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May 6, 2020 @ 6:12pm
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Welcome To The One Mod To Rule Them All

Ark : Middle earth is a mod that brings the world of tolkien to Ark , with multiple custom creatures and armor skins and structures , please keep in mid this will be
a long project and this is merely the beta version of the mod , there will be many
more stuff added with time

What you will find in this mod :-

Humans [/b}Gondor officer armor
Gondor Captain armor


Lindon Elves king armor
Lindon Elves Soldier armor


Erebor dwarves armor


Uruk-Hai swordman armor
Nazgul Armor
Witchking Helmet

The Great Elk , A stead that belonged to the Elven king of the Mirkwoods , this Mighty creature is considered the last of his Line and they\'re formidable mounts when used in combat , What seperates this mighty beast from his kin ? Well this creature unlike the rest has Better Torpor and You can Level up his torpor to how u see fit .

Elven great Elk SPAWN CODE :
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint\'/Game/Mods/MiddleEarth/Creatures/ElkKing/ElkKing_Character_BP.ElkKing_Character_BP\'" 500 0 0 120

The mountain trolls , Trolls were large monsters of limited intellect. They were strong and vicious, but they could not endure sunlight , Though their origin is unknown , Some would say they were Ents that have been corrupted by the first dark lord , Now there many of this trolls and alot of different kinds but what makes this ones mightier than the rest is the ability tu put a saddle on their backs for more protection

Mountain Troll SPAWN CODE :
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint\'/Game/Mods/MiddleEarth/Creatures/MountainTroll/MountainTroll_Character_BP.MountainTroll_Character_BP\'" 500 0 0 120

The wargs of the misty mountains , This vicious creatures hunt in packs and were the Orcs favorite mounts during the battles throught the history of middle earth , but this are no mere wargs , this ones were trained and rode by the orcs of gundabad , Not only do they gain a pack buff when together , but they can also have saddles on their backs to provide way better protection against all other creatures
Warg spawn CODE :

admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint\'/Game/Mods/MiddleEarth/Creatures/warg/Warg_Character_BP.Warg_Character_BP\'" 500 0 0 120

The dwarven rams of the IronHills , this rough and sturdy creatures were once rode by the dwarves of the Ironhills , They\'re fast and strong and can run through enemies like a wave of water , This battle rams Have an armor around their faces to protect them from arrows and Help them ram enemies without much worry about their heads , What differes this rams from the rest is their speed , starting with a base speed of 120% this things are FASTTT and have ALOT OF STAMINA , they can travel lands with no worries at all
Battle Sheep SPAWN CODE:
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint\'/Game/Mods/MiddleEarth/Creatures/Sheep/DwarfRam_Character_BP.DwarfRam_Character_BP\'" 500 0 0 120

Ah the fellbeasts , the nazguls steads and the enemies of the great eagles , This vicious atrocious creatures dominated the battles from the skys , with a scream that pierces your skull they put fear in the hearts of men , some would say they were once corrupted beards or they were once failed dragons ,but nonethless this creatures are fearsome not for their Scream or their BLACK fire , its for the ability that u can put a saddle on its back and give it way more armor than any beast that dominates the skys of middle earth
Fell Beast SPAWN CODE:
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint\'/Game/Mods/MiddleEarth/Creatures/nazgul/Fellbeast_Character_BP.Fellbeast_Character_BP\'" 500 0 0 120

The saddles for this creatures can be found in the Smithy

Structures :
Argonath statue , This is a giant statue of king Anarion


Click the image to be redirected to my discord and see the development of the mod and if you have any questions regarding the mod or suggestion
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CaptinShawn.k Jun 8 @ 5:44pm 
whats the mod ID
magdalena Apr 19 @ 1:09pm 
Hello I have a question about the codes.
With the spawn codes, the creatures are tamed?
if not, what should I put in place of the spawn code so that the creatures are tamed?
Thank you.
Sir.Felix Apr 16 @ 4:43pm 
Is there gonna be any updates to the mod? like more armor for Dwarves and stuff? Nice work on the mod lads! keep it up
Sean_Amor Mar 30 @ 6:13pm 
@hyde I am very excited to use this on my rpg viking server in Fjordor! Keep up the great work! I look forward to using your mod once its safe for a public server use, thank you for your work! Are any of your other mods out of beta/safe?
R E N  [author] Mar 5 @ 7:03am 
as of the moment the only way it can be tamed is force tame sadly , and i am aware of that thank u
syko1985 Mar 4 @ 5:25pm 
is there a way the fellbeasts can be made tameable by KO or like the crystal wyverns be tamed passive? my server players like them and wanna try and tame them, also the skins do not work on female characters
R E N  [author] Mar 4 @ 12:14pm 
admin spawned only
syko1985 Mar 4 @ 11:59am 
do the fellbeast randomly spawn? or only admin spawned in?
c-seyfang Feb 15 @ 1:41am 
thx for the code now it works really well done the fellbeast looks amazing. How about a Balrog ;))
R E N  [author] Feb 11 @ 11:55am 
what stuff