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Craftable Medical X Food
Created by Glash-Sep
Craftable Medical X Food (Update to Unity 2017)
Craft For Survival!
Hope you like it!

1x Suturekit + 1x Splint = 1x Medkit
1x Chemicals + 1x Tablets + 1x Bottled Water + 4x Cloths = 1x Bloodbag
2x Dressing + 1x Tablets + 6x Cloths = 1x Suturekit
Craftable Tents
Created by Bizzoula
Doors can now be attached to the entrances without the need of Doorframes being placed.

Model is from the Military Tent "Tent_0".

Item Type: Barricade
Recipe Type: Furniture

White - 8736
Blue - 8737
Green - 8738
Orange - 8739
Purple - 8...
Craftable Tools
Created by Glash-Sep
Craftable Tools (Update to Unity 2017)
Craft For Survival!
Hope you like it!

1x Chemicals + 2x Metal Sheet + 1x Portable Gas Can + 1x Blowtorch(Tool) = 1x Vehicle Battery (Craft Level 2)
8x Cloth + 2x Metal Sheet + 1x Chemicals + 1x Diving Tank(Tool)...
Created by redtruck
Welcome to Durham Valley! A fictional location found in the equally fictional state of Franklin, somewhere on the East Coast USA.

Big thanks to Nelson for repeatedly giving great advice and troubleshooting the map's issues.
Furniture Expansion
Created by Letgalian
Build your own chairs, shelves, beds, TVs, computers and more! This addon includes over 80 decorative items that you can now craft and place in your base.

Survivor's Expansion
Created by Second Cog

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A new mod is coming for you, dear survivors! You using Furniture E...
[Official] France (Updated)
Created by Vilespring
Temperate nation east of Canada. Large variety of civilian locations and a steady military presence. Explore medieval cities, alpine forests, and sandy shorelines. Recommended for experienced survivors.

France features multiple points of interest with s...