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Escape Room #1 - The Game Room
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4
Tags: Misc, 4+
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May 2 @ 4:17pm
Aug 18 @ 10:47am
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Escape Room #1 - The Game Room

Update version 0.5
Fixed broken walkthrough link.

Here is the link again if it still does not work in game!

Update version 0.4

Complete walkthrough has been added to the notebook under "Spoiler Complete Walkthrough"
Walkthrough is in the form of a link, so copy and paste into tablet or your browser to view.
Good luck!
Update Version 0.3

Fixed the Clue board, which was not locked previously.
Hints have been added to the game master notebooks, which contain spoilers but should help lead you to the answers :)

As always, feedback is welcome. Enjoy!
Update Version 0.2

Notes changed for clarification. Objects were locked which do not need to be interacted with. Backstory added.

Version 0.1 - Initial test

Huge thanks to the following mods, which we used to make this escape room possible!

Room -

Clue -

Scrabble -

The Game of Life -

Guess Who -
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Aug 18 @ 11:10am
Looking for Feedback
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Purplerainbowunicorns Aug 18 @ 10:55am 
Thank you for the Tinyurl! Works great now :D
ItsMichaela  [author] Aug 18 @ 10:48am 
Hi all,
Sorry for the broken link, I'm not quite sure why it wasn't working but we created a tinyurl to replace it. This should be reflected in-game and in change notes. Enjoy!
booboothefu Aug 18 @ 8:59am 
The link for the walkthrough doesn't seem to work and now I will never know the answer... Can you check the link? I need to know the answer :( THANK YOU
Purplerainbowunicorns Aug 18 @ 8:57am 
Hi! I tried the link on the notepad for the walkthrough and can't seem to be able to open it still (it keep redirecting me to the google clear cache page). Do you have it uploaded somewhere else?
Coder4Christ Aug 12 @ 10:56am 
Nice! Are you planning on making any more? It would be awesome!
mrbeardeddragon1 Jul 23 @ 7:59pm 
So my friend worked through the escape room and figured out every letter besides the one for chess, is there something special about the brown king that would tell us that it is k. we couldn't figure it out. Other then that it was a very cool idea to build an escape room
ItsMichaela  [author] May 15 @ 8:02am 
Newest update includes a complete walkthrough available via a link in the notebook. Enjoy!
Brono May 15 @ 2:26am 
Yes that would be very useful, I am very stuck XD
ItsMichaela  [author] May 14 @ 4:45pm 
At present, no. However, we're considering adding further hints and possibly a link to a walkthrough. If this is something you're interested in please let us know and we might expedite the process :)
Brono May 14 @ 2:31pm 
Is there any way to find out the answer if you don't get it?