low resolution door
prop_dynamic_create props_basement/incinerator_hatch - spawns an incinerator
prop_dynamic_create props/pedestal_center_reference - spawns a portal gun pedestal
prop_dynamic_create error - spawns an error model
prop_dynamic_create anim_wp/cursher/crusher - spawns a crusher
prop_dynamic_create catwalk_destruction/catwalk_fx_c - spawns a catwalk
prop_dynamic_create props/radio_reference - spawns a radio (can't be picked up)
prop_dynamic_create props/toilet_body_reference - spawns a toilet
prop_dynamic_create props/toilet_lid_reference - spawns a toilet lid
prop_dynamic_create props/bed_body_reference - spawns a bed
prop_dynamic_create props/table_reference - spawns a table
prop_dynamic_create props/combine_ball_launcher - spawns an energy pellet launcher
prop_dynamic_create props/combine_ball_catcher - spawns an energy pellet catcher
prop_dynamic_create props_foliage/mall_tree_large01 - spawns a tree
prop_dynamic_create player/ballbot/ballbot - spawns Atlas
prop_dynamic_create player/eggbot/eggbot - spawns P-Body
prop_dynamic_create player/chell/player - spawns Chell
prop_dynamic_create info_character/info_character_player - spawns Bendy
prop_dynamic_create player/chell/roboarm50percent - spawns the claw arm
prop_dynamic_create props_moon/lunar_rover - spawns the lunar rover seen on the moon
prop_dynamic_create props_moon/lunar_module - spawns the lunar module seen on the moon
prop_dynamic_create props_moon/parts/moon_flag - spawns an American Flag
prop_dynamic_create stars/allstars - spawns a ton of stars out of bounds
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/cube - spawns a map editor cube
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/cube_falling - spawns a cube falling
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/cubecompanion - spawns a m.e. companion cube
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/companion_cube_falling - spawns a c. cube falling
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/cubelaser - spawns a map editor reflector cube
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/laser_cube_falling - spawns a reflector cube falling
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/cubesphere - spawns a map editor weighted sphere
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/cubesphere_falling - spawns a weighted sphere falling
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/sentry - spawns a map editor turret
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/heart - spawns a heart
prop_dynamic_create props_map_editor/goo_tap - spawns a guy drowning
Spawns (misc.)
ent_create_portal_weighted_cube - spawns a standard cube
ent_create_portal_companion_cube - spawns a companion cube
ent_create_portal_reflector_cube - spawns a reflector cube
ent_create_portal_weighted_sphere - spawns a weighted sphere
ent_create_portal_weighted_antique - spawns an antique cube
ent_create_paint_bomb_jump - spawns a repulsion gel bomb
ent_create_paint_bomb_speed - spawns a propulsion gel bomb
ent_create_paint_bomb_portal - spawns a conversion gel bomb
ent_create_paint_bomb_erase - spawns a water bomb
ent_create prop_weighted_cube; ent_fire !picker skin 2 - spawns an activated cube
ent_create prop_weighted_cube; ent_fire !picker skin 3 - spawns a rusted cube
ent_create prop_button; ent_fire !picker skin 1 - spawns a rusted standing button
ent_create prop_glass_futbol; ent_fire !picker skin 1 - spawns a bomb futbol
ent_create npc_personality_core; ent_fire !picker skin 1 - spawns undamaged Wheatley
npc_create npc_portal_turret_floor - spawns a turret
give prop_floor_button - spawns a floor button (always works)
create_flashlight - spawns a flashlight effect
impulse 102 - spawns a skull
Environment & User
noclip - allows you to fly/noclip
notarget - turrets don't shoot at you
god - makes you invincible
buddha - makes it so you can't die, but you still take damage
fire_rocket_projectile - fires a rocket
fire_energy_ball - fires an energy pellet
sv_player_funnel_into_portals # - toggles whether the player is funneled into portals
sv_props_funnel_into_portals # - toggles whether objects are funneled into portals
sv_enableholdrotation # - allows objects to be rotated when holding right click (0 = off, 1 = on)
sv_allow_mobile_portals # - allows you to place portals on moving surfaces (0 = off, 1 = on)
sv_portal_placement_never_fail # - allows you to shoot portals anywhere (0 = off, 1 = on) sv_portal_placement_on_paint # - allows you to place portals on conversion gel (0 = off, 1 = on)
sv_portal_placement_never_bump # - allows you to overlap portals (0 = off, 1 = on)
sv_portal_placement_debug # - puts a blue rectangle around portals (0 = off, 1 = on)
portal_draw_ghosting # - toggles the portal outline seen through walls (0 = off, 1 = on)
r_portal_use_dlights # - creates a dynamic light where portals are placed (0 = off, 1 = on)
r_waterforcereflectentities # - forces water to reflect everything (0 = off, 1 = on)
