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X4: Foundations

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Paintjobs Galore!
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Paintjobs Galore!

This mod adds 26 new paintjobs to the game. The paintmods can be purchased from 'Traders Corner' vendors on any station. The new paintmods chance to appear at vendors, how much stock is available and their price depends on their rarity.

Basic quality, 70% chance. 200 to 1800 credits. 5 to 16 available in stock.
Enhanced quality, 50% chance. 1000 to 9000 credits. 1 to 12 available in stock.
Exceptional quality, 30% chance. 2000 to 18000 credits. 0 to 8 available in stock.

This means that while you may have to travel around checking stations to find the rarer paintmods anyone that stocks them should have a few. This setup is also an attempt to minimise vendor menu spam. The mod 'Paint Jobs for Sale' adds paintmods to their own menu at the vendors, eliminating the clutter problem.

The paintmod prices are largely negligible, even the rarest paintmods only cost a fraction of the games cheapest ships (one or two paintjobs might be exceptions to these rules ;p ).

The paintmods have been given custom made icons in the redesign menu that perfectly fit with the vanilla icons for muh maximum immersion!

Protip - Teladi trading stations have loads of vendors!

Basic quality paintjobs
Scarlet, Royal Blue, Emerald, Magnum, Sherman, Guerilla, Urban, Metro, Timberland, Skyline, Skyline Two, Electric!, Umber, Hardware.

Enhanced quality paintjobs
Pursuit, Revenant, Labyrinth, Far-out, Amoeba, Sanguine Fune, Virginian, Virginian Two.

Exceptional quality paintjobs
Velocity, Wraith, Starbound, Excess Profitss!

Q. Can I use this mod with other mods that add paintjobs?
A. Yes.

Q. Will this mod effect performance?
A. No, every effort has been made to keep the textures as low resolution as possible. My largest texture is the same resolution as egosoft's largest texture.

Q. Safe to uninstall/unsubscribe?
A. First remove any of this mods paintjobs from your ships (install a vanilla one), then save. Then uninstall/unsubscribe.

Q. "X" paintmod doesnt look like the screenshots on my ship?
A. It is the nature of how paintmods work that they can look great on some ships and not-so-great on others. Nothing I can do about this and it is the same for vanilla paintmods.

Q. Camouflage? On spaceships?

Enjoy! Thank you Egosoft for X4 and you're continued work on it. It's really starting to come together with 3.0!

I spend a lot of time and effort making mods, they are of course FREE but if you like what I do and feel like showing your appreciation with a donation you can do so through Paypal[www.paypal.com] via mjfaraldo@gmail.com. Thank you.

NB - The textures included in this mod are not to be shared elsewhere, used or copied without my express permission.
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Jun 28 @ 2:48pm
Le Leon
< >
Hoth Sep 20 @ 2:19am 
These Paintjobs are very good in terms of look and quality. Good Job.
The only thing I miss is an just white Paintjob like Amoeba without the pattern.
Really good mod
Thanks mate
Deranged 101 Jul 4 @ 11:18am 
The only thing I would request would be a way to see a preview of the paintjob in-game. Outside of keeping this page open in the Steam browser window, that is.

But that would be a big "nice-to-have" as opposed to more paintjob options which is always desired!

BTW, does the AI purchase these for their own ships?
Sooner535{UFIP} May 23 @ 2:21pm 
Could you add some red and gold/ purple and gold ones? I am very partial to those colors >.< and wouldnt mind black thrown in there? (maybe a bunch of different ones, like a gold and black one that looks like Warden? Or a Gold and purple also looking like Warden?) just an idea :)
[Oms!]Divine* May 17 @ 8:59pm 
Le Leon May 14 @ 8:30am 
@Cythal: I changed the numbers, so every paint mod has different available items. ^^ Thought 100 is ... lame? Also set the price range to a more equal level of 10-40k with increasing rarity.

"Umber" description="Basic quality paintmod."
<paint ware="axesumber" quality="2"
Appears in enhanced category as set, but not as described.

Had time to check them ingame, really cool work. A pleasure to see them on ships.
Cythal May 14 @ 3:42am 
@Le Leon, I use the number of paint mods available for sell to know which one is from this mod. All the other paint mods are set at 100 each time you visit a trader. This mod varies the number depending on rarity.

I do agree that a category would be useful as well as the ability to sort by price. Hopefully in the modder can figure out a way to allow different paint mods to create their own specific category in the trader menu.

And for more immersion create holo billboards along the highway to market the paint mods. :)
Le Leon May 12 @ 3:06pm 
Own category would be the best, but i doubt, they add this, because their venture system provides players with paint mods, not a trader.

It's not a big thing, i do it for myself then. Already use Freeqs Paintmod, where he uses a prefix. Prefix is a help type of a own category there.

And "i'm a mod" - every time i go into the game, i see the modified state anyway. ^^

But probabply i should have a look at your paints. I bought some of them, but, i often forget such things. ^^
My player ships already wear the (self darkened) damaged skins from Freeq. I like the used look over the "i came fresh from the assembly line"-look. :D

Do NPC ships use your paints?
Axeface  [author] May 12 @ 1:11pm 
@Le Leon I decided against anything like that because im an immersion freak. If I give them a prefix its like they are screaming "IM A MOD" at me. I find it annoying that paints dont have their own category too and i've made requests about it to egosoft.
Le Leon May 12 @ 10:13am 
Can you please name them with a prefix (AF?), so all skins stick together and are not mixed between normal goods. Maybe with rarity? "AFB", "AFE","AFX"?