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Riderless XP
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Riderless XP

This mod aims to implement xp sharing even for dinos without riders, be it singleplayer or just solo play.
Here's how the mod works: you or any of your tamed dinos kill a dino -> you AND all dinos within range gain the same amount of xp as the one who killed the enemy. ???. Profit.

Feel free to try the mod out if you want to, and let me know if there are any issues!

Now has a configurable range! (GameUserSettings.ini)
[RiderlessXP] ExperienceSharingDistance=3000.0 HideBuffIconFromHUD=True SharedExpMultiplier=0.75 ExpShareTypes=generic,kill,harvest,craft,special
Distance unit should be centimeters (cm).


Added a new config option:
[RiderlessXP] ExpShareTypes=generic,kill,harvest,craft,special
It's a list of comma separated (no spaces) types of activities which result in sharing experience.
Not exactly sure what "special" xp type means, but decided to include it anyway (AddExperience command falls under "generic" type)

ModID: 2086333904
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Father Doug Sep 10 @ 6:41am 
I wasn't looking for this mod. it was looking for me.
[MpP] DerpyPannycake Aug 30 @ 11:09am 
Ahh that makes more sense
BigBrainMonster  [author] Aug 30 @ 10:45am 
Not necessarily, though maybe I should have phrased it differently, as what I meant was like a small/one man tribe kind of thing. lol
[MpP] DerpyPannycake Aug 29 @ 3:34pm 
be it singleplayer or just solo play. Isnt that the same thing? LUL
BigBrainMonster  [author] Aug 18 @ 6:39pm 
That is correct. :)
VerteNinja Aug 18 @ 9:14am 
Love the mod! Just want to confirm that if I have: ExpShareTypes=kill,harvest then everything will only get xp when tthings are killed or harvested, right?
Storm Aug 10 @ 10:37pm 
This concept is something that has really been needed in the game! I've always been annoyed at how hard/long it was to level up dinos that weren't predators. Now I can finally level up the workers and other non-alphas. Thanks!
Soul Survivor Aug 10 @ 12:59pm 
i believe this mod was causing a problem on my nitrado server it was making my character get lag to the piont of being stuck mounting or dismounting dino's i am not 100% sure it was this mod but this mod and one other are the only ones i removed and the problem that i had for weeks was gone
BigBrainMonster  [author] Aug 9 @ 6:14pm 
I'll try to take a closer look at this whenever I get around to the dev kit again. For now the only "fixes" are to either not ride dinos that are doing the killing or setting the multiplier low/er (I know it sucks, just bear with it a bit longer). Sorry.
SilenionTTV Aug 9 @ 5:44pm 
That's fine. Was just wondering why only killing like 2-3 dinos was giving about 7 levels.