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Touhou References (Rivals of Seihou)
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~uynU This is a collection of all the Touhou references on the Rivals of Aether Steam Workshop!

If you want a list of all the Touhou characters, click here:

As a disclaimer, I'll only be including one character per lore (the first or most popular one). This is to prevent single franchises from taking up the whole list and to help make this more diverse. Also as another disclaimer, this isn't an official list or anything. This is just another subjective opinion list on the Internet, my own personal headcanon on what's referencing what in no particular order. So while a lot of these may be a bit of a stretch, please remember that this is just for fun :)

Sorry if I miss any references! It's a lot harder to keep track of references than the characters themselves. If I miss any, I'd appreciate if you'd post them in the comments and I'll try to respond back as soon as I can :D

Lastly, I really wanted to make a Len'en reference in the title, and call it "Rivals of Mugenri", but The Seihou World came first so it takes precedent. (Sorry Jynx). You can still call use "Mugenri" if you'd like though.



GOKUU: References Utsuho Reiuji's nickname "Okuu" from Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism. Goku is the main protagonist from Dragon Ball Z franchise, he's also known as Son Gokuu. "Son" is also a reference to Okuu's subterranean "Sun".

RONALD: He uses UN Owen Was Her (Flandre Scarlet's Theme) as his victory them. Only putting the original Ronald on this list. While I love all the Ronald spin offs, I don't want to flood this page with Ronald content. Though, I do still consider them Touhou references in my heart <3

SANS: In an interview with ZUN, creator of Undertale Toby Fox states that his favorite franchise is Touhou and that his favorite Touhou character is Yukari Yakumo.
On Twitter, Undertale's main artist Temmie Chang draws Sans dressed as Yukari Yakumo.
Therefore, we can guess that Toby Fox's favorite character in Undertale is Sans.
But hey, that's just a theory, a game theory! Thanks for watching.

HIME DAISHO: The creator of this mod, "The Slugger" (bun0011), references on their profile description "touhou on steam :tenshi:" alongside a Tenshi Hinanawi emoticon. The character itself also uses a white snake similar to the mishaguji featured in the Moriya Shrine.

ZETTA ASHIKAGA: On the playlists section of Sydery Vuris's Youtube channel (where they uploaded this character mod), it features a ton of Touhou music, from old classics (Night of Nights) to new recent ones (Necromantic).
While I do want to have a distinction between anime-aesthetic characters and specific Touhou references, a large majority of anime art is Touhou. (1 600 000+ images on Pixiv, 640k+ images on Danbooru). Since this character series is also popular on the Steam Workshop, I figured it would be a cool way to introduce people to the Touhou Project through association.

YUUTO ICHIKA: A Touhou OC made by Koshi L. (Amyskye145) based off Patchouli and popularized by ChairGTables. Her Koishi Komeiji color palette is a reference to her original creator, while her Patchouli Knowledge color palette is based off her origins. The 3D bullet hell game "Star Azure Bluechouli" is also a reference to this. She's also appeared in fan events such as Touhou Fan Game Jam 2 "Yuuto Ichika's One Time Wonder" (2018) and Touhou Fan Game Jam 4 and Redditaisai "I'll Never Lose To " (2019). Lastly, they commonly use Fumo/Ohayou (Gyate Gyate) imagery and also have connections to popular Touhou fan music composers Sylvyspirit and Maki Ligon plus previously mentioned workshop creator "The Slugger" (bun0011).

DRACULA (BOSS): While Vlad Tepes is already directly referenced through EoSD, what puts this above common folktale is buskerdog's Reimu and Marisa custom dialogue that adds more specific references to both their Touhou 6 routes.
buskerdog's video showcasing the interactions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcOxgu1e32A
Reimu: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2019721304
"I'm going to make you leave this world" both references her dialogue before fighting Remilia and technically Richter's "You don't belong in this world, monster".
Marisa: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1942628561
"Acanthus" flower pun like "Aasôkai" (Pachypodium geayi) before fighting Remilia.
And Marisa's fondness for puns in general like with cross/decimal system (十), cold/dull (寒) and skill/bain 能(nou)/脳(nou).
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Ronald McDonald
Created by Alzter
Here's Ronald McDonald! This crazy clown's got a wild arsenal of moves up his sleeve, from hamburgers to genocide cutters.


  • Ronald's neutral special, side special and up special can all be charged. Holding the special button and brie
Created by Shaunt
Sans got too many invitations to join Super Smash Bros, so he joined Rivals of Aether instead.

This workshop character currently has support for the following workshop mods:
* Kirby Copy Ability
* Trummel & Alto Codec
* The Chosen One's Doodle
* Fer...
Hime Daisho
Created by Sakamoto3
Revealing herself from her home hidden in the depths of the Aetherian Forest, Hime joins the roster!

Neutral Special | Bow: Hime fires an arrow. The move has three levels of charge.
Side Special | Firework Arrow: Hime launches a firework arrow that sti...
Zetta Ashikaga
Created by Huang
Zetta Ashikaga, the slashy Miko of Midoriyama Shrine. Slice and dice opponents with her flashing blade.

She has a sharp set of abilities that get even sharper if you play precisely.

Zetta have 5 taunt. Normal taunt and taunt + special/attack/up/down...
Yuuto Ichika
Created by ChairGTables
From the Steam game Super Ledgehop: Double Laser, Yuuto Ichika has arrived with a new set of spells! Created by the LAME Dimension development team themselves, they’ve brough...
[OLD] Dracula (Boss)
Created by Harbige12
NOTE: This version of Dracula is outdated. Download Dracula 2.0 for a bigger challenge!

What is a man? Er... mammal?

Another example of a boss fight using scripted stages. He acts very similar to his Smash Ultimate counterpart. Comes wi...
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