sp_fade_and_force_respawn # - toggles automatic respawn (0 = off, 1 = on)
pause - pauses the game
unpause - unpauses the game
find <command> - a search function displaying all commands with searched term
showconsole - shows the console
hideconsole - hides the console
clear - clears the console
save - saves the game
shake - shakes the map
shake_show # - shows info about the shake (0 = off, 1 = on)
stopvideos - stops the video that is playing
stopsound - stops all sound that is playing
ent_info <entity name> - shows information on the specified object
ent_remove - removes what you are looking at
ent_remove_all <entity name here> - removes all of the specified entity
ent_rotate # - changes an entity's rotation
ent_teleport <entity name here> - teleports an entity to you (red/blue in co-op)
ent_create - prefix for spawning entities
give - prefix for spawning entities at your coordinate
npc_create - prefix for spawning NPCs
prop_physics_create - prefix for spawning models with physics
prop_dynamic_create - prefix for spawning models without physics
thirdperson - makes your view thirdperson
thirdpersonshoulder - makes your view thirdpersonshoulder
firstperson - makes your view firstperson
give_portalgun - gives a standard portal gun that can only shoot blue portals
upgrade_portalgun - upgrades the standard portal gun to a dual portal gun
upgrade_potatogun - puts PotatOS on your portal gun
viewmodel_offset_x # - moves your portal gun on the x coordinate (0 is normal, -15 is on left)
viewmodel_offset_y # - moves your portal gun on the y coordinate (0 is normal)
viewmodel_offset_z # - moves your portal gun on the z coordinate (0 is normal)
+remote_view - shows your co-op partner's screen
-remote_view - hides your co-op partner's screen
+mouse_menu - shows the co-op ping menu
-mouse_menu - hides the co-op ping menu
+mouse_menu_playtest - shows the co-op playtest menu
-mouse_menu_playtest - hides the co-op playtest menu
+mouse_menu_taunt - shows the co-op taunt menu
-mouse_menu_taunt - hides the co-op taunt menu
+right - makes you always turn right
-right - makes you stop turning right
+left - makes you always turn left
-left - makes you stop turning left
+attack - makes you constantly shoot your primary portal
-attack - makes you stop shooting your primary portal
+attack2 - makes you constantly shoot your secondary portal
-attack2 - makes you stop shooting your secondary portal
in_forceuser - swaps partners in splitscreen co-op
enable_skeleton_draw # - shows wireframes for every model (0 = off, 1 = on)
change_portalgun_linkage_id # - allows you to place multiple sets of portals (0,1,2,3)
fadeout - makes the screen fade to black
fadein - makes the screen fade to the level
escape - closes the pause menu
sv_cheats # - sets the cheats (0 = off, 1 = on)
sv_gravity # - sets the gravity (600 is normal)
sv_voiceenable # - sets the ability to voice chat (0 = off, 1 = on)
sv_monster_turret_velocity # - sets the velocity of the frankenturret (100 is normal)
portals_resizeall # # - changes the size of your portals (32 56 is normal)
crosshair # - shows your crosshair (0 = off, 1 = on)
map_wants_save_disable # - disables autosave (0 = off, 1 = on)
mat_fullbright # - disables shadows (0 = off, 1 = on)
mat_showlowresimage # - pixelates textures (0 = off, 1 = on)
mat_fastspecular # - changes the quality of specular highlights (0 = off, 1 = on)
bind "key" "command name here" - binds a command to a key
unbind <key> - unbinds the command set to the specified key
BindToggle "key" "command name here" - binds a command to a key for toggle use
unbindall - unbinds all keys
setmodel <model name here> - sets your playermodel to another model
showtriggers_toggle - shows the triggers in the map
removeallpaint - removes all the gel from a map
snd_playsounds <sound name here> - plays the specified sound
screenshot - takes a screenshot
jpeg - takes jpeg screenshot
jpeg_quality - changes the quality of the screenshot
crash - crashes the game
quit - quits the game
exit - exits the game
killserver - kills the server
changelevel <map name here> - changes the level to the specified map
map <map name here> - loads the specified map
map_commentary <map name here> - loads the specified map with commentary nodes
map_background <map name here> - changes the title screen image to the specified map
ss_map <map name here> - loads the specified map in spitscreen co-op mode
restart_level - restarts the level
respawn_entities - respawns entities you removed, and sets your position to the start of the level
kill <player name here> - kills the specified player
explode - explodes the player
cm_reset_vo_progress - resets the dialog progress of Cave Johnson in the map editor
cl_showfps # - shows FPS (0 = off, 1 = on)
cl_showpos # - shows position (0 = off, 1 = on)
cl_fov - sets feild of view
host_timescale # - changes the speed of the game (0.1 is minimum, 1 is normal, 12 is max)
ent_fire Commands
There are a lot of commands that start with ent_fire so I just decided to put some here.

