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May 6, 2020 @ 4:58am
May 11, 2021 @ 12:47am
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This is still a work in progress with errors and issues.

Journey into mysterious catacomb ,Just remember death could be around the corner!!


I have removed the sound from the Structure and have made a simple object that looks like a speaker
icon that has the sound added to that .

  • Trap Room (stairs with a trap door )
  • wall spikes (spikes shoot out from the wall)
  • floor fire (fire comes out of the floor)
  • Ground spikes (shoot out of the floor into the roof)

  • candel
  • Stone Casket
  • wall torch
  • Catacomb_stones

  • Catacomb lower Structure
  • Catacomb Tombs
  • Catacomb stairs
  • Catacomb Structure with secret door
  • Catacomb small wall

  • Metal gate
  • stone door
  • stone door frame

How to use
  • The stairs with the trap floor can be closed and opened by the switch on the wall .The trap door will open once by it self if a unit gets to close to it.
  • The ground spikes can be triggered by shooting them or walking on them .Can only be used once
  • Wall spikes can only be used once and is triggered by a unit that gets to close to it.
    The wall spikes was very difficlt to script as the unit needed to be killed if hit by it, but could also set it off by being close to it with out dying.
    Only works at the level it spawns at no but no higher or lower.Unit can crawl under it with out dying .
  • Floor fire will get triggered every time a unit steps on it and will not kill the unit instantly but will take some health.
  • Catacomb lower Structure has Ambience that will start once in game.
  • The candel works day or night but will shine light once its dark. you can shoot it and the flame will go out.
  • One of the stairs is not level with the other one so just use a stone door frame to hide any gaps

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Jun 5, 2020 @ 12:36pm
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nayD Dec 2, 2021 @ 2:35pm 
if you would consider making like a Standing torch that would be cool and fun to use as prop! :)
[+| CL rautamiekka Nov 26, 2021 @ 10:08am 
The keywording (tagging) sorely needs improvement, as with so many thousands of things here it's impossible to explicitly find this without accidentally stumbling upon it.
dame2010  [author] May 11, 2021 @ 12:54am 
Sound fixed ::I have removed the sound from the Structure and have made a simple object that looks like a speaker
icon that has the sound added to that .
EllmansWorld May 5, 2021 @ 11:51am 
Is the audio with the lower catacombs bugged on this as well?
dame2010  [author] Mar 26, 2021 @ 4:18am 
the fire torch will be added in my Roman and Medieval prop pack soon
Garry Mar 23, 2021 @ 1:54pm 
hello, in the early videos you can see the ability to move with a torch. Where can I get it?
Nightwolf2112 Jan 24, 2021 @ 6:19pm 
When you get a chance, this mods needs TLC. The sounds of wind kill the ability to hear anything, the traps affect how ACE medical works, and the structures themselves kill performance in-game so that a server with 20+ players have ~5-15 frames
Valken Sep 25, 2020 @ 5:49am 
Amazing mod. Can you make a re-textured version for modern or space usage?!! The size are fine. I was thinking about modern bunkers or space ship design with metallic plates and maybe pipes or screens on the walls. Maybe 2 different "windowed" plates to see outside.
ArganinyCZSK Jun 4, 2020 @ 3:58am 
I asked you about the license in the discussion section. Could you answer me, here is the link: