Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

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The Art Of The Teutons' Healing Fortress
By Teutonic Healing Fortress
The Composition, Formation and Battle tactics of a Teutonic King
Now- Shall we begin?
The Art Of The Teuton's Healing Fortress: Part 1

It has long been said that to know an opponent and to know yourself shall make you strong, and to know your opponent is to observe them at their strongest before striking them down. Watch and learn as your opponent/s bring their fighting force into particular and peculiar compositions, formations and into movement patterns unique to each individual command.

Take your time defensively sorting out the puzzle that is their ability to command without underestimating the opponent.

Know your own fighting force and think about how you might come out of each and every fight with the least amount of weeping family members at the end of each battle; always aim for zero losses and always fight to the strengths of your army. If you find a weakness in yourself than you must strengthen it until weakness is cast aside and you become stronger still in the wisdom of battle tactics and know that your men and women shalt appreciate your efforts with their blessings and great gifts rather than weeping sorrow at the many losses that they have endured throughout your reign. Fight well, and fight smartly. Know your opponent and learn their every move. Know yourself and every move you might make to counter your opponent's moves and keep thinking, learning and trying out new tactics and perfecting how you pull off each formation with precision and skill and knowledge that your men will come out of each battle alive. Fight to live! fight so that your people and army will live to see their grandchildren!


The Art Of The Teuton's Healing Fortress: Part 2

To help ensure that your fighting force shall return alive, it is critical that you have healers within your ranks and that they may be kept safe so they might continuously rejuvinate your army's ability to set forth upon your foe. To do this one may take advantage of one of the optimal square formation tactics:

Basic Stance:
Square Formation,
Stand ground

Mainline Battle Formation:
29 Teutonic Knights,
21 Hand Canoneers,
10 Monks

Poor Man's Fortress:
21 Teutonic Knights,
10 hand canoneers
10 monks

Healers' 21 wololo Salute:
29 Teutonic Knights,
21 Monks
10 Hand Canoneers

Make good work and practice these formations perfectly.


The Art Of The Teuton's Healing Fortress: Part 3

It is not enough to field just your healing fortress. While it may be used in many ways, its focus is supporting the support that the supports the support. In other words it supports the frontline armies of your own and your allies. Keep clear of siege weapon shots and attempt to stay out of the line of archer fire.

Mainline Battle Formation Compositions to support the supporting Healing Fortress:

Regular formation stances -
(Healing Fortress htky 1)

20 Teutonic Knights, htky 2

20-30 Palladins, htky 3

9 bombard cannons, htky 4

Optional Battle Formations based on enemy composition

20-40 Teutonic Condottiero (ou)

40-60 skirmishers (optional unit)

10-20 Siege Onagers (optional unit)

1 castle+4 closely knit Keeps filled to the brim with 60 hand canoneers (optional)

Among other units under your command, seek out your opponent's weaknesses and strengths. You will know what to do. If at a loss, fight defensively as strongly as you might until your opponent gives in or you figure out the key flaw in your enemy's tapestry of a plan.


The Art Of The Teuton's Healing Fortress: Part 4

In a battle of defensive attrition, it is imperative that you gain an advantage over time.

To do this we have a few methods:

1.Gather as many relics as possible

2. Research at least onagers and utilize scortched earth tactics. Remove any trees that you will not use, and destroy any you might lose.

3. Create a plan where your military and economic losses are zero or close to it. And ensure that each fight you choose to participate in is a dreadful waste of your opponents' supply.

4. Ensure that your enemy's economy has a limit while yours will keep going for far longer.

5. Strike with full force once you see your enemy's forces whither - it is a sign that their resources are drained much of the time - but keep care that it is not a feint.


The Art Of The Teuton's Healing Fortress: Part 5

In some cases research is a large part of the battle.

To bring about the most effective army with the least amount of resources used one must pick the choice morsels for their fighting force to consume.

Blacksmith: Research all upgrades that effect units you intend to field and no more, no less.

Same goes for any upgrades within the Barracks, Castle, Archery Ranges and so on.
Within the monestary the only two upgrades that are needed are the two that effect movement speed and health; Anything else is a bonus but not needed.

For the knight line and mangonel lines specifically you might choose to only research cavalier and onager to save on gold for the short term and to help fielding your full army all the sooner.

In the University the only three upgrades truly needed are the ones allowing the creation of gunpowder units, increasing siege range and effecting accuracy of arrows and other projectiles. Increasing building armor as needed, and any other research can be done on a needbe basis depending on what units or defensive structures you wish to field.

You might even rush into cavaliers and monks before equipping the monks with defensive armaments to allow them to push into enemy territory alongside the cavaliers - when the monks are at home, heal the cavaliers in two groups, one fights, one is healed, repeat

Here is a guide I made for some optimal team compositions for the Healing Fortress
As well as other things to do with our Healing Fortress
To Be Continued
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Teutonic Healing Fortress  [author] Jun 28 @ 3:32pm 
Update: added a link to my guide for team compositions involving the teutonic healing fortress -
Feel free to add any suggestions
Teutonic Healing Fortress  [author] May 24 @ 9:19am 
@Alejandro The Brave

I still have a bunch to improve,
I'm glad you enjoyed our match : )
Alejandro The Brave May 24 @ 12:43am 
I think I once faced you in a 1v1 BF right? That healing fortress was indestructible 111. I'm glad I was able to cut forest and reach your base before you cwere able to make that fortress to it's full composition
Teutonic Healing Fortress  [author] May 16 @ 9:03pm 
Thank you : ) @ Matt Manson
berni_matt May 15 @ 10:44pm 
GREAT guide and writing :D 11