ent_fire <entity name here> - will pick up the entity which is specified
ent_fire <cube name here> - will pick up the cube that is specified
ent_fire prop_portal fizzle - fizzles portals
ent_fire @sphere - picks up Wheatley when he is in the map
ent_fire @core01 - picks up the space core in the final battle
ent_fire @core02 - picks up the adventure core in the final battle
ent_fire @core03 - picks up the fact core in the final battle
ent_fire @chapter_title_text - puts "chapter_title" on your screen for a second
ent_fire @chapter_subtitle_text - puts "chapter_subtitle" on your screen for a second
ent_fire !picker skin # - changes the skin of the object you are looking at
ent_fire !picker ignite - sets the object you are looking at on fire
ent_fire !picker enable - enables things like the excursion funnel and light bridge emitters
ent_fire !picker disable - disables the thing you enabled
ent_fire !picker open - opens objects like doors
ent_fire !picker close - closes the objects you opened
ent_fire !picker kill - removes the object you are looking at
ent_fire !picker enablepickup - enables the ability to pick up the object you are looking at
enf_fire !picker disablepickup - disables the ability to pick up the object you are looking at
ent_fire !picker enablecollision - enables the collision of the object you are looking at
ent_fire !picker disablecollision - disables the collision of the object you are looking at
ent_fire !picker color r/g/b - changes the color of the object you are looking at
ent_fire !picker addoutput "spawnflags 512" - the turret you are looking at shoots cameras
ent_fire !picker setanimation <animation name here> - sets an object's animation
ent_fire !picker setmodel # - replaces a model with another
ent_fire !picker dissolve - fizzles the object you are looking at
ent_fire wheatley_monitor-relay_deploy_15degrees trigger - opens Wheatley's monitors
ent_fire moon_portal_detector kill - makes it so you can't shoot the moon in the final battle
impulse Commands
Decided to make a section for these because there are more than I thought.

