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Carpat Bundles
Created by cartman-2000
This has the bundles for the map Carpat.

This mod is mostly for server operators, and other players, that want the map content, without loading the entire map.

Workshop mod for the Carpat map, which this mod has the content for:
Stereo Music Mod: Hardbass Edition
Created by Mr_Gun

Today you were in the mood to drink five liters of vodka in one gulp and can still stand on your feet? So the time has come Hardbass! Jump into your rusty Lada and drive along the crooked Russian roads, completely killing the sus...
Stereo Music Mod: Russian Rock Edition
Created by Second Cog

For some reason, you realize that you are 40 years old already. All things today were done, you need to wake up early to go to factory, but first it's good time to listen to music of your youth - Russian Rock. This mod is part of ...
Created by SDGNelson
The birthplace of Western civilization located on pretty much the opposite side of the planet from Canada. Explore the completely different architectural style across a beautifully varied landscape. Recommended for intermediate survivors.

Created by:
Hawaii Assets
Created by SDGNelson
These are all of the objects, items, vehicles, NPCs and other assets built for the Hawaii map.
Required for playing Hawaii, but kept separately on the Workshop as a smaller download for other maps.

Created by:
  • Justin "Gamez2much" Morton
Pento's Tactical Apparel
Created by Peko
[BETA] Currently in testing phase

Made by Pento Katsuwa. This is my first mod ever so if there's an issue or has any suggestion, comment them in the discussion down below.

About This Mod
This mod adds tactical clothes and g...
[Official] France (Updated June 2021)
Created by Vilespring
An update! Finally! This should fix hopefully all the missing objects and some other issues with the map.

Temperate nation east of Canada. Large variety of civilian locations and a steady military presence. Explore medieval cities, alpine forests, and s...
Escape from Unturnov 1.5 | Hardcore PvP | WIP beta 1.5.13
Created by Torqs
This is not Escape from Unturnov II ! EfU 2 has been in development for 8 months now and will probably take some more months. A release date for EfU 2 is not yet known.

Mod description (important to read to understand what EfU is!) [