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Node controller V2.3 [Stable]
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May 4, 2020 @ 10:52pm
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Node controller V2.3 [Stable]

Alternate Node controller mod is Node Controller Renewal : more user friendly but more limitations.

Guide to moving corners:

Control node types/properties - move corners (Control+N)

This mod lets you control Nodes and override the base games' automatic settings. You can add/remove crossings, Create smooth junctions, control road transition, ...

if you like my work, please support me.

or donate with paypal

How to use
See Wiki page[]
When this mod is enabled, unnecessary forward flags outside the context of intersection are removed.
- Click on the node settings Icon shown in the screenshots to enable/disable the tool.
- you can use the shortcut key configurable from settings (Control+N by default).
- use UnifiedUI mod
Modify nodes
- Click on any Piece of the road to add crossing node (reset to default to remove crossing).
- Click on a node to modify node type/corners (see screenshots)
- Use Alt+Click to modify segment ends.
- use sliders to modify offset/stretch/slope/tilt(super-elevation)
- hide node markings do not functionally ban pedestrian crossings. if you forbid pedestrian crossings using TMPE, it will also hide them.

Incompatible mods
- The original Crossings mod.
Required mods
- any version of Hide Crossings Mod.
- Harmony mod
semi-compatible mods
- CSUR: only junction nodes are supported for CSUR. most importantly you can modify corner offset.
- IMT to paint on nodes.
- Mod Compatibility Checker
- Move IT to move nodes and delete columns
- Elektrix's Road Tools: to add/remove nodes.
- Fine Road tool

- Restart Cities skylines (exit to desktop and run the program again).
- Mod Compatibility Checker
- Remove all other mods (excluding this and TMPE) to check if you still encounter the issue.
- see TMPE troubleshooting guide[]
- if you get get
TypeLoadException ... harmony
in your log, then please report it to the Harmony Mod.
- the problem is usually an incompatible mod.
- run DAS and Mod Compatibility Checker and incldue them in your report.

How to report Problems
CLICK HERE to understand where are the log files and how to upload them.

What to include
- what you doing when the problem happened
- what is the problem?
- what do you expect
- output_log.txt and NodeController.log
- screenshots
Where to report
- in the comment section bellow
- comment on this GITHUB ISSUE[]
- you can attach logs to one of the above links or a place of your own choosing but I do need logs.

Future plans
- iterate between nodes when they are too close to each other.
- corner offset to increase chances of train track connection.
- Warn about small segments.
- fix stretch segments: support asym and handle lod.

Source code: Repository[]

Thanks to
- Chamelon: Workshop page
- kjmci: Workshop page
- Allystrya

Q: Can I remove existing crossings at intersections and road transitions?
A: Yes! This is an improvement over the original "Crossings" mod. Click on road transitions you should set node type to Middle/Bend/Stretch. On junctions, you should ban pedestrian crossings and this will automatically remove crossing textures as well.

Q: I don't see the button
A: - Advanced toolbar mod can hide actication button. Use the hotkey or UnifiedUI.

Q: Control+N shortcut does not work for me.
A: To avoid key collisions. this only works when No other tool is active. The shortcut key is configurable from settings.

Q: How do I snap to middle nodes?
A: turn on snap to the node from settings.

Q: What is Middle/Bend/Stretch Node?
A: In vanilla game, Middle node is a node between 2 segments of the same type and is invisible. Bend node is for when road bends or asymmetrical road changes direction.
Using node controller you can force middle/bend nodes. Also, you can use a stretch node which stretches the textures for a better match.

Q: When I use bend node type the roads do not align.
A: Use Stretch Node. Bend node is more suited for road corners and asym roads.

Q: I am a micro nerd but I do not know how to use corner position/direction
A: ask me directly on Discord []

Q: When I increase corner smoothness, cars glitch/slow down.
A: Increasing node size decreases segment size. if the segment size is too small then cars glitch.

Q: Is this compatible with the move it?
A: it's compatible with version 1.9 and above.

Q: I don't see overlays
A: need TMPE 1.5 or above

Q: I pressed hide node markings but pedestrians are still crossing.
A: Hide node markings does not actually ban crossing. You should use TMPE to ban crossing and that would automatically remove crossing textures too. Hide node markings are only useful for micro nerds to paint over their roads.
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kian.zarrin  [author] Sep 9 @ 3:57pm 
I moved all buttons to UUI
why can't you use this mod?
mendivil Sep 8 @ 3:57pm 
When I load a game every corner offset change made previously is reset to default. The other changes are saved and loaded correctly, p.e. nodeless-custom node changes.
mobile87 Sep 6 @ 6:45pm 
It would be nice to add a feature that makes tunnels taller
Satsuma Sep 5 @ 7:59am 
And after subbing Ui it works fine... But UI seems not to work In Map Editor
Satsuma Sep 5 @ 7:15am 
Without having UnifiedUI subscribed i got that UI symbol on screen and i cant use this mod!
What happened?
Chamëleon TBN  [author] Aug 20 @ 1:49pm 
@Gambletain - danke auch hierfür!
Gambletain Aug 18 @ 12:15pm 
Ich habe ein deutsches Tutorial und Vorstellungsvideo zum Node Controller 2.3 gemacht.

(Falls Kommentar nicht erwünscht: Löschen)
kian.zarrin  [author] Aug 1 @ 12:05pm 
but you definitely also need hide crossing mod.
kian.zarrin  [author] Aug 1 @ 12:05pm 
I am not sure about NCR3 but NC2 would work.
NCR3 has several problems that I have raised with the author and he will fix.
Delta-9 Aug 1 @ 10:43am 
Maybe I have the wrong NC mod then. I had a 'node controller' mod, before I had to wipe my pc, that didnt need other mods to get it to work. I'll see if I can find it. Thx