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Glory of Combat 1.1.4
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Glory of Combat 1.1.4

"War is the struggle to exist. Everything real is a combatant."

- The War Cult


This mod aims to rectify one of my biggest annoyances with the game: the combat system. Too often I found myself averse to starting Conan Exiles because the combat paradigm that existed when I first began playing was erased, replaced with a system I did not ask for, catered to a group to which I did not belong. I had reverence for the old ways, yet a desire to leave a mark by making improvements and adjustments to ensure a more enjoyable experience. This mod is that mark.

The scope of the mod follows thus:
  • Alterations to combat animations to provide greater potential to under-performers and pay homage to older combat paradigms.

  • Balances to damage multipliers and stamina costs to lift under-performers and allow for a greater variety of viable weapons and attributes.

  • Providing some weapons new avenues of usage to allow players more choice in how they can use those weapons.
This is done largely within the confines of DT_ComboRules to limit compatibility issues with other mods. A modcontroller is used to merge my data table with Funcom's, providing greater longevity to the mod. Combat animations are housed within-mod, which means game updates, even those regarding the combat system, should not break the mod.

With that out of the way, let's look at a brief overview of the weapon changes.

Weapon Changes

For a more complete list of changes made by the mod, see 'What the Mod Changes' in the Discussions tab.

Introducing the Standardized Light Combo:

To ensure greater efficacy of one-handed weapons, something had to be done about certain light attacks. Maces and axes were swung like your character was a limp-wristed young boy. The standardized combo was born, utilizing a modified 1H Sword light combo capable of reliable and even-paced damage output. Adopters of the standardized combo are the 1H Sword, 1H Axe, 1H Mace, Shortsword, and Truncheon. The last strike of every standard combo applies a status effect, most commonly a bleed, but where that wouldn't make sense a sunder or cripple.

Introducing the Slam Spam:

Heavy combos with a one-handed weapon and a shield equipped (sorry, unarmed) will now execute shield bashes exclusively. These bashes have moderate damage and high stagger, making them beneficial to a tank looking to crowd-control some enemies. The bashes are reminiscent of a Sentinel Titan in Destiny 2, if any of you have played that. This precludes the use of a weapon's integral heavy combo, but that is a sacrifice a tank must make to gain the enhanced survivability a shield provides. Support for shield bashes have been added to Shortswords and 1H Spears, which previously did have any such attacks integrated.

Introducing New Attack Avenues for (most) 2H Weapons:

In all honesty, why someone would kick an opponent when they're holding a giant spear or a warhammer the size of a small child is beyond me. The offhand kicks for 2H weapons (excluding the Katana for now) have been replaced with new attack avenues. 2H Swords and 2H Spears have wide-arcing sweep attacks intended for multi-target cleave damage, with additional pushback effects to provide distance between the wielder and the enemy. 2H Axes and 2H Maces use a revamped heavy axe spin attack to cleave through targets like you're Herod in Scarlet Monastery. The attack speeds up and becomes less expensive with each swing but has a high barrier to entry in terms of stamina cost.

Weapons Animation Changes:

NOTE: As the full number of changes made wouldn't fit here, I listed only a handful.

2H Axe: light combo replaced with 4-part warhammer light combo. Heavy combo replaced with 3-part warhammer heavy combo. Offhand is now Whirlwind attack.

2H Mace: light combo sped up to match original speed. Offhand is now the Whirlwind attack.

2H Sword: light combo animations altered to favor AoE combat. Heavy combo animations altered to favor single-target combat. Both are akin to the old-style Sword attacks but have different 2 and 3 attacks. Offhand is now a wide-arcing sweep.

2H Spear: light combo animations have been replaced with a repeating two-part sweep attack combo, similar to the old Spear light attack. Offhand is now a wide-arcing sweep.

Bow: heavy draw speed has been increased by 50% to allow for much faster shots. Camera zoom has been adjusted.

1H Axe: light combo replaced with standardized combo. Offhand kick now uses a different animation.

1H Mace: light combo replaced with standardized combo. Heavy combo has been sped up slightly. Offhand kick now uses a different animation.

1H Sword: light combo replaced with standardized combo. Heavy 4 attack has been changed to its old attack, recreating the original Sword heavy combo. Offhand kick now uses a different animation.

1H Spear: Light attacks 2 and 3 have been replaced with animations taken from the Shortsword. Shield bash support has been incorporated.

Shortsword: light combo replaced with standardized combo. All Shortsword attacks have been sped up by ~10% to account for the lower base damage of the weapons. Shield bash support has been added. Throwing axe heavy combo support has been added. Original light combo has been reintroduced when used with a shield.

Truncheon: all attacks have been changed to the standardized combo. Shield bash support has been added. Thank me later.