impulse 100 - gives the player a flashlight
impulse 101 - gives the player a dual portal gun
impulse 102 - spawns a skull
impulse 200 - removes the portal gun texture
impulse 203 - removes the object you are looking at
Map Names (Singleplayer)
Used for the "changelevel" and "map" commands

The Courtesy Call


The Cold Boot


The Return


The Surprise


The Escape


The Fall


The Reunion


The Itch


The Part Where He Kills You


The Credits



e1912 (Super 8 Interactive Teaser)
Map Names (Co-op)
Used for the "changelevel" and "map" commands

Hub and Calibration Course


Team Building


Mass and Velocity


Hard-Light Surfaces


Excursion Funnels


Mobility Gels


Art Therapy

Useful Binds
Useful is a strong word, but I'd just recommend using these!

bind "v" "noclip" - just very good to have on standby
bind "g" "impulse 100" - some parts of the game are dark, so this can be useful
bind "u" "ent_remove_all prop_portal" - just in case you want to have no portals
bind "j" "kill" - if you get stuck then this is good to have on standby
bind "z" "fire_rocket_projectile" - for when you've had enough of your co-op partner
These are the skins that are used for the "ent_fire !picker skin #" commands

Note: These will only be for the "ent_create" spawns due to the near infinite number of "prop_dynamic_create"/"prop_physics_create" spawns


Standard Cube

0 = Standard
1 = Companion
2 = Activated (Standard)
3 = Rusted
4 = Activated (Companion)
5 = Activated (Rusted)
6 = Repulsion Gel
7 = Propulsion Gel

Reflector Cube

0 = Standard
1 = Rusted
2 = Repulsion Gel
3 = Propulsion Gel
4 = Reflection Gel(?)

Weighted Sphere

0 = Standard
1 = Activated
2 = Repulsion Gel
3 = Propulsion Gel

Antique Cube

0 = Standard
1 = Repulsion Gel
2 = Propulsion Gel


Standard Core

0 = Damaged
1 = Undamaged

Corrupted Core

0 = Wheatley
1 = Adventure Core
2 = Space Core
3 = Fact Core


0 = Standard
1 = Rusted
2 = Repulsion Gel
3 = Propulsion Gel


0 = Standard
1 = Rusted


0 = Standard
1 = Rusted


0 = Standard
1 = Atlas
2 = P-Body
Cube Names
Every cube has a special name attached, so why not just list them all? Note: "&" signifies that it's for a different cube but in the same chamber. Note: Some cubes may have the same name as others. Note: This is only for singleplayer.

Dilapidated Chambers

Chamber 0 - box
Chamber 1 - box
Chamber 4 - box_dropper-cube_dropper_box & section_2_box_2
Chamber 5 - cube_dropper_1-cube_dropper_box & cube_dropper_2-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 6 - prop_weighted_cube & cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box

GLaDOS' Chambers

Chamber 2 - cube_dropper_01-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 3 - prop_weighted_cube
Chamber 4 - cube_dropper_box
Chamber 5 - cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 6 - cube_dropper_box & malfunctioning_dropper_item_1
Chamber 7 - cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 8 - cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 9 - reflectocube_dropper_box
Chamber 10 - juggled_cube & reflecto_cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 11 - box_dropper_01-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 12 - cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 13 - prop_weighted_cube
Chamber 14 - laser_cube
Chamber 15 - prop_weighted_cube
Chamber 16 - room_10_box2 & room_10_box3
Chamber 17 - laser_cube_wall_mixup_start_cube
Chamber 18 - cube_dropper_1-cube_dropper_box & cube_dropper_2-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 19 - box
Chamber 20 - new_box & new_box1
Chamber 21 - jailbreak_chamber_lit-jailbreak_chamber_lit_cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 22 - pre_solved_chamber-box_dropper_01-cube_dropper_box

Underground Chambers

Chamber 1 - room_1_cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 2 - room_2_cube_dropper_1-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 5 - prop_weighted_cube
Chamber 6 - prop_weighted_cube
Chamber 7 - prop_weighted_cube

Wheatley's Chambers

Chamber 0 - cube_dropper_box
Chamber 1 - monster_box
Chamber 2 - dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 3 - AutoInstance2-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 4 - cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 5 - cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 6 - cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 11 - box_1_wall-monster_box & prop_weighted_cube
Chamber 12 - box_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 15 - cube_dropper-cube_dropper_box
Chamber 17 - cube_dropper_1-cube_dropper_box
Corrupted Core Spawn
Step 1. Spawn a cube (or any object that allows the core to be completely above ground)
Step 2. Spawn "prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_skins" on top of the cube
Step 3. Use "ent_remove" on the cube
Step 4. Use "ent_fire !picker skin 2" on the core
Step 5. Use "ent_fire !picker setanimation core01_idle" on the core

And then you should have Space Core with animations. The same applies for the Adventure and Fact core too, just swap Step 4 and 5 with these

Adventure Core

Step 4. Use "ent_fire !picker skin 1" on the core
Step 5. Use "ent_fire !picker setanimation core02_idle" on the core

Fact Core

Step 4. Use "ent_fire !picker skin 3" on the core
Step 5. Use "ent_fire !picker setanimation core03_idle" on the core
Accessing In-Game Files
This is very easy to do, you don't need some kind of modding thing.
This is only for Windows since that's all I have!!!!

