Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

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Tribes Of Britannia - Test Release v0.4 [IN DEVELOPMENT]
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Tribes Of Britannia - Test Release v0.4 [IN DEVELOPMENT]


A project to bring iron age Britain to life in thrones of britannia

Hi there all!

this project has been a bit of a hobby of mine for a little while now and i have recently started it back up in production again.I feel the time period if fully fleshed out could provide thrones with a unique experiance.

currently available to players is the first module of the custom & multiplayer battles for the southern tribes with thier first round of units and i will be adding the other sub cultures with custom units as we go along into development. i have begun work on the grand campaign as you might be able to see from the map screenshots but i am not ready to make that available until the unit rosters have been fleshed out more for each subculture but progress is coming along nicely.

if you find this project interesting them please do feel free to get in touch with me about helping out. I am currently looking for a UI designer and artist to help out.

►Team Positions:
• DB Editing: Souron
• Startpos Editing: Souron
• 2d Art: Looking for assistance
• 3D Modeling: souron / Looking for assistance
• Animation: Looking for assistance
• Skinning: Looking for assistance
• Mapping: Looking for assistance with naming of towns
• Scripting: Possibly looking into this eventually
• AI: Looking for assistance
• Research: Looking for assistance
• SFX\Music editing: Looking for assistance

Let me know what you think and where you think changes and improvement could be made.

The setting for the mods campaign will be a few hundred years before the roman invasion and will contain a roman invasion event along with gaulic raiding parties as well. players will have access to play as any landed faction in game and the Romans will be available in custom battles.


one important note for this ^ i am no UI designer so all current faction flags, unit cards and uniform colours will be changed and the factions uniform colours in particular will be updated to reflect the tribes flag when i finally get them sorted.

Mod Progress Tracker
Research: Includes historical research, concept art, names, quotes, lore, general ideas etc
Intended Level: None/Low/Average/In-depth
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

3D Units\Buildings & Animation: Includes new or modification of existing 3D models, skins, animation etc
Intended to use: Vanilla/Few Editions/Some Editions/Many Editions/All New
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

DB Editing: Includes editing of DB values in various DB tables of the game. Like, addition of new units, balancing of unit stats, morale, upkeep, accuracy of missile units, new buildings & building trees. And certain misc changes like change of whether effects etc.
Intended Complexity Level: Basic/Average/Advanced
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

Startpos Editing: Includes modification that involves things like turn times, army sizes, where they're positioned & where settlements are positioned.
Intended Complexity Level: Basic/Average/Advanced
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

Mapping: Includes modification of campaign map & new battle maps for custom battles. It also includes complete map overhaul (supported in Total War Shogun II), like implementation of new provinces, change of locations or an entire new map etc.
Intended Complexity Level: low
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

Campaign Mechanics: Includes DB editing pertaining to any campaign map mechanics like faction diplomacy, technologies, character traits\ancillaries, settlements, income modifiers, buildings etc.
Intended to use: Vanilla/Edited Vanilla/Borrowed/Edited Borrowed/New
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

Scripting: Includes any lua scripting that your mod might have to modify an existing feature or implement a complete new one.
Intended to use: None/Basic/Advanced
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

2D Art: Includes UI cards, interface, banners, misc textures etc
Intended to use: Vanilla/Few Editions/Some Editions/Many Editions/All New
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

AI: Includes any modification affecting the behaviour of CAI (Campaign AI) & BAI (Battle AI). Modification of AI is very limited though there are some possibilties to affect its behaviour by tweaking some things like recruitment priorities and overarching modifiers in NTW. In shogun 2, we have things like faction behaviour based on profiles like super aggressive, loves diplomacy, unique & individual recruitment, tech and building priorities which overall affects the CAI behaviour.
Intended to use: None/Few Editions/Some Editions
Percentage Completed: None/Small/Average/High/Ready

SFX\Music: Includes modification of existing in game sound effects and addition of new soundtracks\music in the game.
Intended to use: Vanilla/Edited Vanilla/New
Percentage Completed: None /Small/Average/High/Ready

Currently Available
- Custom & multiplayer battles with custom briton based units from the first sub-culture & Romes first wave of units

Planned features
- Fully overhauled campaign set 100's of years before the roman invasion of Britain
- Event spawned Gaulic invasion & eventual roman invasion (removed normans)
- Custom units per faction depending on starting positions
- 60 playable factions
- Custom faction traits
- General game system changes
- Custom unit abilities to come (head throwing!!!)
- Chariots.....hopefully
- More to come!

Discord Link[]


its just me on the project currently but i do hope you enjoy this as much as i have enjoy creating it

Thank you!

Resource Credits - Big thank you to anyone who allows me to use assets in this mod.
Custom Units textures & wespons from : Sebidee's Iceni Roster Expansion
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warofcard Aug 12 @ 1:20am 
@Souron Thank you for the answer.
Emperor's Wrath Aug 11 @ 8:51pm 

I checked in to see if the mod has updated at all and when it hadn't I checked the comments and saw you haven't because of moving and all and that's all good. Then I saw your whole thing on making a poll about if the Romans should be an endgame threat or playable. I had the thought that you should make them and endgame threat, and after releasing the mod pretty much finished, have plans to make a submod that 1) changes the start date to the Roman invasion, 2) removes the endgame threat mechanic, and 3) makes the Romans playable just like how the Normans are in the ToB 1066 mod.
Souron  [author] Aug 11 @ 2:43pm 
hi warofcard,

i think the gauls will more than likely be a custom battle only set of factions but the romans will have access to some auxiliry gaulic units.
warofcard Aug 11 @ 5:19am 
I am wondering if the gauls will still be in the mod?
Brigantes Celt Aug 9 @ 8:15am 
Iron Age = WICKED
Souron  [author] Aug 8 @ 2:05pm 
Hi All,

For anyone interested in keeping an eye on my live notes & project tracking i have set up a trello for it here

Thank you!
Souron  [author] Aug 8 @ 2:03pm 
@Augustus Really appreciate that thank you! i hope you enjoy where it ends up
Souron  [author] Aug 8 @ 2:02pm 
@warriordude - so this will be tuned of course but the base idea for the difference between the romans and the britons is the romans will be all about heavy infantry and tight formations and the britons will focus on hit and run tactics and skirmishing & beserk units for hard hitting line breaking. i hope that makes sense

@Charlemayne - Really appreciate the comments. its mainly just me working on the mod so progress is a little slow but i hope you enjoy where it ends up
Augustus of Caledonia Aug 7 @ 11:50am 
this is a great idea and has great potential to be a classic mod i wish you luck and thanks for having the bravery to do i for the fans :)
cpfyles Aug 7 @ 6:51am 
People called the Romans, they go the house! One good thing about starting with the Roman invasion is that you can be reasonably confident about tribal names- admittedly, mainly from Ptolemy's Geography, created a hundred years later, but still, at least a snapshot of the situation in the Roman period. The problem with the names we have is that no one knows how long each of these tribal units was actually around, whether they were really distinct tribes or just factions within tribes, whether the Romans had lumped people together for convenience, made names up or misheard them, etc, etc. But before contact with Rome, we really have no solid evidence at all for what people called themselves (and bear in mind that the Ulster Cycle, the Mabinogion etc weren't written down until even later than Ptolemy and his Geography).