Damage Balancing:

I primarily use TTK calculations in determining buffs and nerfs with regards to damage multipliers, as that statistic strongly correlates with real DPS output. I have separated weapons into groups (1H, 2H, Ranged, etc.) and tightened the aggregate TTK ranges of those weapons against other members of their group. Additionally, I have stratified each group's TTKs to create a clear hierarchy of damage output, with 2H weapons at the top, followed by 1H Special attacks (Shield Bash, Throwing Axe, Mounted), 1H Normals, and Ranged.

(NOTE: My TTK calculations involve using 4 tiers of a weapon [iron, steel, hardened steel, star metal/epic] against on-level T1 and T3 Fighter NPCs [Black Hand, Dogs, Heirs, Forgotten Tribe] with no Strength or Accuracy investments.)

IMPORTANT: I have not touched individual weapon stats (base damage) in this mod. There will be outliers in every tier due to Funcom's choices in designing weapons.

Mod Compatibility

Due to the relatively non-intrusive nature of Glory of Combat, it should be compatible with a wide array of mods, even those that operate within the same general area. The recent inclusion of directly edited weapon blueprints (2H Axe and 2H Mace) has the potential to cause issues with other mods that alter those assets, but so far in my testing I have not encountered any.

If for one reason or another, you do not like what I did with a weapon in particular, it is possible to override portions of my mod with another person's. You must ensure that their mod is lower in the load order than mine. Double check when you move mods around in the load order.

Known incompatible mods will be listed in Discussions as well as they are reported.


Thank you all for reading!

- Dread Swoop

Mod ID: 2097107339

A version of Glory of Combat featuring weapon trails can be found here:

IMPORTANT: This mod and Glory of Weapon Trails are NOT interchangeable, if a server requires one of these mods then you must use that one specifically.

Legal Disclaimer: all assets contained within this mod were created and are owned by Funcom. I just edited them.
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Dread Swoop  [author] Nov 21 @ 7:01am 
This mod purports to revert the dodge system to how it was previously (although keep in mind it may not be exact):
Dread Swoop  [author] Nov 21 @ 6:58am 
@Vaessen the dodge system is tied directly into a core character Blueprint (AB_human_male or something like that), unlike the combat system which has an easy to work with data table structure.

It's difficult to work with in the sense that any improper changes made will break character functionality, but provided that the minimum necessary amount of changes are made, it will likely work.

Because it is found in a core blueprint file, however, almost every meaningful update will break the mod, causing the author to have to re-do their work. In addition, that blueprint is highly competitive in that many mods try and overwrite that particular file, causing compatibility issues when two mods that affect it are used simultaneously.

There are a couple mods that affect dodges, I'll find them and provide a link back.
Vaessen Nov 20 @ 11:23pm 
How hard is it to implement better dodging mechanics? I hate how all sets (light. med, heavy) have the same rolling distance. I love being light and being able to dodge effectively. I can't seem to find a similar mod. Thanks.
Dread Swoop  [author] Nov 14 @ 3:48am 
Just checked Warrior Mutator and it seems to function well when used alongside Glory.
vezdehodbrn Nov 13 @ 7:54pm 
@Dread Swoop
Dread Swoop  [author] Nov 13 @ 5:49pm 

(Keep in mind that I don't use any of the mods you mentioned myself.)

AoC - From the testing I've done, it seems to cooperate well with Glory. Some weapon classes (example: dual wield swords) are not in the base game and therefore will be unchanged by Glory.

EEWA - I've had issues in the past with certain weapon types when both mods were used together. However, the changes introduced with the Isle of Siptah update should have solved those particular incompatibility issues. There may be lingering issues with attack animations with certain weapons, but they'd likely be few and far between.

Warrior - I haven't really tested this mod so I don't know much for sure. I'll download it and run it alongside Glory to see if I can spot any glaring issues.
vezdehodbrn Nov 13 @ 1:10pm 
Hello Dread Swoop! I like your mod, and i have a question: is it compatible with Warrior Mutator, AoC and EEWA?
Dread Swoop  [author] Nov 9 @ 1:41pm 
A quick update has arrived, adding support for Shortsword flurry attacks and reverting the change to the dagger's backflip offhand.

For those who don't know, the flurry attacks can be performed by starting with the heavy opener, followed by light attacks.
Melekaiah Nov 9 @ 1:37pm 
hmm, that sounds good, so if chain, they would have to have a link to oppening and closing and a closing would not allow more attacks after it i assume, and an opener cant be chained from another attack.

Ideally, you could have animations, be more of combat style while weapons dicated the speed, kind of damage, etc. id also love dto be able to branch out attacks, so we can do a 3 chain combo, then switch in to a b or c, stance and keep going with another combo.

im lookingfowards to more info for sure, id live to be able to create my own attacks, or combination of attacks ( as well as more dual wielding)
Dread Swoop  [author] Nov 8 @ 4:25pm 
I'll likely postpone the follow-up update to tomorrow, as I am very tired at the moment and would like to make some tweaks to the flurry attacks when I can focus properly.