Step 1: Right click the game in your Steam Library.
Step 2: Click "Manage."
Step 3: Click "Browse Local Files."
Step 4: Open the File Explorer tab that opened and select "portal2."

Now, look through anything you want.
If you want to access the sounds for "snd_playsounds" then do this.

Step 5: Select "scripts."
Step 6: Scroll down until you find any text document with "game_sounds" in it.
Step 7: Look through the selected text document and find any sound with ".wav" at the end.

Those are the sound files that you can use with "snd_playsounds."

There is a better way to view the sounds; That is by extracting the actual sound files or something I don't know :sob:
Part 1: The Extras Section On The Main Menu

So if you've played the Steam version of Portal 2, you may have noticed the Extras part on the main menu. So whats in that section? Well, mostly preview videos of the game and trailers. You have the game trailer, the co-op trailer, the videos overviewing the new elements in Portal 2, and one other thing: Super 8 Interactive Teaser. This isn't a video. It's a level. It's a trailer for the Super 8 movie, except it's interactive. So you start out on this train, the train crashes, make your way through this area with exploded train parts, get to this one train car, stop moving, camera makes you look at it, train car door explodes, loud roar plays, and then a Super 8 logo. Well that was lame. If you use console commands you can get WHEATLEY IN THE TRAIN!! Don't give yourself a portal gun though.. game will crash.

Part 2: In-Game Secrets (Coming Soon!)

Part 3: How To Add Custom Music (Coming Soon!)
If you have any problems, this should hopefully solve them.

Unable to use any cheats: Make sure sv_cheats is set to 1
Command is not working but others are: Make sure you have typed the command in correctly
Setmodel crashes game: The setmodel command only works with prop_dynamic_create spawns
Bind command is not working: Be sure to use this format: bind "key" "command"
The Hover Turret is an error: It is supposed to be an error, as it doesn't have a model in the game
Model Name is NULL: The entity you are trying to spawn has no model or animations in game
Your Portal Gun is gone: Do this command - respawn_entities
The turret's won't shoot at cameras when you type the command: You have to look at the turret
You can't move or do anything: Reset all keys in the options menu
The map editor cubes don't spawn: Use noclip to fly underground, they have weird spawns
The crusher spawn is an error: The typo is there intentionally, that's the real model name
The End
That's all the commands I know. Well, not really. Just ones that I'll likely be using.. With prop_dynamic_create error, that command actually SPAWNS an error intentionally, not like doing prop_dynamic_create npcs/space_core or something stupid. I know that it's the real spawn because you can do setmodel error, and it works. If you tried to do setmodel npcs/space_core then it wouldn't work, just crashes your game. But this works. So yeah, that's cool.

Thank you everyone for being here & helping with the guide for the past 3 years!

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Dodyssey May 24 @ 4:27pm 
how do i pick up wheatley when i am not supposed to but not in the chambers he appears in
GoofyGoober May 22 @ 6:14pm 
Alek_Lee May 13 @ 10:24am 
matt shatt  [author] Apr 29 @ 6:59am 
@jeff/Darth_Kreeper its basically the same thing isnt it
The Great Wrapper Apr 26 @ 5:12pm 
glamrock freddy/Darth_Kreeper Apr 26 @ 11:47am 
tell me how to access console on portal one
zacharyolsen2010 Mar 17 @ 7:07pm 
noclip isn't working
"ent_fire toggleallownoclip trigger" will disable anti-cheat protection on Unreal chambers.
Mr. Robot Mar 5 @ 10:51am 
how do i get a defective turret i can pick up