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Quality Turrets
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Apr 27, 2020 @ 4:27pm
May 18, 2020 @ 4:50pm
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Quality Turrets

This Mod adds a turret blueprint into the game(THERE IS NO ENGRAM) that will randomly generate a quality level when spawned(THIS IS NOT A STANDARD QUALITY, IT WILL BE SHOWN NUMERICALLY IN THE BLUEPRINT NAME). The placed turret will retain this quality.
For spawning or adding to your loot tables(Make sure its added as a blueprint, if you spawn in premade turrets they won\'t have quality)

Spawn with Admin Console-
giveitem "Blueprint\'/Game/Mods/QualityTurrets/Auto/QualityTurrets_StructureItem_Turret.QualityTurrets_StructureItem_Turret\'" 1 0 1

Supply Crate Spawning Example(puts it in a regular white drop)-

BASE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS(for a below spawnable Quality Turret)
100 Metal
25 Electronics
20 Polymer
5 Black Pearl

Weight W = 2 Default
Item Quality Index IQI = 0 Primitive, 1 Ramshackle, 2 Apprentice, 3 Journeyman, 4 Mastercraft, 5 Ascendant

Weighted IQI = (IQI + 1)^W
Weight exponentially increases the IQI this creates the WIQI

QM is the Quality Modifier generated by the game with the following Item Stat Info settings
Default Modifier Value DMV = 0
Randomizer Range Override RRO = 1000
Randomizer Range Multiplier RRM = 0.02
State Modifier Scale SMS = 0.03
Initial Value Constant IVC = 1.0
Rating Value Multiplier = 1.2
Absolute Max Value = 1000

B is the Base Percent Increase over regular turret damage, default value is 25

B * Sqrt(QM * WIQI)
The above formula is capped at 500 or the setting in .ini for MaxQuality. When placed this value is treated as a percent modifier to the turret base damage of 77.

Config Options-

If MaxCrafts is equal to 0 the blueprint will allow infinite crafts.

Damage = BaseDMG * ((Quality+100)/100)
If ScaleHealth is true then this applies to the MaxHealth

Picked Up Turrets will show that you picked up a Primitive Turret but it should be the correct quality when you open your inventory. I don\'t believe there\'s a solution to this at this time and its not a high concern.

DISCLAIMER: This Mod is still in early testing use at your own risk or mess with it in singleplayer and provide feedback :3
Turrets that are picked up should have the same quality they were placed with.

Beacon Junk: 7e0378a1-c350-4094-8a8f-f3532a05c3f3
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Shark  [author] Jul 6, 2021 @ 2:37pm 
Changing this to public. I'm not actively developing this anymore if you want my devkit files just msg me.